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The Best Top Rated Tool Bags

It usually starts with one tool and after a while you find that you have amassed a number of tools. Your toolbox is not necessarily the easiest thing to transport or organise since it can get too heavy. What alternative is there? A tool bag.

This is a sufficient way to carry and organise a wide range of tools. Tool bags are more comfortable on the hands and feature varied compartments where different sizes of tools can be stored.

The best tool bag does not have to be expensive to be of good quality. There are various high-quality tool bags in different price ranges that would offer service as you need it. This review will open your eyes to the various possibilities when it comes to tool bags. 

After many hours of research, much debate and comparing over 25 tool bags we came to the conclusion that the Stanley FMST1-71180 Fat Max Open Mouth Tool Bag would be the best tool bag for most DIY enthusiast as well as professorial tradesmen. You can see a quick overview below and a more detailed look further down after our buyers Guide.


Stanley FMST1-71180 FatMax Open Mouth Rigid Tool Bag Review
  • Adequate space and compartments ensure a number of tools can be stored and easily accessed..
  • Well reinforced to prevent the falling of tools in transit and poplypropylene bottom, protects from moisture and dirt
  • Steady zipper opening up rigid mouth open for better viewing.
  • The rubber grip on the handles are great for comfort and grip.

Our top 6 recommended top rated tool bags that were impressive enough to make it into our review

Our Buyers Guide

Considering that there are many brands in the market, you have to find a way to find the best quality. This can be effectively done by establishing the main features to look out for. The quality of your tool bag will be affected by the quality of material among other things. Let us delve deeper to understand what is required:

Quality of the material

Whether you are carrying light tools or heavy tools, you need a bag that is capable of lasting longer than basic bags. The material that is used to fashion a tool bag is very important as it determines length of service.

You will find that some of the best tool bags in the market are made from poly fabric, nylon or canvas. Some bags even feature moulds sides and leather sections to help reinforce the bag as you carry it. Depending on the tools you intend on housing, chose a material that doesn’t tear or wear out easily. You can tell the quality of the material by its denier rating. Most come with a rating of 600 or higher.

Our Best Lightweight Tool Bag 

Ryobi UTB02 Canvas Tool Bag
Ryobi UTB02 Canvas Tool Bag Review

This tool bag is lightweight, strong and can keep a number of tools safe. The Ryobi UTB02 Canvas Tool Bag can be your go-to bag for light work expeditions.

The bag is supported by quality handles and adequate compartments to secure your tools. although it is not large, you will not be disappointed by this product. Be on the lookout not to place the bag on wet grounds as the fabric will get wet. Other than that, the product is simply delightful.

Water protection, is it available?

If you are a professional, the chances of you having your bag in open air are high. This is because worksites keep changing over time. In cases like these, selecting a bag with waterproof qualities will be a lot of help.

In the case that there are any metal compartments, be sure to check if they are rust proof. Otherwise you may end up tool bag that that simply not up to the job and will have a short life span. Especially for those living in humid areas, this feature protects your tools from moisture that accelerates rusting.

Consider Zippers and compartments

If you have ever dealt with a derailed zip, you know how frustrating it can get. Since you will be packing your bag with different kinds of tools you need a heavy duty zipper. Heavy duty zippers that are easy to fasten will keep your tools safe away from harm. Even if your bag is full, the zippers will be able to withstand the pressure without unravelling.

Of Course your bits and your hammers cannot occupy the same space. Their varied sizes may cause utter disorganisation if kept wrong. That is why you need many compartments of varied sizes. This allows you to organise tools from the smallest to the larges. It also makes direct access easier. Smaller compartments should have fasteners/zippers fitted so as to avoid dropping the little tools.

Overall comfort and handling 

While function is an important part of owning any product, comfort also plays a vital role. Nobody want to be laden with a bag that makes your muscles ache and digs into your hands or shoulders. That is why you find that most tool bags have padded shoulder strap and handles. These padded straps prevent the weight of the bag from digging into your shoulders or hands. This is especially if your bag is laden with heavy equipment.

You will notice that different tool bags have different handle locations. You will find some with an extended shoulder strap or a model only fitted with short handles. Depending on your personal preference select a model that fits your height and functions.

Shorter people should avoid tool bags with long handles, it may prove tasking to move especially at the end of the day when you are really tired. Optionally you can select a wheeled unit with an adjustable handle. That way anyone can use the tool bag despite their height.

