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 Honda Izy HRG 416 SK Petrol Lawnmower Review

Honda Izy Petrol Lawnmower

Honda Izy Petrol Lawnmower

Our Rating

The Honda Izy HRG 465 SK Self Propelled Petrol Lawn mower is a very good example of a high performance lawn mower. A step higher from the slightly cheaper HRG 465 SD push model. It offers fully functional features with convenience packed in all into one. This is a mower that is adapted to handling different terrain with ease, due to its design. To understand why this model is dependable, we shall dissect the features and render a Honda Izy review. Before we go into the detailed review we have a quick summary below. Let us begin:

Quick summary: The Honda Izy HRG 4655 SK IS part of the Izy range of which there are 8 different Izy Models by Honda, they range from a little over £300 to just over £1000. The model we choose to review, is a mid range model priced at a little under £500 and is perfect for small and medium sized lawns and is a self propelled model, Overall, its one of the best petrol ;lawnmowers available for home owners and starts first time every time, it has a easy to maintain Honda engine, its surprisingly quiet and runs very smoothly. However it does lack a roller for making stripes on the lawn but does have a thick rubber strip which does a similar job but its not as neat and refined as a roller would be. It also lacks a mulching feature so may need but this is a optional feature you can add is needed. If your after a self propelled mower to cut and collect, which is reliable, this mower is for you. If you have a larger lawn, we would recommend a bigger version of the Izy mower or one by Hayter with a wider cutting width and larger collection bag..


  • Wide 42cm (just over 16 inch) cutting width and large 50 litre collection box which is ideal for small and medium sized lawns.
  • Designed to provide lightweight manoeuvrability due to the light construction materials when compared to cheaper similar mowers.
  • Strong steel deck to provide protection from weather damage and provide protection from unprecedented impact.
  • A powerful yet quiet 160cc OHC 4-stroke petrol engine to provide the right amount of torque and power to drive the steel blade for optimum cutting performance.
  • Fixed speed to facilitate the proper running of the self-propelled function in the lawn mower for effortless mowing.
  • Collect the trimmings in the large 50 litre box provided or cut and leave.
  • For an easy start despite the mower being inactive for a while, the lawn mower is fitted with an auto choke so its starts first time even when cold.
  • The wide cutting width of 41cm (16 inch) making it perfect for both small and medium sized lawns.
  • Features 6 adjustable cutting heights of 20 to 74mm which allows the user to get the perfect grass height.
  • Uses an automatic blade stop function that lets the blade remain inactive even though the engine is running.
  • The handles have folding capabilities to effect a compact form for convenient storage and relatively light weight at around 31 kg.
  • Supplied with a 3- year warranty which raises the confidence of the customer in the product and its quality.


  • The cutting height has to be adjusted on both pairs of wheels instead of using a central mechanism which would be better.
  • The mulcher option does not come as standard.
  • Lacks rear roller for perfect stripes on the lawn but does has a rubber strip which does a similar job but not as refined.

Specifications, features & whats included

  • Engine - Self-propelled 160cc OHC 4 stroke petrol engine
  • Fuel capacity - 0.91 litres
  • Engine oil capacity - 0.5 litres
  • Maximum cutting width- 41cm (16 inch)
  • 6 Cutting heights - adjustable from 20-74 mm
  • Weight and dimensions- The size is 144cm x 45.3cm x 98cm & weight 31kgs
  • Grass trimming options - Cut and collection into a larger 50 litre collection box or cut and drop

Our Review

Best for medium sized lawns

The specifications above clearly indicate that the unit is able to handle half a tennis court as advertised which means it perfect for small to medium sized gardens. We found that if you have a smaller lawn then a small push model may be better suited for for medium sized lawns to perfectly matched.

Powerful 160cc 4 stroke engine

This petrol model will handle all your lawn needs with precision and sustainability. As it is, the mower is powered by a Honda 160cc OHC 4-stroke petrol engine which as anyone with any experience with engines knows, are probably one of the best, if not the best engines around and are very reliable and as lower maintenance as you get with a petrol engine.

For those who may not know, the higher the cubic centimetre (cc) rate in an engine the higher the power output power. The advantages of a high CC rating are advanced by the use of a 4-stroke engine as there now oil abf fuel to mix like that fitted with 2 stroke engine. These engines are more durable, produce less exhaust and offer a bit more torque and easier to maintain.

6 cutting height setting from a short 20mm to 74mm for tackling longer grass

Okay, so you have been working too hard and the grass has gotten a bit long. You have a little time to clean up the lawn and attend to other things. What do you do? Get a lawn mower like this that has a wide cutting width. With 41cm you’ll get it done in no time. If you need your grass really short, just adjust the cutting height to suit your needs. You are limited to 20-74mm cutting height but we find that this is plenty for most lawns.

Honda Izy Petrol Lawnmower back view

Large 50 litre collection box but lacks mulching option

You need to select which method you will use to dispose of the trimmings. Provided is an easy to use and empty 50 litre collection box which means more mowing and less emptying. If this is not your preferred method, you can just cut and drop. However we would only recommend this with short grass as it leaves it in piles which will look unsightly if cut when long. You also have to walk through the grass as you cut. This is where a mulching feature would be ideal but this model does lack this feature.

So you cut the lawn and now it is time to store the 31kg mower away. The good thing about this that the handles are fordable as you would expect and it folds down to a surprisingly compact size. When you fold the unit you can easily lift it to storage but be careful as 31kg may be heavy for some. Remember that it is not so light so mind your hands as well.

Adjustable handle with 3 potions

The handles are also very comfortable comfort and double function, they can be adjusted to 3 different positions so you have the best posture for your size.This is very convenient and a great feature not seen on many mowers.

Petrol lawn mowers can get frustrating to start. This is especially when the engine has been idle for a while or is cold. Lawn mowers like this that have an auto choke system and decompression mechanism are much easier to start. Even when the temperatures drop, you can still start it easily. This is where cheaper models fail and Honda engines come out on top. We feel it is worth paying more just to have a reliable and easy to service engine that is quiet and can easily last 10-15 years if looked after correctly.

The self-propelled lawn mower has other features embedded in it. Most lawn mowers tend to operate when both blade and engine running. This one has a slight difference. You can disable the blade if you do not need it running without supervision. This can happen when you need to focus your attention on something else for a second such as moving something you come across on the lawn, again another simple feature but one that is much safer.

The final feature that is supplied with the model is a 3 year warranty. The manufacturer is sure that the construction of the unit is stable. The steal deck is strong and can withstand the impact of constant use. If any problems arise with the product within the warranty period, you can activate it to get adequate solutions. What more could you ask from a lawn mower?

Final Conclusion

The Honda Izzy HRG 416 Sk Self Propelled Petrol Lawn mower will handle heavy duty work beautifully and is perfect for medium sized lawns and never misses a beat. 

The 41cm cutting width paired with a powerful, and just as important, reliable 160cc OHC 4-stroke petrol engine is a recipe for a good looking lawn and is does a great job overall

While it's not the cheapest lawnmower, its certainly is one of the best, the neatness of your lawn over and over again will be enough reward. We don;t see why this model just like previous Honda models will not serve you for years to come as long as is maintained correctly, simple tasks like checking the oil, filters, spark plugs do along way to keeping a mower in perfect working condition.

One feature it does lack which some of you may need is a mulching feature, however if you looking to cut and collect then its perfect and want let you down.

We hope the Honda Izzy review has opened your mind to the possibilities and capabilities of the lawn mower. If it fits your bill of demands, why not?

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Last updated on February 14th, 2021


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