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4 Best Electric Scooter For Kids, Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Last updated on September 27th, 2021

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Choosing The Best Kids Electric Scooter

Are you looking for a unique gift for your kids? Well, electric scooters will always be welcome and they are a great way to get your kids outdoors. Children, teenagers and even adults appreciate the convenience, speed and of course the fun that electric scooters provide. Furthermore, electric scooters will give children the freedom of mobility that they crave at a certain age.

When it comes to buying an electric scooter for your kids, you may feel a bit hesitant. This is completely understandable. Most parents are often a bit apprehensive about letting young children ride on electric scooters. There is nothing to worry about, however, since manufacturers ensure that these toys are safe for kids but always make sure you get a good helmet.

Even so, knowing the functionality of electric scooters and being informed on the selection criteria will go a long way. We have pulled together an ultimate buying guide including electric scooter reviews of the top-rated models on the market in order to help you purchase the right model.

Before we get into our detailed buyer’s guide and reviews, you will see the winner of our ‘Best Pick’ which is the amazing Razor e90 Electric Scooter. We think this is the best model for most children, although it’s not the cheapest it’s certainly the best in terms of performance with longer run times. It is amazingly lightweight, the quality is unquestionable and it’s extremely low maintenance.


Razor Power Core e90 Electric Scooter
This electric scooter offers longer run times, up to 80 minutes from a single charge. The Razor E90 is amazedly priced, which also proves that an electric scooter for a child doesn't have to be pricey. Why do we love it more? Well, it provides speeds of up to 10mph for plenty of fun, and it also includes a hand-operated front brake within easy reach for children to stop safely. A maintenance-free design and no pumping of the tyres either thanks to the puncture-proof wheels. Suitable for ages 8 and above

The top 4 electric scooters for kids that we have included in our review

  1. Razor Power Core e90 Electric Scooter – BEST PICK
  2. Razor E300 Electric Scooter – RUNNER UP
  3. HOMCOM 120w Teens Foldable Electric Scooter
  4. Ripsar Black 24v Kids Electric Scooter


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Kids Electric Scooter Reviews

1. Razor Power Core e90 Electric Scooter


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Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter - Green

Razor is a famous brand in the electric scooters market and they have a reputation for making high-quality electric ride-on toys. The Razor Power Core e90 electric scooter is one powerful model that probably gives the longest run time available of any model, with up to 80 minutes of continuous use. It boasts a run time that is 50% longer than their previous Classic E90 model, and the result is a more efficient ride, a real improvement on an already superb model. This scooter is an excellent option for children to ride around the local park. The battery takes about 8 hours to recharge, which is also one of the fastest you can get. 

Featuring push-button acceleration control, children will find it easy to learn how to control the speed, we think it’s easier than learning to use use the alternative twist grip model. The brake system is hand-operated and very responsive as well, though, it’s only activated at the front which ensures a smooth stop. However, we would prefer a back brake instead as we think these are better and I think it may be the built-in hub motor in the back wheel that is why they have not attached the brake to the back wheel. I suppose it’s a little give and take.

For off and on the go riders, the Power Core E90 comes with a retractable kickstand, allowing you to stand the scooter alone which is a great little feature. This will make it easy for your child to keep it in good working order because it won’t be left lay on the ground where it could get damaged, however, this may be easier said than done getting children to not leave it on the ground, as many parents with children will already know.

In terms of power, this model utilises a powerful, high torque 90w motor and it’s powered by a 12V rechargeable battery. It gives a top speed of 10mph (16km/h), which is impressive while still being safe for children to ride. The speed is controlled by a push-button at the right-hand grip that is easy to use for beginners. We need to mention that the Power Core E90 is one of the lightest models we have found at only 9.9kg. Combined with shorter handlebars, kids will find it incredibly easy to carry this scooter. The body is made of steel for durability and a 90-day guarantee gives some kind of assurance although it would be nice to see an upgraded 6 to 12-month warranty as they are more expensive than most brands. 