What of wheels and bottom feet? 

Bottom feet are basically the feature that raises the bag from the ground in the effort to avoid wear and tear. These feet can be made of metal, rubber or plastic and come in handy especially on rough or wet surfaces. They also save you cleaning time since the bag has not come into contact with the dirty surface Avoid dragging your tool bag unnecessarily so as to avoid wearing out the feet.

In the case that you have a number of hefty tools in your bag, you might want to get a wheeled tool bag. The durable wheels that are usually fitted balance the weight of the bag and help you move from one place to another with ease. Even on elevated grounds, you will be able to pull your bag along without panting for mercy. Make sure that the wheels are well fitted to avoid one popping off in the middle of movement.

Lights, clips and hooks 

There are some of us whose eyesight need a bit of support. For those of us who have difficulty seeing in poorly lit areas or can’t exactly remember where they threw the screwdriver, there is help. Some models in the market feature a light source in the bag itself to help you look around for your tools.

Yes, you may have an independent torch in your tool bag but what happens if the batteries run out or you forgot it at home? This is a feature you might want to consider if you find yourselves in such situations.

There are certain tools for example measuring tapes and that tend to get lost easy in a pile of tools. To remedy this, one should seek a bag that provides hooks, D-rings and clips for certain items. This save you time due to correct organisation, you don’t have to spend half an hour rummaging through piles of tools.

Best Versatile Tool Bag

ToolMax - Tool bag holdall and backpack
ToolMax - Tool bag holdall and backpack Review

This definitely had to go to the ToolMax - Tool bag holdall and backpack - heavy duty durable tool bag. If you look at its design it has all the required compartments for large tools and small tools.

They even go an extra mile to keep your I-pad, pens, keys or tab and other electronics protected space. All the compartments are well fastened to avoid falling tools.  The construction of it is solid and proves versatile through the various number of handles available for use. The price of it is not so bad either.

Tool bag size 

Just like tool boxes, tool bags come in different sizes. You may own less tools and therefore do not need a large bag. You may also own a large number of tools that need a larger than usual bag. In all these cases, your logic will have to come into play. Look at the expected amount of tools are choose wisely. Also make sure that the opening of the bag is wide enough.


How much are you willing to spend? That is the big question. You may have less tools but you can afford top of the range tool bags or have many tools but restricted budget-wise. The best thing to do is estimate the amount you can spend and select the best unit in that price range. Overspending will cost you in other areas, thus be wise. We found a good tool bag could be purchased from around £40.


Not all brands provide warranties and this does not mean that they are inferior products. In the instance that you meet a brand offering a warranty and the quality is good take it. Basically warranties act as a vote of confidence on the product. The longer the warranty the better for you as you will be able to get accustomed to the product. If any mishaps occur, contact the manufacturer for solutions. That is only if you activated your warranty.

Our Top 8 picks

Here you will find some of the more top rated tool bag brands in the current market. These tool bags are created to offer durability and service without question. Peruse through and see which tool bag catches your attention. Keep an eye on the features, pros and cons so that you are able to select without question.

All the tools bags listed below have been carefully chosen to ensure only the very best tools bags have been recommended in our review, remember the tool bags below are what are left after we compared them against over 25 other tool bags.

Tool Bag Reviews

  Stanley FMST1-71180 18 FatMax Open Mouth Rigid Tool Bag Review


Stanley FMST1-71180 FatMax Open Mouth Rigid Tool Bag Review

The Stanley FMST1-71180 FatMax Tool Bag weighs in at at around 2kg which means you have a lot of space to work with while still being fairly light weight. The unit has compartments inside and inside that are capable of holding a varied number of tools which means its specially useful for those who need to access certain tools regularly as you can store then in these pockets for easy access.

The 4 eyelets provided give you more room to work with while the base offers you support and protection unlike some of the cheaper bags we have looked at. The polypropylene bottom protects your tools from direct impact with surfaces and also keeps moisture out and seems much more hard wearing than fabric bottoms.

Together with the various compartments, the handles will not let you down. The comfortable handles and straps will take the pressure off you. For people of different heights, the strap is adjustable for better positioning. The rubber fixture on the smaller handle is strong thus won't disintegrate under duress.

