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6 Best Wine Fridges – The Optimum Way to Store Your Wines

Last updated on February 16th, 2022

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After investing time, effort and money in your wine collection, you owe it to yourself (and your wine drinkers) to house all those bottles in a wine fridge. Unlike an ordinary refrigerator, a wine fridge keeps a constant temperature and humidity around your wines.

I look at a wide range of these specialised fridges, including those with one storage zone and some with two temperature zones so you can store your red and white wines at their separate correct temperatures.

I list each model’s features and their pros and cons and then make my recommendations after days of research. My Buyer’s Guide goes into more detail about why a wine fridge is better for storing your wine than the regular fridge in your kitchen.

Best Pick – Single Zone Wine Fridge

Russell Hobbs RH34WC1 Freestanding Wine Cooler
This single zone wine fridge has a smart black and chrome appearance that draws attention to your wine collection on the matching chrome shelves lit by the blue interior light, it just looks amazing. The six contoured shelves plus the racks at the bottom let you nestle an impressive 34 bottles in this unit. This wine fridge has a temperature range from 5°C to 18°C that’s suitable for both red and white wines. The touch button interfaces are subtly placed at the outside top of the door and you really only see the number of the current internal temperature. This is a great choice if you’re starting a serious collection of wine and well worth considering.

Best Pick – Dual Zone Wine Fridge

Klarstein Vinoville Duo17 Wine Fridge
The Klarstein Vinoville Duo17 is a well-reviewed dual zone wine fridge with some extra features that make it really stand out. I really like the different temperature ranges in each zone that acknowledge that red wines may need a higher temperature than whites. The narrowness and stylishness of this unit allows you to keep it in full public view without overwhelming the other furniture in your living room or den. The ability to use the interior light to add ambience to your entertaining events is also a plus as we all love to show off our wine collection. And this wine fridge does its job well, including letting your know audibly if something is wrong. This is a wine fridge that cares about your wines as much as you. Those looked for something a little more premium and adanced this could be the model for you.

Best Wine Fridges Reviews

Single Zone Wine Fridges

1. Russell Hobbs RH34WC1 Freestanding Wine Cooler – 34 bottle capacity

Best Pick – Single Zone

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Russell Hobbs RH34WC1 Freestanding Wine Cooler, 34 bottle capacity, Black, stainless steel

The Russell Hobbs RH34WC1 Freestanding Wine Cooler is a single zone wine fridge with a sleek black and chrome structure. This fridge holds up to 34 standard, 75cl wine bottles on six contoured chrome racks that hold the bottles firmly in place. At the bottom of the compartment are 1.5 horizontal chrome shelves that hold a few larger bottles. All the racks and shelves are removable so you can configure the inside of this unit to your own needs.

The control panel is discretely placed at the top of the door. From there you turn the power on, adjust the temperature in the range of 5°C to 18°C, turn the gentle blue interior light on and off, lock and unlock the controls. Only the LED readout of the interior temperature shines out.

The smoked tempered glass door helps keep the temperature constant and gives a glimpse at your wine collection inside. Don’t worry if your floor is not quite level as this Russell Hobbs wine fridge has adjustable feet that operate independently to level out the fridge.


  • Sleek black standalone or under-counter wine fridge has a 93L capacity.
  • Holds 34, 75cl bottles of wine on six contoured chrome shelves and one chrome shelf.
  • Temperature is adjustable from 5°C to 18°C in a single temperature storage zone.
  • Touch button interface and a digital readout (°C or °F) of the temperature.
  • Noise level is a quiet 42dB.
  • Has internal light to use whether the smoked glass door is closed or open.
  • Energy rating of “G”; that’s “A” in the old system.
  • Adjustable feet so it sits flat on most surfaces.
  • Dimensions: (interior): 84.2cm (height); 49cm (width) and 44cm (depth).


  • Door is not reversible.
  • Fits mainly standard 75cl bottles.

Our recommendation

The Russell Hobbs RH34WC1 Freestanding Wine Cooler with its 34 bottle capacity, holds mainly standard 75cl wine bottles, though the shelf at the bottom can handle larger bottles, perhaps of champagne.

I like the shiny black and chrome appearance of this fridge, along with the contoured chrome shelves and the blue interior light. The temperature range is perfect for storing all wines. This is a standalone wine fridge that can also fit under a counter and is well worth considering.

