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6 Best Gardening Trousers for Men and Women

Last updated on June 15th, 2022

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Who said that you have to forgo style in the name of gardening? We are firm believers that you can look good and be comfortable while working, and that is why we decided to see what is available when it comes to a good pair of gardening pants.

We have gathered some of the best gardening trousers for women and men so nobody gets left out. These trousers are of good quality, and they range in price depending on the features offered, comfort and of course quality.

But first things first, let us look at the product that took the title of the best pants for gardening and the Runner up. We will quickly jump into our two top picks before reviewing each in more detail.


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StrongAnt Ladies Work Trousers
The StrongAnt Ladies Work Trousers provide a good fit as they are not too baggy. These trousers feature elastane and polyester, and they are breathable. They might be a bit expensive, but the fit and quality are unmatched and are designed for women so have those sutle characteristics that make them a better fit. You will get good value for your money because you will get to wear them repeatedly without any quality issues. For the ladies, this is our top pick.

Gardening Trouser Reviews

1. Scruffs Worker Plus Graphite Grey Work Trousers


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The Scruffs Worker Plus Graphite Grey Work Trousers are made from a blend of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. These trousers are durable, and they come with various pockets that you can store the items you need as you work, which is one of the main reasons they make a great pair of pants for gardening in. 

Both the hanging and multi-functional pockets have reinforced seams to bear the weight of the items you are carrying around. They have a reinforced crotch and knee support where you can incorporate kneepads for comfort, something we think is very useful because most people spend a lot of time on their knees when gardening.

The trousers are available in different waist sizes and two lengths to select from so you can find the best fit.


  • Made from a polyester and cotton blend hence they are breathable and durable.
  • Offer 10+ compartments and a key loop so plenty of storage pockets.
  • Features reinforced knee support for extra durability.
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • They might not be suitable for taller individuals because the knee support section will be misaligned.
  • The leg section might be too baggy for some.

Our recommendation

The Scruffs Worker Plus Graphite Grey Work Trousers are a good pair of lightweight work trousers and a great choice for gardening. They come with various compartments for your phone and other gardening bits and bobs, think plant labels, pens, gardening pruners etc.

While they might not be as detailed in storage pockets as some professional workmen’s pants, they do a good job providing adequate storage. They have reinforced areas that are usually prone to wear and tear, therefore, they will not tear easily.

We find that they are easy to keep clean because you can just throw them in the washing machine, and they are affordable. Finally, for most people, they will not be too baggy or too tight. Overall, these are a great choice for men and women but our next choice will probably be a better choice for the ladies.

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2. StrongAnt Ladies Work Trousers


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StrongAnt Ladies Work Trousers

Offering a great fit is the StrongAnt Ladies Work Trousers. These are great for ‘women who work in a man’s world’ as one lady put it. These drop crotch pairs of trousers are made from 3% elastane and 97% cotton, therefore, they are comfortable to wear whether gardening in winter or on one of those rare warm summer days we get in the UK now and again (if we’re lucky).

The trousers are fitted with a strong metal button and a YKK Zipper to secure them accordingly, much better than some zips you get on cheaper trousers. They come with double ruler pockets and a pocket dedicated to storing your phone securely. These stylish gardening trousers come in various sizes that you can choose from using the size chart.


  • Offers an excellent fit for ladies.
  • Made from durable cotton and elastane for comfort.
  • Machine washable so easy to clean in the washing machine.
  • They come with a metal button and a strong YKK zipper for durability.
  • Available in two colours.


  • You may need to select a size larger to get a comfortable fit.

Our recommendation

The StrongAnt Ladies Work Trousers are lovely fitting pair of trousers that you can handle gardening work in comfortably. You also don’t look like you are wearing men’s work trousers, which appeals to many women.

It seems that the trousers were designed for small-bodied people because you have to select a larger size to find a good fit, so this is something to bear in mind. 

Other than that, the trousers are durable, and they have pockets where you can store your items. We would recommend these trousers to the women who prefer a close fit rather than a baggy one and who are willing to pay a little extra for comfort and quality rather than wear run of the mill work trousers.