  • Top speed of 10mph, perfect for whizzing around safely.
  • It has a lightweight frame that comes handy for children and for those who need to carry the scooter to the park (parents).
  • It has a significant riding duration of 80 minutes from a full charge. 
  • It has a decent weight limit of up to 54kg, meaning your child can grow with it.
  • Features a push button throttle for simple activation along with a hand-operated brake.
  • It comes with a sturdy retractable kickstand making it ideal for stop and go riding. 
  • Well-built with a steel frame and fork. 
  • It comes with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty. 


  • No problems found, just a little more expensive than some may want to pay.

Our recommendation

Of course, nothing beats the run time of this model with a very impressive 80 minutes which is its stand out feature and one that makes all the difference in choosing the best scooters. We additionally like the lightweight construction and easy to use push-button throttle that makes it perfect for beginners. 

There’s a retractable kickstand too that enables the scooter to stand alone, another feature that we also like if you can get your children to use it and now leave it on its side rather than lay on the floor.

The construction is pretty solid and even the 3-month guarantee is better than nothing, however, this is probably what lets it down as most other models come with at least 6 months so it would be nice to see a longer warranty.

Looking at the features and the scooters reasonable price, it’s clear that the Razor Kid’s Power Core E90 is the best kids electric scooter for most people assuming it is within budget.

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2. Razor E300 Electric Scooter


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Another one from Razor, Razor E300 Electric Scooter is a blend between a child’s scooter and an adult scooter, basically, it’s perfect for teens but also suitable for adults. This model is cleverly designed with great features such as a retractable kickstand to make storage much easier and a rear tyre handbrake for managing your speed. The scooter operates on a chain-driven motor unlike the Kids version, however, this allows it to reach an impressive top speed of 15 mph (24km/h). The E300 is designed to give an optimised riding experience thanks to a high-torque and motorbike type twist-grip acceleration control. This speed is perfect for small trips such as to school and back as well as riding around the park or in a private garden with friends.

This electric scooter is broad and sturdy, allowing it to carry up to 100kg. As such, and as previously mentioned, both teens and adults should have an easy time travelling around on this scooter. Also, large 10-inch pneumatic tyres enable users to ride over rough surfaces smoothly whereas most smaller scooters can’t because their tyres are solid. The scooter itself weighs 22kg so not too heavy to carry around.

Designed for ages 13 and older, the Razor 300 offers at least 40 minutes of continuous drive on one charge. Some home assembly is required and it doesn’t get easier than following the supplied straightforward instructions. Don’t forget the initial charge needs to be done for 18 hours before using it for the first time.


  • It speeds up to 15 mph (24km/h) and can give 40 minutes of continuous use on a single charge.
  • It has a high-quality construction that will support a decent weight and last for longer.
  • Requires minimal assembly.
  • Comes with a chain-driven motor that delivers consistent performance throughout.
  • The scooter can ride smoothly on rough terrains thanks to large pneumatic tyres.
  • Features an effective hand-operated rear brake for maximum speed control. 
  • 3 months warranty.


  • No problems to report, we did see some reviews of poor running time. We think this is caused by the battery not being charged for the correct amount of time the first time which is very important. Read more about why in our conclusion below.

Our recommendation

This is one scooter that the majority of people will find impressive and lots of fun to use. The design is good and it has a solid frame but is a little on the heavy side, but it is for teens and adults so this was expected, however, if you’re wondering its weight is around 24kg.

We like the maximum weight limit of this scooter, allowing both adults and teens to use it, so we parents can love having a go too! A retractable kickstand is a useful addition and the brake mechanism is very effective and good to see it is on the back wheels on this model. Furthermore, this scooter can travel places where others can’t due to large pneumatic wheels, which is a feature we really like. 

If you search online, you are going to see mixed reviews on the running time and weight, yes it is heavy but it is designed for adults as well so we expected it to be heavier than a child’s scooter. The running time is what will probably make you think twice, but let me explain what the bad reviews are probably not telling you.

