Tree Surgeon Cost for Felling Trees – Price Guide and What To Expect

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How much does it cost to have a tree cut down

Overgrown or rather congested trees can cause a few unwelcome issues around homes. Maybe they’ve grown too close to the house or neighbours are complaining about overhanging branches. Perhaps they’ve covered garden plants underneath or they’ve brought darkness into the garden. Whichever reason it might be, chopping the trees down is the ideal solution. A tree surgeon will do the job properly and leave the landscape in great shape.

Many will want to use the services of a tree surgeon but the question is, how much does a tree surgeon cost? Below we give a guide to tree surgeon costs and provide rough estimates for tree surgeon services but remember every job will be different and prices can vary widely.

Before you fell a tree it’s important to make sure it’s not protected as some trees are, you need to do your research and make sure that the plant you are planning on modifying is not protected by any law or institution.

Factors influencing the cost of tree surgeon

There are several factors that tree surgeons will consider before giving a quote. These include:

The height of the tree

Obviously, a larger tree attracts more money as its more work and in some cases more machinery. Large trees have many branches with complex growth and thus may require special equipment to bring them down. They also require extra manpower plus hours. Upper parts of the tree have to fall a long distance and that is risky in itself. Some heavy branches may need to be lowered down with the help of ropes and such procedures may increase the overall cost of felling a tree. In general, the higher the tree, the more work there’s to be done.

Number of trees

Another price factor that you must inform the tree surgeon about. You don’t want to surprise a tree surgeon upon arrival by telling them that you have five trees to be cut instead of one. Be clear from the word go so a tree surgeon can give you an accurate quote. In any case, more trees will hike the price.

Overhanging trees

Some trees overhang structures including roofs, greenhouses, and fences and these need careful removal. The cost is likely to spike in this case. If trees are overhanging a road or public footpath and the road needs to temporary closure for operations to take place, you will have to get permission from local authorities. That doesn’t come cheap.

Accessibility of location

Accessing the rear garden of any home is usually not easy. Terraced houses have a very narrow access or sometimes have no access at all. If you live in a home with a poor access, you can expect to pay more because the tree remains will have to be removed anyway. Also, make sure to seek local tree surgeons because someone travelling from afar will include transportation costs in their quote.

Removing waste from your garden

You may save yourself a small fortune if you have a means of disposing of waste. Otherwise, you may have to pay to have the waste disposed of. That can be costly especially if the parts are heavy and have to be carted to the front garden for loading onto a truck.

Something that may help reduce the cost is if you put an advert in the paper / online, think gumtree or know someone who has a log burner and may be willing to take the wood away for there own use, some may even pay you to take the logs and if the tree surgeon only needs to fell the tree the price should be cheaper.

Stump grinding

Stump grinding removes the stump that is left as trees are usually felled just above ground level, this leaves a unsightly stump which can sometime grow again and send out suckers. If you want it done, then you can expect a tree surgeon to charge for it. The depth of stump grinding depends on the type of tree. If you have felled the tree yourself you may be able to just get a tree surgeon you remove the stump for you.

So what should you expect to pay?

The following tree surgeon costs should give you a rough idea of how much the service can set you back. Remember cost vary from job to job and certain parts of the UK are most expensive than others but the prices below should you a rough idea of cost.

Service  Fee
Tree survey Free to £150 for a basic survey
Tree Felling £200 – £400 (over £1000 for very large trees)
Disposal of tree debris £50 – £150
Stump removal & grinding £50 to £300
Hedge trimming £40 per hour per person
Wood chipper hire £50 – £300 per day
Garden clearance £200 per person per day / £40 per hour


How to choose a tree surgeon

Start by asking your friends and relatives whether they have recommendations they may refer you to, perhaps someone they know or they’ve used in the past. Once you establish a contact, feel free to interview them so you know who you’re dealing with. Find out whether or not the contractor will clear your garden, grind down the stump of leave it untouched, and inquire about any other charges. Make sure to source for at least 3 quotes for service and price comparisons. Also, check they have suitable insurance to do the job.

Your quote should at least include;

  • Detailed information about the workload to be done, including how long it will take.
  • Any preparation that you may need to do.
  • The equipment that the professional will use.
  • Whether or not debris disposal will be done.
  • Whether or not the overall cost includes VAT.
  • A risk assessment plan that ensures everybody’s safety is covered during the operation.

DIY vs Tree Surgeon

If you’d like to fell a tree on your own including removing all debris, then be ready to purchase the necessary equipment, if you don’t own one. Some of the tools you’ll need include chainsaw and/or ax, safety glasses, gloves, short-sleeved shirts, and special chainsaw trousers. You want to stay well-protected when dealing with flying debris. Sounds great but not everyone wants to climb 100ft high to prune a tree, either due to fear of heights or it’s a job they don’t fancy.

Tree surgeons, on the other hand, are happy to take on any job. As a matter of fact, it’s better to leave anything more than a small tree to the professionals as felling trees can be very dangerous, especially when chainsaws are concerned. Tree surgeons are able to fell trees by following appropriate procedures and will have taken chainsaw and tree felling courses. They can help transform your garden’s look within hours or a few days.

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