There is a zipper present that opens wide to reveal the contents of the tool bag which is why this bag is classes as open mouth but still had the ability to be closed shut. This means no more fishing in there, you can just spot the piece, reach out and grab it.


  • You have adequate space to store a number of tools.
  • Well reinforced and compartmented.
  • Steady zipper opening up the bug easily.
  • Rubber grip on the smaller handles are great for heavy loads.
  • The two flaps fold right over to ensure easy access to tools, you usually see this with solid open mouth bags but this also has the ability to close securely.


  • Some users have described the shoulder strap as a little uncomfortable but this would be with a lot if weight in.

Final Conclusion

The Stanley FatMax Open Mouth Rigid Tool Bag offers you value for money and adequate space. You can stash a good selection of small and large tools inside there no problem.

The bag is well reinforced, specially when compared to cheaper models and the base solid to prevent any harm from occurring to your tools. The colours on the bag are stunning and thus easy to spot.

Overall this is by fair one of the best tool bags we have seen, we really like the way the opening  sides fold over to give the large open mouth access which is really handy, specially for anyone who is in and out of the tool bag consistently. We decided that after comparing the quality that it was only right that this model was awarded our 'Best Pick' award for the best tool bag in our review. Choose this bag and you will not be disappointed.

If your looking for a true style open bag then our next pick which is also by Stanley is a great alternative and also cheaper at the time of our review.

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  Stanley Fatmax Open Tote Bag Review

Stanley Fatmax Open Tote Bag Review

The Stanley Fatmax Open Tote Bag is attractive and open for easier reach for your tools which is the main advantage in its design. The design lets you fish your tools out without having to struggle with zippers. The internal measurements can fit medium to small sized tools while the outer compartments can be used to store smaller tools and wiring.

Speaking of construction materials, this bag is made from high-quality denier fabric. This means that the fabric is strong and doesn’t get worn easily. Right above the unit is a steel handle with a rubber fitting to keep your hands comfortable. The steel handle is strong enough to hold a number of tools without bending/breaking.

If you chose not to use the handle, there is a strap with a padded fixture that will facilitate easy carriage. When you place the bag down, a waterproof plastic bottom. Even if you place the bag on wet grounds, your tools are protected.

The unit measures 48 x 25 x 35cm and weighs 998 g which is effective for medium sized tools and smaller. Larger tools like whole size saws will not fit in this unit but for everyday tools it should be perfect.


  • Made out of strong fabric for durability.
  • Sold at affordable prices.
  • Wide open mouth for easy access of tools.
  • Offer padded handles for comfortable use.


  • Small pockets lack fastening to keep smaller tools like screws in if the bag is overturned.
  • Cannot be zipped up thus tools are left unsecured from strangers and the elements can get into the bag if you are not careful.

Final Conclusion

The Stanley Fatmax Open Tote Bag would make a good first tool bag if you're looking for an open mouth design for easy access. First it is affordable and the quality is good. You have several compartments to take advantage of and the handles are comfortable to use. This bag would do well for any electrician or plumber as it offers fast and easy access to your tools.

We did not find any major flaws with this product as it is user-friendly and sizeable. The addition of fastener for some pockets would be lovely but it is manageable. For home or professional use, this bag would deliver fine service to the owner and we would not hesitate to recommend it.

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  DeWalt 179209 Pro Open Mouth Bag  Review

DeWalt 179209 Pro Open Mouth Bag Review

The DeWalt 179209 Pro Open Mouth Bag is well designed an executed and is a great alternative to our 'Best Pick'. This tool bag comes designed with divided compartments inside so that you can store all your things in order. This division is welcomed especially if you have tools that are prone to damage more than others or have obsessive organisation tendencies.

On the outside you find varied compartments to store your other smaller tools. There is a zipped compartment where you can safely store screw bits and other small tools. When you look at the base of the bag, you find a solid surface that is waterproof. Whether it is dusty or wet, you are guaranteed that your tools will remain dry and well kept.

At only 2.1kg its also similar in weight and size measuring 33 x 50 x 31cm its a very similar size. You can see that the handles are padded thus you can balance the weight without straining your muscles.


  • Offers space for varied tool sizes facilitated by the different compartments.
  • Features waterproof qualities to keep your tools dry and safe.
  • Designed from durable material to offer service and ergonomic handles to offer comfort.
  • Offers plenty of space at an affordable price.