Most electric ride-on toys, especially ones that don’t use lithium batteries, have a built-in memory in the battery. When you charge the battery for the very first time and for the recommended time, (which is 18 hours for the E300) it tells the battery at what point there is a full charge in the battery. This means that if you charge the battery, for example, for 9 hours the first time before using the scooter, it will only ever charge to the point where it is half full because the battery will think it is fully charged every time you charge it and will only give half the run time. So always charge it for the recommended amount of charge the first time, don’t be tempted to unplug it earlier for a quick play.

If you do this and have a short run time, then the battery is probably faulty and it should be returned, 99% of times though, poor run times are caused by an improper first-time charge.

Overall, the Razor E300 Electric Scooter is an amazing machine and worth every penny.

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3. Ripsar 24v Kids Electric Scooter

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The Ripsar 24v Kids Electric Scooter is fun to use and has a brilliant design that focuses on a convenient riding experience. That is because the handlebars can adjust to three different height positions, catering to children of different heights. Furthermore, the scooter features a robust metal frame that can fold down for easy carriage and storage. The handlebar grips additionally feature soft rubber for comfortable holding. 

It comes with a high-quality chain-driven motor with twist acceleration and a hand-operated rear brake for superior performance and control. The footplate is heavy-duty and features a moulded grip to limit the risk of sliding which we like. A front pneumatic tyre provides optimum performance and the scooter can reach a top speed of 10mph (16km/h). 

As the title suggests, this model uses a 24V rechargeable battery and it comes included. The recommended age is 8 years and older with a weight limit of 54kg. 


  • Top speed of 10 mph (16km/h) controlled by a twist grip accelerator.
  • Fitted with a front air tyre for optimum performance. 
  • Has a robust metal frame to withstand weight and remain solid for years.
  • Features a molded grip for comfortable handling. 
  • Comes with height adjustable handlebars making it ideal for various needs. 
  • It folds down for easy storage and transportation. 
  • Higher top speed than most other electric scooters.
  • 6 months warranty for full peace of mind.


  • No major problems to found, just a little heavier than our ‘Best Pick’.

Our recommendation

The Ripsar 24v Kids Electric Scooter offers a decent ride time for kids and is probably on par with our ‘Best Pick’ as it last around 80 minutes too. 

We like the pneumatic front tyre because it allows one to take on rough surfaces with little effort but you obviously run the risk of getting a puncture.

A chain-driven wheel ensures consistent performance throughout and the rear hand-controlled brake gives enough control, this is where it beats our ‘Best Pick’ as the brake is on the back and not the front, which personally we think is better.

If you are looking for a modest electric scooter at a decent budget, this one should suffice your need and you will get the same performance and run time as the Razor E90 Scooter which we really like. 

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4. HOMCOM 120W Teens Foldable E-Scooter

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HOMCOM 120W Foldable Kids Powered Scooters with 24V Rechargeable Battery, Adjustable Ride on Toy (Red)

The HOMCOM 120w Foldable E-Scooter is the ideal scooter for kids to ride and have fun outdoors and it comes with the added luxury of a seat and all at a very good price. It comes with a sturdy, durable frame that requires little or no maintenance. The frame additionally features a folding mechanism that makes it easy to carry, while the seat is comfortable too and it can even be removed to use as a stand-up model. The seat height is adjustable and so is the handlebar, making it ideal for different sized users. 

This scooter is equipped with a 120w motor that propels to a maximum speed of around 8-10mph (13km/h). It is fitted with 2 x 12V rechargeable batteries and can do around  6-9 miles on one full charge ensuring plenty of playing time. The charging time is around 6 – 8 hours and this is way shorter than many other models, it also usually comes fully charged so only needs charging for a few minutes until the green light says it’s fully charged.

