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Top 5 Best BBQ Side Tables – Ideal for prep space and standing portable BBQ’s on top

Last updated on March 2nd, 2023

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A great barbecue experience can be ruined by having to rush back and forth into the house to fetch what you need. To save you time and to allow you to enjoy the company of your guests, you can always get a BBQ side table to place next to your smoker BBQ. These small tables can be folded away or wheeled away to storage easily, making them convenient for any occasion.

Some are also great for small portable BBQ’s as they can be used to sit them on top and because some of the models are foldable and compact, they can be taken camping and to the beach too.

Today we present five lovely side tables that you can add to your barbecue routine. We have already selected our best models but we want to hear from you, which one is the best outdoor side table for you.

In the meantime, let us explain the reasons behind selecting the BBQ-Toro Metal Side Table and the Kingfisher FSDT Folding Garden Side Table as our top performers. Let us get into it:


BBQ-Toro Metal Side Table
We chose this model as the best side table for BBQ because of its robust and high-quality build but its more of a permanent table as it doesnt fold down. However, this side table is spacious and it has wheels to facilitate transportation so can be easily wheeled into a garage or shed over winter. We got further affirmation that the side table was worth the trouble because of the many positive reviews left behind by satisfied customers. If you want a robust side table for home-style barbecues, this model is more than suitable. We also like that is perfect for standing a portable BBQ on top or used as a table, plus the stainless steel matches many BBQ styles so it looks amazing.


Kingfisher FSDT Folding Side Garden Patio Table
This one not only looks good but you can carry it anywhere making it the perfect choice for those on the move. This foldable side table offers a small area where you can place your food as you barbecue or eat. Its glass top is easy to clean and the side table comes already assembled so its ready to use out the box. Altogether, it is a stable product that you will enjoy using and comes at a more affordable price.

Top 5 Best BBQ Side Table Reviews

1. BBQ-Toro Metal Side Table with Stainless Steel Worktop


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BBQ-Toro Metal Side Table with Stainless Steel Worktop

Get into the barbecue season with the BBQ-Toro Metal Side Table. This sizeable table can be used for meal prep or you can use it to hold your cooking items as you barbecue, it’s also great for placing smaller BBQ’s on top and looks especially good when used with a stainless steel pizza often too.

The robust table is made from stainless steel, so you are guaranteed of durability and its super easy to keep clean. It is fitted with hooks to hang your cooking cutlery and a bottom shelf for extra storage and it’s also tall enough to place a smaller gas tank on.

You do not have to worry about mobility because the table is fitted with two reliable wheels. With a surface area of 85 x 50 x 81cm, it also possesses an ergonomic handle to make moving from one place to the next easier which means you can quickly wheel it out of the garage of shed.

The bottle opener featured offers easy accessibility when you want to enjoy a cold beer as you cook too.


  • Made from durable stainless steel and lacquered strong steel frame.
  • Features hooks for hanging utensils and a bottom shelf to provide additional storage.
  • Comes with a convenient bottle opener.
  • Fitted with robust wheels for easy mobility.


  • Assembly might be a little challenging if your not built flatpack products before.

Our recommendation

The BBQ-Toro Metal Side Table is simple but it has all the basic features you require of a side table and the table is simply unmatched by most alternatives thanks to the stainless steel work surface and lacquered steel frame.

It comes with additional storage and wheels to make mobility seamless which we like, much easy to move around as needed. 

During assembly, you will have to think through it because the instructions provided are a bit vague but it shouldn’t be too difficult if you take your time. The good thing is that it is not a complex structure so assembly should not take too long.

For its price and when you take into account the build quality, we think that this model provides good value for money even though it’s a little more expensive than most other models. Its also not suitable if your looking for a portable fold down table but for having inn your garden, we think its the best choice and well worth considering its you appreciate quality.

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2. Kingfisher FSDT Folding Garden Side Table


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Kingfisher FSDT Folding Garden Side Table

The Kingfisher FSDT Folding Garden Side Table is a stylish black table made from alloy steel that has been powder coated as a measure of protection from the elements.  The small table is fitted with a tempered glass top that is easy to keep clean. Overall its looks very nice and sleek and for the price, very impressive, well as impressive as a side table can be.