  • Lack specific compartments for screwdriver storage.

Final Conclusion

The DeWalt 179209 Pro Open Mouth Bag is a strong tool bag that can accommodate your tools and is perfect for professionals and a great alternative to our 'Best Pick' as it very similar in both size and price.

It offers adequate space to keep all your tools and also the material is not prone to wear and tear easily. For those looking for a bag that can be secured and transported with ease, keep this one in mind. The fetching prices are affordable and for the quality you are presented with, it is a steal. Whether an electrician, construction worker or domestic user, this bag is guaranteed to be of good value to your work and should last you many years.

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 Stanley 18 inch - STA193950 Fatmax Technician Bag Review

Stanley STA193950 Fatmax Technician Bag Review

The Stanley STA193950 Fatmax Technician Bag is a survivor in all situations. Together with the high-quality fibre used, you will see some places with leather strips. The strips are meant to act as reinforcements in those areas so as to support the weight of the bag when it is full.

With this bag you are presented with ergonomics and function. The pair of handles provided have rubber grips for comfort and therefore balancing is easy. These rubber grips will help you carry it whether your hands are oily or wet. The shoulder strap provided is strong and has a bit of padding.

The compartments can be found both inside and outside. You can fit your different tools as you see fit. The loops found inside will help keep your screwdrivers, spanners or torches.

When placing your tools in the bag especially the heavy ones, you do not have to worry about the bag sagging. The bottom is rigid and plastic in order to keep water out. With this kind of setting you can work on the beach or on rocky areas without fearing tear or moisture. The bag is raised from the ground so as to avoid damaging the plastic bottom.

The quality of the zippers is important. The stronger the zipper the better for you since it can handle the weight of the tools. Additionally, the zipper design can allow you to secure the bag with a tiny lock if need be. The unit weighs 998g making it lighter than the other bags we have reviewed until now and at 49 x 26 x 28 cm its also slightly small.


  • Features a strong zipper and plastic bottom to support the weight of the bag.
  • The tool bag has storage compartments both inside and outside making it easily accessible.
  • Well designed with leather strips reinforcing vulnerable areas.
  • Interior tool loops for better storage options.


  • Some may prefer more compartments on the inside to secure more tools.
  • Shoulder padding on the strap seems a little inadequate therefore may be uncomfortable when the tool bag is full.

Final Conclusion

The Stanley STA193950 Fatmax Technician Bag doesn’t exactly meet the needs of a full time professiona with a need to carry a large selection of toolsl but it would do great for a beginner/intermediate user or even a professional looking for a smaller alternative to our 'Best Pick. There are enough compartments to keep your tools secure and a zipper to hold everything in.

The fair price you will be charged for this tool bag will make it all worth the while. Be careful not to stack it so much that the zipper is strained. A strained zipper constantly will break it and you will have to replace it. You will not regret considering this model. Quality is guaranteed and overall this is a brilliant little tool bag.

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  Ryobi UTB02 Canvas Tool Bag  Review

Ryobi UTB02 Canvas Tool Bag Review

The Ryobi UTB02 Canvas Tool Bag that an eye-catching colour that is hard to miss. Weighing in at 399 grams the tool bag measures 20.3 x 35.5 x 27.9 cm making it not the biggest tool bag we have seen. It is created from double nylon structuring therefore giving you that firm trustworthy feeling but we feel the quality is not on par to Stanley or DeWalt.

Both large and small tool bags need stable handles and straps. This is simply because for some reason tools tend to accumulate fast. The heavier they get the harder the more pressure is directed to your hands. That is why models like these that have padded handles and straps to ease the pressure.

The opening of the tool bag is hinged therefore you can press wider to delve deeper into your tool bag. When it’s time to warp up you can just zip up and be on your way. You can be assured that the zip is secure and won't rip unexpectedly.

There are several compartment where you can stash mini power tools and other tools comfortably. On the outside of the bag the compartments can be used to store small tools securely.


  • Small and compact efficient for easy transportation and storage.
  • Offers padded handles and straps for comfort.
  • Attractive design and affordable price.


  • Rather small to fit every work day.
  • No water protection offered.

Final Conclusion

The Ryobi UTB02 Canvas Tool Bag would be perfect for someone with little tools or looking for a tool bag to store power tools such as a drill or jigsaw and maybe a spare battery or two.