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3. Uvex Tune-Up Work Trousers for Men

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Uvex Tune-Up Work Trousers for Men

The Uvex Tune-Up Work Trousers are durable and breathable because they are made from 35% cotton and 65% polyester. This means they are durable while still being breathable while you are outside working in the garden.

These cargo trousers are dustproof and they are easy to clean because they are machine washable, which is always a plus and for many men and women, a must. They come with various pockets and loops to hold your tools and other items like your phone. 

Something that makes these great gardening trousers is that you have the option to insert kneepads in the reinforced knee section to offer you comfort when working on your knees, which is nearly impossible to avoid in the garden.

These trousers are available in different colours, and there is a size chart to help you find the right fit. Overall they are a good quality pair of work trousers with plenty of movement while also being very durable.


  • A great pair of quality and comfortable work trousers.
  • They are made from durable and breathable materials.
  • Machine washable, thus, easy to clean.
  • Comes with various compartments for different items.
  • Features a reinforced knee section where you can insert knee pads, something that is a must for many gardeners.


  • The sizing chart is a little odd, so many customers end up with a smaller fit.

Our recommendation

The Uvex Tune-Up Work Trousers for Men look good, they are durable and we really like that you can insert the knee pads into the knee pockets for when you are working on your knees.

For men who want gardening trousers that offer a good fit and plenty of storage compartments, these trousers are ideal. We love that they are available in different colours so you can pick one that suits your taste. They are a bit pricey but the quality is durable to provide good value for money.

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4. Mazalat Men’s Bib and Brace Overalls

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The Mazalat Men’s Bib and Brace Overalls are made from a heavy-duty 280gsm 65% polyester/ 35% cotton blend that is breathable and comfortable.

These overalls have multi-pockets to store your phone, tools, and other items that you might need nearby. They are comfortable to wear, and the knees have been reinforced to avoid unnecessary tears.

Just like our previous pick, you can buy kneepads to provide added padding for comfort, which is something all gardeners will appreciate. The affordable bib and brace are available in different colours and sizes for you to select from.


  • Comfortable to wear and they look good.
  • They are machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • They are made from breathable polyester and cotton.
  • Features a reinforced knee area so you can insert some knee pads.
  • They are sold at an affordable price.


  • Pockets might not be deep enough for some.

Our recommendation

The Mazalat Men’s Bib and Brace Overalls are suitable if you need more coverage than the trousers provide. The overalls are comfortable to wear because they are breathable, even on a warm summer’s day. You can use them in a professional environment or at home in the garden. 

We appreciate that they are available in different colours because we all have different preferences. For the price that you fetch these overalls, we can say that you get good value for money because they are durable. Overall they are waterproof and you don’t have to keep pulling your trousers up, what more can you want?!

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5. Magcomsen Men’s Cargo Work Trousers

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MAGCOMSEN Men's Cargo Work Trousers

The Magcomsen Men’s Cargo Work Trousers are another great stylish pair. These trousers are made from cotton and polyester, which are both durable materials. You will find that the trousers have multiple pockets where you can store your tools. The trousers are breathable and they offer a loose fit for comfort.


  • They are made from cotton and polyester so are breathable and heavy-duty.
  • Offers a comfortable fit. 
  • Comes with various storage compartments.
  • Available in different colours.
  • They are sold at an affordable price.


  • Pockets are challenging to access for those with big hands.

Our recommendation

You should find that the Magcomsen Men’s Cargo Work Trousers look good, and they feel good too. These affordable pairs of trousers come in attractive colours and comfortable sizes so most people should find a nice fit.

You will have to be diligent to find the right size because the fit can be tight around the waist. You can look at the customer comments to have an inkling if the sizes fit as they should. The pockets could be bigger but other than that, we did not find issues with these easy to clean gardening trousers.

6. Portwest Women Action Work Trousers

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The Portwest Women’s Action Work Trousers feature an elastic band at the waist to provide a good fit. They are a great (more affordable) alternative to our Runner-up.

These trousers are of good quality as they are made from a 65% polyester and 35% cotton blend. They come with a hook to secure the trousers instead of a button because buttons tend to break off easily so this is a good idea.

