Top 7 Best Compost Bins & Compost Tumblers Reviewed & Compared

Top 7 Best Compost Bins & Compost Tumblers Reviewed & Compared

Top 7 Best Compost Bins & Compost Tumblers Reviewed & Compared

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We Compare 7 Of The Best Compost Bins and Tumblers

Composters are an excellent addition to gardens or yards of all sizes. They keep the mess out of your garden and kitchen waste and provide rich “black soil” which is a valuable addition to your garden soil, whether you have window boxes, vegetables or flowers.

In a Layman’s language and purpose of this article, compost refers to decayed plant matter from yard waste, for example, grass clippings and leaves, alongside food scraps that eventually transform into “dark gold” that you can use as an essential soil additive.

Now, finding the best compost bin for your home can be overwhelming considering all the options you have to choose from. And that’s where we come in; to do the donkey work and leave the cards open for you to pick the right one. We’ve done our best research and came up with the best models that have stood the test of times along with product details on each compost bin review. But before we get there, let’s take you through the different types of composters and the distinctive features that make them execute their tasks.

Below is the winner of our 'Top Pick Award', the 190 Litre Heavy Duty Garden Tumbling Composter which is well designed, large enough to make larger quantities of compost as well as be mobile which is a excellent feature not often associated with compost bins.

Best Compost Bin - Selections 190 Litre Heavy Duty Garden Tumbling Composter Review


190 Litre Heavy Duty Garden Tumbling Composter

After a thorough comparison of compost bins in the market, the 190 Litre Heavy Duty Garden Tumbling Composter proved to be a step ahead of the other composters we’ve reviewed here. The greatest advantage over the rest is its mobility.

  • Heavy duty stainless steel frame material.
  • Removable front hatch.
  • Easy to assemble.

Buyers Guide

It’s important to know that there are two types of composters designed for heavy duty action – compost bins and compost tumblers. These two types work incredibly well at composting garden waste yet there are notable differences. Knowing the attributes and benefits of both will help you arrive at the proper composter that suits your needs.

Here are the notable differences:

  • Volume: Compost bins are generally larger than tumblers. They usually hold anything from 150-600 litres but that depends on the model. Due to their large size, they take longer to process compost than tumblers. You can accelerate the process by mixing things up with a pitchfork, yet most people don’t find the mixing process attractive.

    On the other hand, compost tumblers range between 100-400 litres. This is on account that the tumbler drum can be hard to spin under heavy loads. You might still find a large volume compost tumbler that’s easy to rotate, especially the ones mounted horizontally on their axis.
  • Footprint: Both compost tumblers and bins take up almost the same ground area in the garden. A standard composter will take around 4-6 square feet. Bins are usually stationery, since most of them have an opening at the bottom.

    Most tumblers are also stationery but it’s usual to find some with wheels to move the unit around. Some designs can roll on the ground which allows the ready compost to be discharged directly on a particular site.
  • Composting Time: Compost tumblers have a fast composting process due to improved air circulation and good heat retention. Our side-by-side comparison found out that under normal circumstances, the tumbler completed the process almost half the time of the bin.

    Bins usually hold more volume which is somehow accounts for their slower compost processing. The process especially slows down considerably in winter. The tumbler, however, sends up a fog of warm air when opened in winter, implying that the composting process is still active.

    When a composter is rotated, fresh materials mix with the more composted materials. This has the impact of slowing the process to some extent. A twin bin composter becomes a game changer on that note, since fresh materials can are filled in one chamber while the second compartment is finishing off.

    Moisture level also affects the composting process. Moist garden waste such as wet leaves, fresh grass clippings or vegetable scraps should be balanced with dry contributions. In such manner, compost bins have an upper hand since they are open-bottomed – they deplete excess water promptly. There are tumbler models that have drain holes in the drum, and furthermore a collection chamber in the base to get the compost tea which is superb manure.

    It’s important to understand that the key to improving the composting time depends more on the carbon/nitrogen ratio and keeping up a damp (not wet) moisture level than the type of composter being used.
  • Functionality: Compost bins are not by any stretch of the imagination built to make work easy for gardeners to mix or turn the materials. Sometimes it’s even difficult to use a pitchfork and get deep into the heap and mix it effectively.

    And when it’s to harvest, it can also be hard to scoop the ready compost with the help of a shovel. The compost at the base is usually packed by the weight of the materials above and when attempting to get a shovel via the port, you risk chipping the sides of the port.