If you are just starting your collection of tools or generally don’t use very many tools at work, consider this model as it will be worth your while. It is comfortable to handle even when full so that is a plus. The colour is not a bad touch at all. Other than that it's rather light and fairly well made but not as tough as other alternatives we have seen but it is cheaper. The main point here is that the size is on the smaller side.

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  Makita Duffel Tool bag Review

Makita Duffel Toolbag Review

The Makita Duffel Tool bag also offers adequate space for your tools and is one of the largest tools bag to make it onto our review. The brightly coloured tool bag is designed from hardwearing materials to prevent easy damage to the bag. This tool bag weighs an around 3.5kgs and measures 38 x 36 x 70 cm meaning that you have adequate space to organise your tools.

The good thing about this product is that it is designed with wheels which is usually a feature found on some tool boxes. You can pack up your tools and just roll away to the car without any issues. This wheeled designed is perfect when you are traversing large work sites or leveraged paths with heavy tools, simply pull out the telescopic handle and away you go.

Together with the telescopic handles you will find another set of handles and a strap. The handles offer padding to facilitate less pressure on your hands and back. The strap is adjustable and durable, unnecessary tears that occur in lower quality models are not to be met.

Like we expect from any good tool bag you will notice that the bottom is rigid and features rails for support. The rigid bottom will guard your tools from getting damaged or covered in dirt. The inside walls are padded in order to offer an extra layer of protection against harm. The multiple Velcro secured compartments will also provide the security needed to keep the tools from falling out.

A bungee cord can be found when one has to pack in more tools. The extendable bungee cord can be manipulated to create or reduce said tool storage place.


  • It is wheeled and thus facilitates easier movements from location to location.
  • Offers ergonomic telescopic handle, strap and supporting handles to promote comfort on transit.
  • Features all-around padding and rigid bottom for tool protection.
  • Great structural quality at an achievable price for all.
  • Comes at a great price for its size.


  • Quality of the wheels could be better.
  • Quite heavy especially when laden with tools.
  • The opening of the tool bag is not as wide for clear access to the tools.

Final Conclusion

The Makita Duffel Toolbag is a good choice for a wheeled tool bag. The bag will allow you to fit as many tools as you can and still give you wheels to manoeuvre weight around which is a big bonus for this model.

Considering that it is rather affordable, this bag makes good company to any professional or domestic user. Features like the ones presented on this model are of quality although some might need a little tweaking. If you are looking for a large wheeled bag to keep your things, you might want to consider this model. The only reason this model get a lower score is we think the quality is not quiet as good as some of the other models.

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  Draper Expert 87358 Heavy-Duty Small Tool Bag  Review

Draper Expert 87358 Heavy-Duty Small Tool Bag Review

The Draper Expert Heavy-Duty Small Tool Bag that comes in handy when you have a small job or have few tools. This tool bag is designed from polyester that has been treated to increase water resistance. You will find this most effective when it’s raining and you have to go to work. The reinforced base will keep water out and keep the tools dry.

Another thing that can be noticed from this bag is its strong well positioned and measured handles. The padded handles provided offer a shoulder to lean on when you are tired and can’t wait to get home. If the handles lacked padding and your tool bag was full, you would have to go home yelping for a massage after a long day at work.

Since it is just a small bag measuring 38.2 x 28.6 x 9 cm, it can only accommodate so much. The good thing is that it has 13 compartments on the inside and 6 outside. You have the freedom to organise as you see fit.

When you open your tool bag, you don’t want to take too much time rummaging simply because the opening is not well structured. The zip opens up in a structured way that lets the opening show you what tools are where.


  • Well-structured to provide maximum space optimisation.
  • Small and light enough for small work trips/repairs.
  • Offers comfortable handles and a reinforced base.


  • Lacks shoulders straps for convenience.
  • Water resistant coating crumbles after a while.
  • Is limited by its size.

Final Conclusion

The Draper Expert 87358 Heavy-Duty Small Tool Bag is appropriate for both domestic and professional situations. The little bag can comfortably satisfy your needs but that is if you take care of it. Considering the price that is offered for this item, you don’t necessarily expect the best of the best. You get features that are functional and manageable. 

