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Which Tastes Better? Grilled Vs Charcoal BBQ Grilled Meat

Last updated on February 12th, 2022

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Charcoal vs Gas BBQ – Which cooks the best steak?

There’s nothing like a perfectly grilled steak and to get much done, the perfect grill has to be in place.

A good barbecue should mostly be well browned with a delicious crust on the outside while the meat remains juicy and appropriately cooked on the inside.

Almost every kind of grill will give you some kind of a cooked meat but the real beauty of the perfectly done steak should have both crusty and juicy effects to it.

To be able to determine this, three main things have to be considered; the temperature provided, the distribution of heat in the grill, and the level of smoky flavours that can be offered.

How to cook meat on a bbq

Using gas grills

Price and convenience are the best parts of using a gas grill and you can still be sure of having a good cook out of them.

Cooking meat on a gas bbq

These do not detriment its operation, they actually tend to be one of the best kinds of grills on the market to create smoky flavours for aromatic foods. BroBBQ shares a review of the best gas grills on the market that have proven to be that effective.

On flavouring, most of these kinds come with a wood chip box that allows you to load flavoured wood chips to give off needed smoky flavours during the cook.

Aside from boosting flavours, they are also faster for cooking making them widely used and most preferred for commercial cooking. The fire coming from the burners are often well-centred and blue which quickly generates and spreads out heat evenly within the grill.

Now, to the crusty browned effect on the meat, to be able to achieve this, the food has to be given a very good sear which can only be done on high heat.

Do gas grills give off the right amount of heat to get this effect? Well, pretty much! Depending on the model, make and temperature control of the equipment, the amount of searing needed can be achieved.

Start off the grill with a good preheating which will allow the food to be introduced into a welcoming environment to kick off a good cook. Afterwards, based on the recipe at hand and the needed time and temperature to cook for, your food should be excellent when done.

The good thing about this kind of grills is the ability to adjust heat levels using the heat adjustment knobs which prevents the food from getting burnt while searing. Hence, a bad sear will rely on the carelessness of the person cooking.

However, the gas grill may fall short in offering an upgrade in how flavorful the food will turn out to be.

Gas grills are structured to be great for quick cooking and better priced for convenience purposes. Their flavouring component is very simple, naturally just made up of carbon dioxide and water. Hence, to be able to boost flavour up, the need to use flavoured wood chips is called for.

If you are one not up for enhancing add ups, a gas grill will naturally not give you the extra flavour as you may prefer.

Using charcoal grills

Charcoal grills without stressing much are the real most valuable players when it comes to flavouring, especially a good smoker bbq.

How to cook on a charcoal bbq

Ever wondered why some barbecues have this woody grilled aroma to them than some others? Check out the source from the back door, charcoal was responsible for that!

Charcoal grills work as the most organic kind of grill on the market simply because of the use of naturally made charcoal pieces. They do not give off chemicalized aromas which may alter the flavour of the food but allows foods to cook in the most traditional grilling environment as much as possible.

Charcoal grills may be more expensive depending on the model and harder to use but the efforts invested are always worth the results.

These types of equipment produce high heat easily and far better than many other types of grills which then stands to mean that the crispier crunchy browned effect on your meat is most likely to be achieved faster and better when using charcoal.

Setting up the charcoal pieces can be done in various ways to control the internal cook of the food so that the juicy effect is achieved easily. They are also easy to control temperature with; there are chimneys, vents, and options to arrange the fiery coals as preferred in the firebox to achieve this result.

Charcoal grills may not be the most preferred for convenience and quick cooking by nature and will not usually be advised to be used for commercial uses.

They are more home friendly and will require pretty much sometime to get your meat desires done. However, everything good comes at a cost. So the sacrifice might just be worth the efforts.

Which is the best then?

For the sake of tastes and flavours, it is with no doubt that charcoal grills are the best.

While gas grills are very convenient to use, it takes some extra bit of effort to give you some added flavours which still don’t offer the natural chargrill flavours that charcoal grills give.

Charcoal grills are the best to sear with and also the best to ensure a good juicy cook on the inside of the meat.

If you agree to this, go ahead and grill something good for yourself and share your thoughts in the comments below.

This is a guest post by Jack Thompson from, got a question about barbecuing?, from the best BBQ recipes to extension BBQ guides, brobbq has it all. Back to the perfect steak, take it away Jack!

Main Photo by Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash

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