Should the rider need to slow down, there is a convenient hand-operated brake that works the back wheel as opposed to the front wheel which is always good to see. A retractable kickstand is another crucial part of this scooter, allowing users to leave it standing after a stop or even leaving it outside. 

The scooter is suitable for children aged 7 and above. That is why it can support people weighing up to 80kg. Keep in mind that some home assembly is required upon the arrival of this product but it’s fairly straightforward. 


  • Maximum speed of around 8-10mph (13km/h).
  • Comes with a comfortable seat that can also be removed to use standing up.
  • Has a quality build including a sturdy frame for extended durability. 
  • It comes with a long lasting battery and will go for 6 to 9 miles on a single charge which is around 50 minutes of ride time.
  • Easy to assemble – take about 10 minutes to set up. 
  • It folds down in easy clicks for storage and transportation. 


  • None found.

Our recommendation

This is a decent electric scooter for kids from a renowned brand we have seen quite often in past when we have looked at other products.

It has a solid construction and it is easy to set up the first time. The scooter offers a good range from a full charge and even the battery recharges in quick sessions compared to some models that take a few hours longer. The flexibility that comes with a seat design and is something to appreciate as it can be removed if you want to use it as a stand-up scooter, whilst the way it folds down for storage is another positive element.

We didn’t find any hiccups with the HOMCOM 120w Foldable E-Scooter, overall an excellent scooter with a good run time and the added feature of a seat which we like. It might not quite be as fast as some models but it’s not far behind. Great model.

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Next up is a comprehensive guide to buying the best kids electric scooter for your little one. 

Kids Electric Scooters Buyer’s Guide

Factors to consider when buying an electric scooter


Depending on your child’s age and experience, you can gauge what speed limit they can handle. For most non-professional style electric scooters, the speed limit is around 15 miles per hour. This speed can easily be managed by 11-17-year-olds. However, if your children are younger than 11 years or inexperienced behind the handlebars, you can consider electric scooters that have lower speed limits of around 8 to 10 miles per hour, however, when you are on a scooter, even 10mph feels fast.


The most important part about ensuring your child’s safety is by insisting they always wear protective helmets at a very minimum, we also recommend kneepads and proper shoes. Make sure the scooter itself is equipped with an easy-to-use hand-operated brake, a twist-grip or push throttle plus appropriately sized tyres. A retractable kickstand will additionally ensure safe parking and storage. 

Scooter design

Your child will absolutely appreciate a sleek-looking scooter that not only performs well and looks good, but feels good too. Consider the dimensions of the scooter before you buy it. For example, is the scooter too wide or too narrow? Our ‘Best Pick’ by Razor the e90 has an extra-wide ergonomic deck that helped it win our best pick. What is the age range for the scooter? Most manufactures make scooters for specific ages. What is the maximum weight that the scooter can support? Once you answer these questions, you are certain to pick the right electric scooter. For most of the items, as long as you buy the recommended age range the rest falls into place.


Avoid models that are known for their shoddy craftsmanship as they may not only be unsafe for riders but they won’t last long enough either and they often have shorter run times. Durable models are often constructed out of steel frames with high torques, motors and long-lasting batteries.

Battery life

It goes without saying that the best electric scooters are the ones that have long battery life. That directly translates to a lengthy fun time for your child per single charge. This is another reason we choose the Razor e90 scooter as our ‘Best Pick’ as it has a longer 80 minutes run time which is more than double of most of the cheaper models we came across during our research.


Electric scooters are generally heavy because of sturdy frames, motors, batteries, and wide bodies. Teenagers can handle heavy models but younger children may not have the strength to manage. Consider your child’s age and buy for them something they can easily manoeuvre around. 

Parts of a Kids Electric Scooter


The motor is a crucial part of an electric scooter as it’s the one providing the power needed to ride the toy. Motor power varies between models and heavier scooters tend to have the most power. High power motor delivers faster speeds and often more torque. Motors come in two styles; brushed and brushless, with the latter being more durable than its counterpart. The watts can range from 100 to 250 watts. Lower powered scooters should be chosen because they offer ample speed that is adequate for children. For teenagers, higher power electric scooters are better since they can give them greater range and take them to places faster. 

