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Tacklife HD60 Classic Digital Laser Distance Meter Tested & Review

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Tacklife Classic Digital Laser Distance Meter Review

When looking for a laser distance meter, you must ask yourself what accuracy do you need, measurement capabilities and what range you are looking for. Well, if your purpose is for DIY projects or home use, then you may not need to look any further than the TACKlife HD40 Classic Digital Laser Distance Meter. We were so impressed we decided to feature it here, personally we feel you will not find a better model in the same price range.

Quick Overview



Ease of use



  • Easy and simple to use
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Lots of measurement options including length, area & volume
  • Excellent value for money
  • Long 24 month warranty


  • Not water proof (is water resistant)
  • No stake-out function for marking-out equal distances.
  • Not suitable for very long distances
  • Not robust enough for building trade

This laser distance meter is our new recommended 'Best Budget Model' for 2017. Not only is it is very light-weight (only weighing 109 grams), is also very easy to use, has a nicely lit LCD display which is easy to read, is packed with great features and offers the best value for money of any laser distance measure we have tested.

Tacklife laser distance measurer side view


  • Measuring range: 0.05~60m(0.16~196ft); Measuring accuracy: ±2mm
  • Measuring accuracy: ±2mm
  • Units of measurement: Meters / Inches / Feet
  • Continuous measurement, Area and volume measurement, secondary measurement by Pythagorean Theorem.
  • Store up to 30 measurments
  • Auto power off: after 150 seconds
  • Dust and splash protection IPV54, laser class II
  • Self-calibration function
  • two bubble levels equipped as spirit level tool. It allows you to determine whether the direction is horizontal
  • Mute function , ideal for noise sensitive areas such as libraries, schools etc
  • Self-calibration function
  • 2 year warranty for extra peace of mind

The TACKlife HD40 Classic Digital Laser Distance Meter is battery operated; requiring two AAA alkaline batteries. It has a very impressive average battery life of 2,880 hours.

Option to choose measurement unit

This model has a very accurate measurement range of 0.05-40m (0.16-131ft) and can be switched to different units of measurement, such as meters, inches, or feet, this is obviously makes it easy to use whether you work in imperial or metric

It also automatically turns off after 150 seconds which is great for saving battery life when you accidentally leave it turned on.

Another great feature this product is equipped with is the function to store up to 30 data recordings, this is perfect when you have got lots of measurements to take.

Tacklife laser distance measurer top

It incorporates a large LED screen with a backlight for easy reading. You will also find this model comes with two bubble levels, which helps you to establish whether the direction is level which means the measurements are extra accurate.

You can even use Pythagorean Theorem to calculate measurements

Other useful features this model includes is the addition/subtraction function, secondary measurement by Pythagorean Theorem, a solitary and constant measurement function, and it comes with a mute button which means to can have it on silent should the beeping get a little bit too much.

Dust and splash protection

This model is also perfect because one of its attributes is dust and splash protection. However, even though the TACKlife laser distance meter is perfect for home use, it has a protection degree of IPV54, laser class II, which makes it suitable for construction site applications should you be looking for a cheaper alternative to the more expensive models available.

Comes with everything you need including batteries & pouch!

With the TACKlife HD60 Classic Digital Laser Distance Meter, you are also supplied with a lanyard to help avoid you accidentally dropping it when taking measurements, a nylon pouch which you can fasten to your belt, one user manual which is very easy to read and understand unlike some other models, two AAA batteries which means you can start measuring as you as you get it out of the box, and a very impressive 24 months warranty.

Large easy to press buttons

The product is small enough that it is easily portable and can fit in your pocket; as its dimensions are 11 x 6 x 2.5cm. It can also report errors and autocorrect. The model has soft, rubber keys that are easy and comfortable to press. You can also easily see the laser at its full 60m distance.

Tacklife laser distance measurer whats included.

How it compares to simular spec models

When compared to a more expensive brands of the same caliber, for example the Bosch Professional GLM 40 Digital Laser Measure, the TACKlife model appears to be a good alternative at less than half the price.

For example, we noted that some reviews we read have complained of the Bosch model having lower specifications and not being able to see the laser after so many meters, even if the room is dimly lit.

Store up to 30 measurements on the device

The TACKlife model can also hold up to thirty previous measurements, while the Bosch model can only hold up to ten. Throughout my research of a few top, expensive brands, I also found that the TACKlife Digital Laser Meter was the only model to have a mute button.

Although, the user manual is very easy to read and understand, there was just one thing that appeared to be unclear to me, which has to do with calibrating the meter, an easy task once you figured it out though.

Tacklife laser distance measurer in hand

Our Final conclusion

The TACKlife HD60 Classic Digital Laser Distance Meter is our recommended 'Best Budget Model; because its very easy to use, affordable, accurate and has great features, some of which you probably, will never use. However at least you have the option just in case.

With this model, you receive a lot of benefits from its features and versatility. After testing and playing around with this model for a few hours, I can confirm, your'l definitely be getting your money’s worth with this model and it offers excellent value as under £300 at time of post this review.

Last updated on June 20th, 2019

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