To make matters better, the side table is foldable therefore, it is easy to store or carry anywhere. This model measures 45 x 45 x 51.5 cm so is not too large so makes a great portable option and because it weighs just under 5 kg its also easy to move around or carry on your next trip. You can place it in the garden, patio or even on a small balcony comfortably.


  • Stylish table made from powder-coated steel to protect it against rust.
  • Features a 5mm thick tempered glass table which is easy to clean and looks amazing.
  • Can be folded for easy storage and transport.
  • Sold at an affordable price.
  • Comes already assembled so ready to use out the box.


  • The brand label may be challenging to remove from the glass top. King fisher should maybe consider just inserting a leaflet.

Our recommendation

The Kingfisher FSDT Folding Garden Side Table comes already assembled which saves you time and if you have ever had to build flat-pack furniture you will appreciate this.

This robust table looks amazing and it is stable so you do not worry about drinks spilling. The tiny table is affordable and foldable providing good value for money. 

We like its size because you can carry it anywhere. A small tip when it comes to this model would be to use a hairdryer to warm the brand stickers to make them easily removable. Overall this is a great BBQ side table worth considering. Simple but effective.

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3. Keter Barbecue Side Table

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Keter Barbecue Side Table

You cannot go wrong with the Keter Barbecue Side Table and its a great alternative to our Best Pick, its what you might call a propper bbq side table.

This model offers adequate storage with a built-in cupboard, shelf and a sizeable working surface to use which is what stands out first. The side table is made from durable polypropylene like all Keter products, and its quality plastic too then topped off with a stainless steel top to really finish it off. 

It imitates wood, which gives it a unique appearance, and it has a large storage capacity of 207 litres. The work surface measures 123.7 x 54 x 90cm and is also fitted with hooks where you can hang your cooking utensils for direct access, this is when you know you’re serous about BBQ’s.

Finally, its is easy to assemble which makes it a user-friendly product that anyone can purchase.


  • Offers a robust structure made of UV protected polypropylene that looks like wood and stainless steel worktop.
  • Fitted with hooks to hold utensils and dishcloths.
  • Provides a large capacity of 207 litres in cupboard storage underneath.
  • It has a load capacity of 12kgs.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The cabinet doors cannot be locked.

Our recommendation

The Keter Barbecue Side Table is commendable if you want a large table with a cabinet option. This way you can store everything in the cabinet without fearing the weather will damage anything plus it keeps things nice and clean and out of sight.

It does take a little time to assemble this unit because you need to read the instructions thoroughly and is a fairly large table too but it is simple enough even for those not experienced in building flat-pack setups. 

Other than that, the side table is robust and worth every penny and a great alternative to our best pick.

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4. Trabella Anthracite BARI Side Table

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TRABELLA Anthracite BARI Side Table

Another amazing folding side table is the Trabella Anthracite BARI Side Table and its similar to our runner-up but its made of a lightweight plastic instead of steel and glass.

The side table is made completely out of polypropylene that is durable and waterproof.  It only weighs 2.7kgs hence it is easily portable and perhaps the best option for taking to the beach or camping. 

The table comes already assembled saving you time that you could be barbecuing. This model measures 50 x 45 x 44cm and when it is folded, it takes up little space, which makes it perfect for activities like camping or picnics as previously mentioned.


  • Made from robust polypropylene that will not rust, also UV treated.
  • Easily foldable for transport and storage.
  • It comes already assembled.
  • Lightweight, hence it is highly portable.
  • Very affordable.


  • A little light so not as sturdy as metal alturnatives.

Our recommendation

The Trabella Anthracite BARI Side Table can be carried anywhere because it is so lightweight and foldable. This simple model comes already assembled thus it will be a good solution for those who want to avoid assembly. 

The small table is made from robust material and it is stable to hold your food and drinks but it is a little lightweight so perhaps not as firm on the ground as the kingfisher alternative. If your looking for a BBQ side table so you throw in teh back of the car, this could be perfect.

5. Nestling Picnic Folding Table

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Nestling Picnic Folding Table

Lastly, we have the Nestling Picnic Folding Table made from aluminium, which is durable but still lightweight enough to be portable. The rectangular table weighs 4.2kg but it can support a decent maximum load of 65kgs. 

What we really like is that you can adjust the height of the table from 45-65cm depending on the level you are sitting at and because of this you can even place it on even ground and alter the legs as needed to level the table.