    However, compost tumblers are intended to make it less demanding to mix the compost since you only need to turn the drum a couple times a week. This is the focal component of tumblers and it speeds up the composting process. In any case, turning a compost tumbler is not generally simple especially when dealing with larger models – the unit gets heavy when about 3/4 full. This is particularly the case with vertically-mounted drums. Compost tumbler physics has it that horizontally-mounted drums are quite easy to turn even when almost full.

    When it comes to compost harvesting, compost tumblers have an advantage over bins. A wheelbarrow will be significant when emptying a tumbler – just move it directly underneath the drum and dump compost right in.
  • Toughness: Compost tumblers intensely built since they should be sufficiently solid to hold the full weight of the materials. In this regard, they tend to be more durable than compost bins. When shopping for a compost tumbler, assess the supporting legs and the focal pivot connection, they ought to be tough enough to hold up to years of use. On the chance that handle are provided for turning the drum, be certain they not shaky.

    Compost bins are constructed using thin plastic, since they just need to contain the composting materials instead of supporting the weight. The thin plastic tends to become fragile in cold weather, excess exposure to sunlight or even after years of use. You need to be careful when removing the top and when discharging finished compost from the lower parts as the plastic can chip or crack with heavy use.
  • Vermin Control: Both compost tumblers and bins do good job with regards to keeping nuisance away from the compost. Compost tumblers are completely pest proof since they are entirely closed. This also ensures the ground around the drum remains tidy at all times.

    With compost bins, raccoons and puppies have zero access inside, yet rodents can tunnel from beneath and even nest inside because of the encouraging ground warmth plus food being within.
  • Odor Control: Both compost bins and tumblers control compost smell. When you open the cover, there’s a distinct composting smell that comes but it’s not much unpleasant. However, when the top is shut, you shouldn’t expect any foul odors coming from the composter, whether you are using a tumbler or bin.

    Cost: Price can sometimes be a deal breaker for many good things. Generally, compost bins are cheaper than compost tumblers, about 40% lower in price for the equivalent capacity. When shopping, find a composter that has the best features in terms of size, functionality, durability, and others that will suit your needs.


Compost Bin Reviews

300 Litre Garden Composter Bin by Compost Converter


Best Budget Compost Bin - 300 Litre Garden Composter Bin Waste Box Recycling Eco Compost Review
  • Large capacity; holds up to 300 litres of organic water.
  • Made from weatherproof plastic material.
  • Integrated hinged lid.
  • Hatch door.
  • Size (cm): H83 x W61 x D61

The Eco Compost Converter is a number bestseller for many good reasons. First, we love how it’s easy to assemble without using any tools at all. It comes flat-packed with the small parts protected inside the larger components and all you have to do is put the panels together which easily click into space within no minutes. The assembled composter is strong and by the fact that it takes a square shape makes it practical, fitting neatly in the corner of your garden. Its grey/green color also blends in well with the surrounding.

Another thing that stands out is the hinged lid, which gives an easy time dumping your green waste into the bin. It as well prevents essential heat from escaping whilst keeping pests out. Accessing ready compost is also easy thanks to the removable hatch door located at the base of the bin. The large size of this composter is a big plus, which can take up to 300 litres of water. Its weatherproof plastic design protects against external elements including unnecessary rain water and effects of sunlight.

When it comes to performance, this composter is miles ahead of its competitors. It effectively transforms all sorts of organic waste into compost without leaving any horrible smell around, whether you feed it with crushed egg shells, dried leaves, grass cuttings, vegetable scraps and coffee grounds. And all of that service comes at a decent price.

Using the 300 Litre Garden Composter Bin Waste Box Recycling Eco Compost


We found out that the lid has no catch so it can be blown open by strong winds. Perhaps you can use some tent pegs to secure the lid to the bin. The plastic is also weak and might start disintegrating at the bottom. It can do better if it’s made a bit thicker.

Our thoughts and recommendation - What greatly appeals about this 300 Litre compost bin is the ease of assembly; it’s simple and quick. The large capacity of the bin is also something to boast about. We recommend the 300-Litre Garden Eco Composter for use in homes with heavy garden waste and for people who are so keen on assembly.

