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How to keep plants watered while on holiday

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Everyone goes on holiday now and again but the problem is, how do you keep your plants watered while away?

If you are gone for a fortnight for your summer holidays and you don’t want to return to garden beds and hanging baskets that look like straw, there are a few things you can do to help keep your plants watered.

We always recommend asking a neighbour or family friend to water your plants while your away but below we go other a few options to make it easier for them and provide some tips if this is not possible.

Before you set off on your holidays

Remove weeds and deadhead flowers to conserve energy

If you have incredibly large weeds and you simply can't pull them out of the ground you can always cut off as much as you can. Deadheading will at least give you a few weeks of weed-free garden time but you will need to go back and keep pruning time and time again.

The first thing you should do for any plants is to deadhead. Remove any weeds, remove any spent flowers, and cut back your perennials once they have completed their flowering cycle. If you have any annuals planted in your borders or containers, deadhead them and remove any emerging flowers to help your plant conserve energy until such time as you get back from your holiday. You might find that upon your return you have a fresh array of flowers. Make sure to water your containers and your flowers well prior to your departure.

Place containers and baskets together in a shady area if your garden

For your containers and baskets make sure to water them and give them some food before you leave. If you have pots on your patio you should place them all together in a shaded, sheltered area before you go once you have watered them. Clustering them together will help reduce evaporation and keep them moist for longer. Tangentially you can place saucers or trays underneath your pots if they don’t already have them and fill those to the brim with water before you depart. You can do the same with hanging baskets but sitting them in buckets or plant pots to avoid damaging the trailing plants.

Mow your lawn but leave grass clipping on the lawn

If you have a lawn make sure that you mow it before you leave but then place all of the clippings on top of the lawn. This will be much like a water-conserving blanket in that it will help your lawn conserve moisture in your absence. We recommend doing this now and again even if you’re not going on holiday as it helps put nutrients back into the lawn.

Other options…

Automatic water system installation

Automatic watering systems

There are more advanced options you can employ before you go on holiday such as setting up an automatic watering system. These systems can be timed to go on or off as you see fit. Some of the newest designs allow you to even control the operation from your smartphone so while you are on holiday you can turn things on or off depending on the weather report in your town or city. 

You can get different kinds of watering stems from soaker hoses that slowly releasee water over garden beds to drip systems that can be placed in containers and even baskets.

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Using capillary matting under containers

Of course, you don’t need an advanced watering system to still have some form of long-term watering while on holiday. You can make your own by putting a bucket of water on a series of bricks and placing all of your pots around it at a slightly lower level than the bucket. Using capillary matting from a garden centre you can place one end into the bucket and then another trained directly into your plants and this will wick the moisture from the bucket directly down into your containers.

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While on Holiday

While you are on holiday ask a friendly neighbour, friend, or family member that lives nearby to check your garden while you are gone. This level of maintenance doesn’t have to be anything too severe so most people wouldn’t say no to a quick list of tasks. When they come by, they should water the plants, continue the deadheading process if they have time, and harvest any ripening fruits or vegetables letting them take some for themselves. Let that be payment too, they can keep whatever fruits or vegetables they harvest in your absence.

If you have hanging baskets and you’re leaving in the summer your neighbours or friends will have to water them at least twice a day. However, if you don’t have this option you can always remove the basket from its hanging position and sink it into a depression you dig in your soil, thoroughly soaking the soil beforehand so that your plant is able to remain wet and shaded while you are gone.

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