You also have various pockets to hold what you need, and they come in two colours.


  • Lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear.
  • Features an elastic band and hook to secure the trousers.
  • Easy to wash, simply throw them in the washing machine.
  • They were fitted with different pockets.
  • They are sold at an affordable price.


  • Finding the right size might be challenging but as a guide, if you are size 10-12 then a medium should be a good fit.

Our recommendation

For ladies that want a straight, loose-fitting pair, the Portwest Womens/Ladies Action Work Trousers are a great choice and a more affordable pick than our Runner-up, although the quality is probably not as good.

They are affordable and light enough for you to withstand those summer temperatures. As usual, the sizing chart is a little off so you may have to order a size up to get a better fit. We recommend checking the customer reviews on Amazon as they give a good idea of what size might fit best.

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Buyer’s Guide

Being comfortable as you work is important, especially if you are out in the sun the whole day.

Finding the best trousers for gardening allows you to prevent your nice clothes from being ruined. Before you buy yourself a new pair, you might want to ask yourself a few questions:

What material is it made from?

The material used is significant because it affects the durability of the trousers once they are constructed. Many of the trousers on the market feature a blend of materials to create a strong fabric that is breathable, water-resistant and a comfortable fit. 

Most of the trousers featured in this review have a polyester and cotton blend. You will find trousers made from other materials like nylon and oxford material, among others. What is essential is that the trousers are of good quality to withstand general wear and tear.

Do you want them baggy or a close fit?

This is more of a personal preference situation. If you do not like close-fitting trousers, then you should settle for a style that offers a baggy fit. It is that simple. 

For those who like a close fit, you might want to look at the design to see if it might be too restrictive around the hip area. This is because if the trousers are too restricting, you might have a hard time performing tasks like bending or crouching, which you obviously do a lot when gardening.

Always look at the customer reviews to have better insight into which are the best choice for women or the best choice for men.

What size are you looking for?

Finding gardening trousers that are a perfect fit can sometimes be challenging because we are all built differently plus often buying over the internet makes this slightly harder because you can’t try them on first.

The trousers might fit the waist but end up being too long or too short. The best pants for gardening will come as close as possible to your size and the rest you can customise. Look at the sizing chart and select a suitable size. Please look at the customer reviews in regards to UK sizes because some sizing charts are not compatible or contact the supplier.

How many pockets do you want?

Some trousers have a necessary number of pockets, and some have more than ten pockets. If you need to carry many things while working, then you want something with many sizeable pockets. The best trousers for gardeners will come with pockets that can be secured by a zipper or velcro so that the contents are secured. If you want to hang your tools, look for trousers that offer various loops or hanging pockets.

Do you need kneepads?

You may be kneeling for long periods and you want to incorporate kneepads into your gardening trousers for comfortability. Some trousers come with kneepads while others will just have the knee compartment empty ready to house your preferred kneepads. Try getting kneepads that are not too thick as they will look out of place or strain the compartment.

How do you want the trousers to fasten?

You have many options as to the type of fastener you can get with gardening trousers. Some of the popular methods use drawstrings, buttons and zippers, elastic bands and hooks. Just choose one that appeals to you and go with it.

Are they easy to clean?

Although many gardening trousers are machine washable. This boils down to the materials that are used to make the trousers because some can stain easily, for example, those made of pure cotton. You want to make sure that they are completely dry to avoid mildew stains.

What colours are available?

There are those of us who like basic colours, and some of us are more flamboyant. If you want colourful gardening trousers, look for a brand that offers them. If you like dark colours, then you are in luck because most gardening trousers are available in dark colours.

Final Conclusion 

Feel free and be yourself, even when you are doing something as mundane as taking care of your garden. Select the best trousers for gardeners you can find within your price range and enjoy.

For us, the affordable Scruffs Worker Plus Work Trousers stood out as well as the StrongAnt Ladies Work Trousers. For both men and women, these trousers are comfortable to wear and hardwearing enough for working in the garden, not too thin while not being too thick and heavy either.

Let us not take up any more of your time; we know you have some work to do. We will catch up on the next review!

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