Whitefurze 220L Compost Bin


Whitefurze 220L Compost Bin Review
  • Made from recycled materials.
  • Ready to use – no assembly required.
  • Built tough.
  • Removable lid with easy grip handle.
  • Windproof lid.
  • Removable front hatch.
  • Volume – 220L
  • Dimensions: 70x75x84 cm.

The Whitefurze 220L comes ready to use with no assembly issues and it takes up a large amount of leaves, grass cuttings, fruit and vegetable scraps, among other organic materials. We love the removable lid design with an easy grip handle. You can deposit all sorts of material into the bin effortlessly and rest assured the lid stays put against harsh winds. The windproof lid is also essential in regulating temperature and moisture levels inside the bin.

There’s a removable front hatch which allows you to access and remove ready compost. Made from recycled materials, the Whitefurze 220L is one of the toughest compost bins in the market designed to stand the test of time in harsh weather conditions. We also found out that managing this guy is quite easy due to its portable design. You can shift between different spots in your garden without much hassle.


While not many people might prioritize the shape of a compost bin, it does matter when it comes to stability. We think the Whitefurze 220L’s cylindrical design with a broad base offers a large ground surface area thus minimizing the chances of toppling in case of external disturbance.

The robust construction helps insulate heat that helps micro-organisms break down waste to produce nutrient rich compost. Trapping heat means quicker compost, so despite the fact that it might mean extra weight; sturdiness is an important aspect to look for when shopping for a compost bin.?


This bin is built tough but it’s not the most durable. The walls are actually thinner than expected and this raises questions on its lifespan.

Our thoughts and recommendation - Considering the Whitefurze 220L gets to work straight out of the box, it’s a great compost bin for first time users. Also if you have a lot of trees in your garden, this can be the best buy to handle the tons of leaves from late September to early November. However, the way it’s a bit flimsy doesn’t add up to its price.

Blackwall 220L Composter Converter


Blackwall 220L Composter Converter - Green review
  • Needs no assembly.
  • Removable extra wide hatch.
  • Comes with full user guide.
  • Made from recycled plastic.
  • Push fit windproof lid.
  • Carbon footprint certified by the Carbon Trust.
  • British made.
  • Dimensions: 74 x 74 x 90 cm.

Made in the UK from recycled plastic, this composter is ideal for recycling of garden waste and kitchen scraps. The package weighs about 3.6 Kg which we don’t think it’s that heavy and the box contains 1 composter converter, 1 push fit lid, and 1 front hatch. There’s a full user guide in the box which experts can do without but starters might need to take a look at it. This composter doesn’t require any assembly and it’s quite easy to fill with garden debris.

The Blackwall 220L Composter Converter is relatively large and robust. Its green colour blends in amongst the green foliage in most gardens. We recommend that you locate it in a plot of soil where worms can enter from underneath as there’s no bottom to the bin. Worms do help in composting food scraps and other organic material but there are always fears of harmful worms. So there’s a separate base that completely prevents vermin, which you can get at an extra cost. However, if you opt to use the separate base and perhaps place the bin on a hard ground, you’ll need an agent to break down the compost.

The recycled plastic composter is UV stabilized to counteract degradation. It gives a secure environment for compost while retaining heat and moisture levels. The lid is stiff and the chances of blowing off in wind are almost zero plus it’s a convenient lift off design for easy access and cleaning in between loads. The hatch is extra wide for easy harvesting from the bottom of the pile.


The bin comes without a base which can allow vermin nest in it. Would have been better with a base unlike selling it separately which increases the total cost. We also noted that it might be hard to empty fully because the inside of the base isn’t flat. The push fit top is also quite hard to get off and some people might find it annoying.

Our thoughts and recommendation - The Blackwall 220L composter is a great bin; no assembly, robust construction and easy access to compost, it’s easy to see why over 3,000,000 bins have sold to date. After a research on its performance, we think this composter is ideal for garden and vegetable based food scraps.

Wooden Compost Bin 328L in BeeHive Style 337


Wooden Compost Bin 328L in BeeHive Style 337 review
  • Removable panel to assist compost harvesting.
  • Spaced side slats for air circulation.
  • Hinged roof.
  • Approximately 328 litres capacity.
  • Comes flat packed.
  • Assembly instructions included.
  • Size: 74 x 74 x 80 cm.
  • Made from kiln dried Fir.