The table comes already assembled measuring 91 x 52 x 70 cm so slightly larger than the other portable BBQ side tables in this review. It is easy to store because it has a carry bag supplied with it too.


  • Made from lightweight but robust aluminium.
  • Can be folded for easy transport and storage.
  • Comes with an adjustable height for user convenience.
  • Can be used on uneven ground.
  • Possesses a carry bag for easy storage.


  • Plastic protective packaging cover is hard to remove.

Our recommendation

The Nestling Picnic Folding Table is good for its price and had some very useful features including those adjustable legs. We love that it is easy to assemble and it comes with a carry bag. 

Out of the other side tables presented, this is the only one that comes with an adjustable height giving users more options to work with. We would recommend this table for small barbecue sessions with a friend while camping or just relaxing at the house.

Buyer’s Guide

Having a side table can save you a lot of frustration while you barbecue. For a side table to be useful to you it has to be of at least the right size and height. That way you don’t have to keep bending too low to fetch things.

Below are a few considerations to make while shopping for the best side table for BBQ.


With this, the main question to ask is how much space do you need? If you are going camping or you need a portable side table, you can select the small foldable models. This is because they are usually lighter and of a compact size to facilitate portability.

If you are looking for a full-scale side table, then shop for a large model with additional storage to hold the items you need.


Side tables are made from a wide range of materials including wood, metal, plastic, and rattan among others. The side table you select will depend on your preference and general purpose. Wooden side tables are available but they tend to cost more than the rest especially is they are made from durable timber.

Metal side tables are durable and they tend to survive the outdoors better than wood but can rust. The best outdoor side table has to be weatherproof and that is why many of the metal tables are given a protective coating or made from aluminium.

Plastic side tables are more affordable and lightweight enough to be transported easily. The only trepidation is that they get weaker over time particularly if left under the sun for too long.

Weight capacity

This point goes back to the question of how much space you need. If you need a table to hold all your barbecuing gear, be sure to find a model with a large load capacity. You do not want to overload the side table and end up causing structural damage. Even if you are not storing many things, you want to be assured that the side tables can support the weight of whatever you want to place on it.

Height adjustability

A side table that offers height adjustability is convenient because you can sit or work in a comfortable position. Some models will offer this feature and some will not. If it is a feature that you deem important then, you must make sure it meets your height requirements. Check the product dimensions to see if the prospective model is suitable.

Extra storage

Extra storage permits you to store more things for fast access. Many side tables usually come with some form of additional storage. Some come with hooks to hang your cutlery, cabinets to hold your utensils and shelves to hold your spices. Extra storage is very important when holding large barbecues because you need space to hold the food going in and out.


If you like assembling things, then you will enjoy putting together any model you buy as long as the instructions are clear. Those who are in a hurry or they do not like assembling things can get the already assembled models. Check customer reviews because they offer adequate insight into the assembly process of the side table you want to buy.

Ease of use

Some features on side tables that you will find make life a bit easier include:

  • Floor protection feet keep the side table from leaving marks on your floors.
  • Easy to clean surfaces permit the user to keep the side table clean at all times without watermarks or food stains.
  • Wheels make mobility from one place to the next possible. You do not have to use a lot of energy.
  • Bottle opener permits you to open a cold drink as you cook or eat the delicious meal you made.


Can you get wooden side tables?

Yes, you can! They are many models in the market that are made of wood. As long as you are ready to give the side table the maintenance that it requires, then you are set. Some do not require a lot of maintenance but they will cost you a pretty penny. However, do not be discouraged, there are plenty of robust side tables at an affordable price.

Is it necessary to buy a protective cover?

For the sake of elongating the service life of your side table, it is important to get a cover if you will leave it outside.

How do I maintain my side table?

It is important to clean your table before you store it, to prevent the accumulation of dirt. Retightening of loose bolts and screws will maintain the structural integrity of the side table. Make sure that you place the table in its storage bag or a dry place to avoid dust and rust.

Final Conclusion 

The best side table for BBQ is easy to find if you keep in mind the information presented here. If you are patient, you can get the exact table that you need to complete the barbecue experience.

You can purchase models like our best pick that comes with wheels or our runner up model that can be folded away. Regardless of the model that you select, we are confident that you know exactly the best outdoor side table for you.

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