The design of the bag is good as it lets you access your tools easily and the reinforced bottom keeps your tools sheltered from friction with different surfaces. Affordable and compact, that is what you get when you purchase this product but keep the size in mind as it is on the smaller size.

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  ToolMax - Tool bag holdall and backpack - heavy duty durable tool bag   Review

ToolMax - Tool bag holdall and backpack Review

The ToolMax Heavy Duty tool bag is both a holdall and bag making it more versatile which is what you need when on the move a lot. In the case that you have a number of tools and there are several compartments availed to your use. You have a place for your tape measure, keys, tape, wire, screwdrivers and other tools that you have available. 

Compartments secured with Velcro are efficient in keeping small tools in place. These smaller tools like nails tend to fall out easy that is why they made sure this model was well designed. They even made sure that you could carry your tablet, array of pens and ID with you.

Constructed from 1000 denile, the material is ready for heavy-duty work. Friction will not wear it bag down easily. Another thing we like is the versatile handles provided. You can carry this bag on your shoulder, as a bagpack, with a strap or regular padded handles. Whichever you prefer will have to do.

A reflector stripe can be found for safety purposes. You need it for easy visibility in less lit conditions. The size is 50cm tall by 40cm wide and 20cm in diamteter and weighs 2.4kgs meaning that you have adequate room for a number of tools.


  • Offers adequate and versatile room and secure storage for tools and other things like I-pads which most other tool bags do not.
  • Made from strong and durable 1000D fabric.
  • Features multiple handles so that the user is able to select what feels comfortable.
  • Lots of storage compartments.


  • The strap needs to be secured more to prevent unravelling straps.

Final Conclusion

The ToolMax heavy duty durable tool bag is perfect if you need a versatile bag. This bag offers you both internal and external storage, different handles for transportation, reflective strip for safety and enough space to work. The quality of the material is strong and thus you are assured of longevity. What more could you ask from this versatile bag? Admittedly it might be too much for some but if your pocket allows it and you find it appealing then why not? The only real downside to this bag is its not a brand we know but putting this aside its worth considering specially if you also carry a tablet or iPad around.

Compare prices from available retailers

Final Conclusion

The way you decide to ferry your tools will say something about the kind of person that you are. It will speak of your style choices and organisational level. Even when you are at home we bet that you like things tidy.

Gauge the amount of tools that you want to keep and select a bag that has the right compartments and protective features that you want.

Our Best Pick

Stanley FMST1-71180 FatMax Open Mouth Rigid Tool Bag
Stanley FMST1-71180 FatMax Open Mouth Rigid Tool Bag Review

Our title of the Best Pick is awarded to the Stanley FMST1-71180 FatMax Open Mouth Rigid Tool Bag. This is because it provides good value for money and it has easily accessible features.

Made from high-quality material and guaranteed to provide adequate service. It gives you plenty of room to store varied sizes of tools and the mouth opening is sufficient for easy access. Either for domestic or professional use, it will perform as expected.

Our Best Lightweight Tool Bag 

Ryobi UTB02 Canvas Tool Bag
Ryobi UTB02 Canvas Tool Bag Review

This tool bag is lightweight, strong and can keep a number of tools safe. The Ryobi UTB02 Canvas Tool Bag can be your go-to bag for light work expeditions.

The bag is supported by quality handles and adequate compartments to secure your tools. although it is not large, you will not be disappointed by this product. Be on the lookout not to place the bag on wet grounds as the fabric will get wet. Other than that, the product is simply delightful.

Best Versatile Tool Bag

ToolMax - Tool bag holdall and backpack
ToolMax - Tool bag holdall and backpack Review

This definitely had to go to the ToolMax - Tool bag holdall and backpack - heavy duty durable tool bag. If you look at its design it has all the required compartments for large tools and small tools.

They even go an extra mile to keep your I-pad, pens, keys or tab and other electronics protected space. All the compartments are well fastened to avoid falling tools.  The construction of it is solid and proves versatile through the various number of handles available for use. The price of it is not so bad either.

As we have proved through this review and other tool bag reviews, quality will stand the test of time. Be keen to know what you need from a prospective tool bag and see yourself fetching a strong durable tool bag.

Our website supports our amazing readers with countless hours of research and testing to help you find the best product so you don't regret making a purchase. You support us through our independently chosen links, which earn us a small commission and cost you nothing but helps support our research.

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