This unique w??ooden design from Easipet is unlike any other bin style composter. The wood we talking about here is Fir, which is known for its strength, dimensional stability and natural resistance to rot and vermin. The whole thing comes flat packed in small pieces and it’s easy to assemble. Although the idea that you have to bring different wooden pieces together to make the bin might sound like work to some, there are clear instructions on how to do it. You’ll be surprised how setting it up is real quick.

The wooden compost bin can take up 328 litres of water which is a lot more than most models we’ve reviewed, which means it’s a bit more effective at recycling your kitchen and garden waste. There are spaced slats which allow air circulation thus controlling the temperature and moisture levels in the bin. Even more, Easipet applies waterproof color to the Fir wood but it’s said to change colour over time. The manufacturer recommends wood treatment once a year to keep it in top notch condition.

The opening hinged roof is easy to work with unlike lift-off types. There are no worries of it being blown off by wind and even so, wood is a bit heavy than plastic so such cases won’t happen. It also offers a secure closure, keeping rodents from invading the composter. When it’s time for harvesting, the removable panel at the base will do the work for you, just push the lock sideways and pull the panel with ready compost straight to your plants.


The assembly instructions might be somewhat challenging to some people, especially when screwing up the lid.

Our thoughts and recommendation - We love this Wooden Compost bin for the obvious reason – it’s wooden. It’s more eco-friendly than plastic composters plus you can apply your own paint if you wish to in order to blend in with your garden. Yes the instructions are a bit lacking but once you figure it out, you’ll have a strong, large and attractive composter in your garden.

Draper 07212 180L Compost Tumbler


Draper 07212 180L Compost Tumbler review
  • Made from lightweight Polypropylene material.
  • Double end access.
  • Symmetrical design for easy use.
  • Faster decomposition – 6-8 weeks.
  • Tumbling action speeds up composting process.
  • Size: 80 x 80 x 48.4 cm.
  • Packaged weight: 10 Kg.

Raised compost tumblers take composting to a whole new level and the Draper 07212 is such a revolutionary composter. This tumbling composter has a unique action which speeds up the entire composting process. Basically load with kitchen scraps (avoid meat products), destroyed garden prunings, grass clippings and tumble the bin consistently every 2-3 days.

It’s produced using a lightweight polypropylene material which is known for low density (weight saving), heat resistance and high stiffness. The 180L tumbler is held above the ground by a frame which has a lock and pivot points. One advantage of above-ground composters over ground composters is the assurance that air and moisture are uniformly distributed by the tumble action. Plus, being off the ground keeps the composter away from rodents.

The barrel has a twin ended access which can be used for filling and harvesting plus there’s an air circulation/drainage hole around the top. Draper Tools has specialized in producing innovative products and they made a symmetrical and ergonomic design for this tumbler to enhance easy use. The tumbling action generally prepares the compost within 6-8 weeks.


The circular lids do a great job in securing the barrel but they can be difficult to open especially when wet. Another concern is assembling the tumbler; fixing the two halves together and locking it to the frame takes a lot of time. It’s also heavy to turn when fully loaded.

Our thoughts and recommendation - The Draper O7212 Compost Tumbler is a nice bin and it does take like half hour to assemble unlike the “assembles in minutes” sticker. It would have been nicer if it had wheels underneath it for easier moving of the finished compost to the flower bed or farm. Still, it works great and delivers fast. It better suits light vegetable scraps and garden waste.

190 Litre Heavy Duty Garden Tumbling Composter by Selections


Selections 190 Litre Heavy Duty Garden Tumbling Composter Review
  • Drum material: 90% recycled plastic.
  • Frame material: stainless steel (heavy duty).
  • Capacity: 190 litres.
  • Removable front hatch.
  • Manufactured from recycled plastic.
  • Requires home assembly.
  • Dimensions: 99.5 x 79 x 90 cm.

This tumbling composter has an easy to use design thanks to the wheels that let you to transport it around the yard whenever necessary. This implies you can prepare your compost in one spot and move it directly over to your garden to purge it out, which is way simpler than dumping into a wheelbarrow or wagon then transport it. The horizontal rotating drum also adds to simplicity and it needs less effort to tumble. A removable front hatch is available to give you access to ready compost.

The frame material is heavy duty stainless steel which not only provides a great amount of strength but it’s also resistant to rust. The drum features 90% recycled plastic material making it environmental friendly. It holds maximum 190 litres of material and the manufacturer recommends turning the tumbler regularly after every 2-3 days. Of course, that depends on the outdoor temperature. Its level design additionally allows even air circulation in order to speed up the composting process.