Chain Drive

“Chain driven” is an expression you are most likely to come across when looking for an electric scooter. It implies that the motor is linked to a chain that drives the wheels. An alternative to this is a belt drive, but a chain drive is known for excellent durability. Its only disadvantage may be noise, however, most chain-driven scooters are quiet these days. You can always go for a belt drive electric scooter but the durability might be compromised in this case. Razor has come up with an innovative hub motor design which means no chains, belts, maintenance, alignment. However, these types of motors come at extra expense.


While the motor supplies motive power for the scooter to run, batteries are the real source of power. Scooter batteries can either be Lithium-Ion or lead-acid. Li-Ion batteries are expensive but they offer the best performance in terms of run time and minimal power loss. They also offer consistent performance during rides and they’re lighter than lead-acid batteries.  

When it comes to voltage, most batteries run 12V and many scooters incorporate two batteries to bring up a voltage of 24V for increased power. 

Frame and forks

Many a time we pay attention to the electrical components and forget about the main parts that make up the body. Don’t overlook the frame and fork; they should be very sturdy and durable. Kids electric scooters made of steel provide excellent support and are likely to last much longer. Pay attention to the handlebar construction as well; it should be easy to work and well-designed. 

Braking system

The braking system is an essential part of an electric scooter. It needs to be effective as much for children to slow down or stop the toy in a controlled manner. V brakes or disc brakes are the best braking systems for electric scooters because of their great speed modulation and excellent stopping power. 

Handbrakes in the front wheel may not be really good for children because when they are pulled, they might bring the scooter to an abrupt stop. In the worst case scenario, this kind of stopping causes the rider to lose balance and can even send the child over the handlebar. That said, find out the performance of a scooter’s braking system before you buy. Just like on an electric bike, it takes time to learn how to your front brakes without going over the handlebars, most good models have back brakes so this is not a problem.

Performance factors to look out for


The range determines how long the scooter can last on a single charge. It can be a measure of time or distance. Most models mention range in time, for instance, a scooter running for 40 minutes. Of course, the longer the better so that you don’t need to re-charge the scooter more often and you get more minutes of fun between charges. 

Battery charging time

Electric scooters can take a long to charge yet it’s unfair that they offer little time. Most of them take 12 hours to charge but you may find some that take even 8 hours. Note that first time charging will usually take longer than usual and usually takes an extra few hours but is important to do. 

Maximum weight capacity

Electric scooters can handle the heaviest of riders. Most models can withstand a maximum weight of 100kg. Some, especially the lightweight models may have a lower weight limit. Ensure the weight limit is ample for the rider, otherwise, the performance and durability may be disappointing thereafter. Most scooters for younger children will carry up to 54kg.

Chrome plating

Chrome-plated scooters are protected against rust. However, the plating may vary and this is where the brand name comes into play. Established brands such as Razor will excel in this area. If your electric scooter will be resting in the garage during the winter, it may start rusting due to excess moisture. Therefore, make sure the chrome plating is of high quality. 

Final Conclusion

Have you identified the best electric scooter for your child yet? We picked electric scooters of different budgets and capabilities in order to cut across everyone’s needs, so we’re convinced one of the models above would make an ideal choice for you.

In our view, we think the Razor kid’s power core e90 electric scooter is the best overall and for obvious reasons – long run times, durable yet lightweight construction, and a trustworthy brand.

You can go spend upwards for even a faster scooter in Razor’s fleet, which is the Razor E300 Electric Scooter. If you need one ASAP but you’re a bit restricted by your budget, then the Ripsar 24v Kids Electric Scooter is a great choice every day of the week. 

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Has this guide been informative enough? Leave us a comment below if you have any questions. 

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