2. Cookology Wine Cooler – 7 Bottle Capacity

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Cookology CWC150SS Freestanding Undercounter Fridge Cabinet 15cm Wine Cooler, 7 Bottle, 20 Litre Capacity, with Digital Temperature Control and Reversible Door - in Stainless Steel

The Cookology Wine Cooler which holds 7 Bottles, is a narrow, single-zone, wine fridge that fits into an area just wider than 15cm – you do have to allow space on either side and behind. This model holds just seven 75cl bottles of wine, stored horizontally on their own individual shelves, one above the other. This fridge fits into the space that you thought was otherwise unusable; especially so as the door is reversible so you can fit it to open to the right or to the left which is something not all modes can do.

This is a very stylish fridge of minimal design in stainless steel. The air vent at the bottom and the long door handle form an integral part of the design, along with the narrow smoked glass window giving a view into the interior. The glass is double glazed and UV protected to keep out harmful UV rays and to keep the humidity inside constant to the level that your wine likes.

The control panel is inside the fridge, hidden away. The only part of the panel you can see from the outside is the yellow LED display giving the temperature in your choice of degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. The temperature range is the one that experts recommend for wine storage: 5°C to 18°C.

The interior light lets you view your wine selection comfortably. As well as the stainless steel finish, this Cookology wine fridge also comes in black or white.


  • Thin stainless steel freestanding unit fits into a narrow space.
  • Designed to hold seven wine bottles, organised vertically on six fixed shelves.
  • Long sleek bar handle to easily open the door, which is reversible.
  • Single temperature storage zone.
  • Adjustable temperature between 5°C and 18°C displayed on a digital readout.
  • Control panel at the top of the compartment and hidden inside the fridge.
  • Glass door is double glazed and UV resistant to keep out UV rays.
  • Internal LED light to view your collection of wine.
  • Noise level is around 41dB and the energy class is “G”.
  • Dimensions: 87 – 89cm (adjustable height); 15cm (width) and 52.2cm (depth).


  • Not large enough for magnum champagne bottles.

Our recommendation

The Cookology 15cm Wine Cooler is a narrow fridge that suits those who have only a small space in which to store their wine. It’s also great if you just want to keep seven or fewer bottles of wine in storage.

This is a single-zone fridge with a perfect temperature range for wines: 5°C to 18°C. The glass door is designed to keep harmful UV-rays out yet lets you peek in for a glimpse of your wine collection. Plus it’s stylish enough to suit any kitchen or living room décor.

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3. Baridi 15 Bottle Wine Fridge

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Baridi 15 Bottle Wine Cooler Fridge with Digital Touch Screen Controls & LED Light, Black - DH5

The Baridi 15 Bottle Wine Fridge has the look of a sleek black fridge as it fits under your kitchen counter. Offering chrome horizontal open shelves and a chrome angled rack at the bottom, you can store up to 15 regular 75cl bottles of wine in this unit. This model is small enough to fit under or on your counter. But notice that the handle is recessed into the side of the door, so don’t push this fridge too far back under the countertop.

Humidity and temperature are helpfully maintained by the mirrored tempered glass door, which also keeps out harmful UV rays. There’s a soft white LED light in the interior of this unit to gently illuminate your prized wines. This is a single-zone wine fridge so you have just one temperature zone to maintain, with a choice of temperature in the perfect 5°C and 18°C range.

The panel of touch controls is on the outside of the wine fridge at the top of the door. Select the temperature scale (°C or °F), turn on the light and change the temperature from there. Numbers in blue LED let you instantly know the current internal temperature.

This Baridi wine fridge is also available in a wide variety of sizes from 12 bottles of wine all the way up to a unit for 43 bottles. Note that the 43-bottle size is dual-zone so you can have different temperatures in each of the two compartments. (See our section below for other dual-zone models.)


  • Rectangular black wine fridge that fits under the worktop.
  • Soft white LED light illuminates the interior of the fridge.
  • Holds 15 bottles of wine on four adjustable shelves and on a bottom rack.
  • Door is of tempered mirror glass to reflect those harmful UV rays.
  • Single zone storage compartment.
  • Touch screen controls for adjusting the temperature between 5°C and 18°C.
  • Noise level is a respectable low 42dB.
  • Dimensions: 68.5cm (height); 34.5cm (width) and 45cm (depth).


  • Takes only small and standard wine bottles.

Our recommendation

The Baridi 15 Bottle Wine Fridge is a single-zone fridge that’s a perfect size for those who like to have a varied selection of wines on hand. It fits on or under a kitchen worktop and its matte black appearance fits in everywhere.