It comes flat packed with a total weight of 10Kg and requires home assembly. Simple DIY skills can get this composter set up in less than an hour although the box contains instructions to help you. It looks sturdy and promising to last a long time.


We found that assembling this composter might need an extra hand. The lid especially can be tricky to engage correctly. It can also be a bit heavy to turn for some people; it could do with some grab handles.

Our thoughts and recommendation - This Tumbler? by Selections is another spectacular tumbling composter that is ideal for turning organic garden waste and kitchen scraps into rich compost. The ability to move it from site to site is the major selling point here.

Good Ideas 140 Litre Twin Chamber Tumbling Composter


Good Ideas 140 Litre (2x 70Litre) Twin Chamber Tumbling Composter review
  • 140-litre capacity; each compartment holds 70 litres.
  • Comes with assembly instructions.
  • Robust construction for use throughout the year.
  • Built in aeration to speed up composting process.
  • Size: 79 x 61 x 82 cm.

With a packaged weight of 9Kg, this Twin composter? by Good Ideas is the lightest tumbling composter on our list and among the lightweight composters in the market. However, this weight is a sacrifice for the less capacity the twin composter holds, 140 litres combined, but it’s still enough to convert unwanted waste into useful compost. The small size of this composter means it takes a little space in the garden and it’s perhaps a brilliant idea for small gardens.

It’s easy to assemble at home following the instructions provided, a process that takes roughly 45 minutes. There’s even a video on Youtube on how to set it up in case you need visual aid. It has a unique rotating action which accelerates the entire composting process and it’s not heavy to turn unlike the other tumbling composters we’ve reviewed. The barrels have ventilation/waste openings to boost productivity. It’s advisable to tumble the bin after every 2-3 days for uniform decomposition and the compost should be ready in a matter of 6-8 weeks.


Another thing you’ll love about this composter is the heavy duty construction including the tough stainless steel frame. It can serve all year round without signs of wear. Its symmetrical design also makes it easy to turn without having to bend that much, even your kids can do this for you.


Due to its small size, this tumbling composter is limited to small gardens. There are issues with assembling which can take some people more than an hour to get the job done.

Our thoughts and recommendation - This tumbling composter is relatively small, which is both an advantage and disadvantage. This will be an excellent buy if you own a small garden. You can still buy it if you have a large garden but you realize you’ll have to do so much work composting a large amount of waste. Our research also found that this Twin Chamber Tumbling Composter is the easiest to twirl while it’s also somewhat expensive.

Our Final Conclusion

We can all agree that composting has grown popularity in recent years among homeowners and gardeners. As such, several models of composters have hit the marketplace all competing for the best compost bin or best compost tumbler tags. They are all unique in their own ways, but some are essentially not worth buying.

Our Best Pick

Our guide put into account several considerations when choosing the best composter and we came to a conclusion that the 190-Litre Heavy Duty Garden Tumbling Composter is the winner. The frame features heavy duty stainless steel material which definitely provides strength for several years. We can say the 190-litre capacity suits most gardens as it’s just not too little or on the far end. It also provides versatility in terms of emptying; you can discharge compost at its stationery location or move the composter to a preferred site.

The best composter for small gardens

If you own a small yard or garden, a relatively smaller composter will serve you best. The Good Ideas 140 Litre Twin Chamber Tumbling Composter will be your best buy. It’s quick to assemble, the easiest to twirl, and tough built for heavy action. It’s a bit expensive but you can bank on us you’ll have a reliable composter and forget the extra bucks.

The Eco-friendly composter

For those who are keen on environmental conservation, we recommend Wooden Compost Bin 328L in BeeHive Style 337. It’s not like the others are hazardous to our environment, of course, we assume the respective manufacturers have taken into account such issues, but the Wooden Compost Bin is the most eco-friendly.

Best budget compost Bin

The Eco Compost Converter is a great option for anyone on a budget, while its very affordable, its still has some great features and has been made to a high quality construction and is capable of holding a very impressive 300 litres of rich compost.

That’s it. We hope our guide and each compost bin review have provided meaningful solutions to your waste composting needs. Do you know any other models that you think we might have missed out? Feel free to share with us your thoughts in our comments section. Finally, keep recycling; it’s for the good of our planet.

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