I like that this well-reviewed model comes in a wide variety of sizes, from the small 12-bottle unit to the dual-zone fridge for 43 bottles. The 15 bottle size is also the least expensive of the single-zone models we review (as of November 2021).

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4. Subcold Viva20 LED Table-Top Wine Fridge

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Subcold Viva20 LED – Table-Top Wine Fridge Black | 3-18°C | 20 Bottle Capacity | 57L Counter-Top Cooler | LED + Lock & Key | Glass Door Drinks Cellar | Single-Zone

The Subcold Viva20 LED Table-Top Wine Fridge is slightly larger, at 20 standard wine bottles capacity than the Baridi 15 Bottle Wine Fridge. But those extra 5 bottles may make a difference to your purchase decision. This is a single zone tabletop wine fridge in a cube shape with a matte black finish.

What sets the Suncols Viva line of fridges apart from the others in this review is the range of temperatures available. The fridges, including this one, offer you the choice of temperature from 3°C to 18°C – that’s 2°C colder than other wine fridges. This should not necessarily sway your decision, however, as experts state that the best range for wine is from 5°C and 18°C. However, if you plan on keeping other beverages in the fridge, you may be glad of the extra 2°C of coldness.

Storage of the standard-size bottles is on three contoured chrome racks and one flat shelf. There’s room at the bottom of the fridge to store larger bottles (Prosecco, anyone?) by laying them flat across the width of the fridge. All the shelves are removable to give you extra height in the fridge if you need it.

With the controls being on the outside of the unit at the top of the door, you can put the interior light on and peer through the safety glass door at your wine stash inside. The internal temperature is shown by LED numerals in the middle of the control panel.

We do like that this Viva20 wine fridge is lockable with an actual key. The lock is at the centre bottom of the door so it’s easily accessible.

If you like this wine fridge but it’s too small for you, check out the units in the same line that hold 24 bottles and 28 bottles.


  • Tabletop matte black wine fridge with 57L capacity.
  • Holds 20 bottles on three contoured racks, one flat shelf (all removable) and an open space at the bottom.
  • Single zone fridge.
  • Internal light to illuminate your bottles within through the safety glass door.
  • Temperature adjustable by touch buttons on the control panel at the top of the door.
  • Temperature range is 3° to 18°C and noise level is 42dB.
  • Lockable with keys.
  • One year warranty and CE certification.
  • Dimensions: 64cm (height); 43cm (width) and 45cm (depth).


  • Door is not reversible – it opens to the right.
  • Racks are maybe a little flimsy.
  • Takes only standard size bottles on the contoured shelves.

Our recommendation

The Subcold Viva20 LED Table-Top Wine Fridge holds a respectable number of bottles (20 standard size) and it’s also available in sizes for 24 and 28 bottles. I like the variety of storage racks and shelves that give a degree of customisation. The wider temperature range (2°C colder) isn’t that useful for the average wine storage although the ability to lock the wine fridge is a big plus in our view.

The Subcold Viva20 LED is a good choice of wine fridge to store wines and other drinks if there’s a size that suits you.

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Dual Zone Wine Fridges

5. Klarstein Vinovilla Duo17 Wine Refrigerator

Best Pick – Dual Zone

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Klarstein Built-in Wine Cooler Fridge, Dual Zone Wine Fridge with Glass Door, 53L Slimline Drinks Fridge for Beer & Wine, Chiller Bottle Fridge for Home Pub, Indoor/Outdoor Bar Fridge, 17 Bottles

The Klarstein Vinovilla Duo17 Wine Refrigerator is a slim, dual-zone wine refrigerator that holds 17, 75cl wine bottles. This is a sleek black unit, fronted by a stainless steel door with a thick stainless steel handle and a tempered glass window to see inside the fridge.

The 17 bottles fit onto two beech wood shelves in the top section and two similar shelves and a storage area in the lower section. Beechwood reduces the condensation that builds up inside a fridge, keeping the humidity in check. In addition, you can smoothly pull out the shelves to get to the bottles stored at the back of them.

Setting the temperature independently in each section is easy via the touch control buttons in the middle of the fridge. Your choice of temperature ranges is 5°C to 12°C for the top zone and 12°C to 20°C in the lower zone. This more than encourages you to keep your white wines in the top section and your reds in the bottom.

This Klarstein Vinovilla Duo17 has some extra features not found on the other models in our review. For the interior light, you have a choice of three LED colours – white, blue and red. Choose whichever one highlights your wine drinking mood that evening. There’s also an anti-vibrating system that reduces any jarring on the bottles of wine if someone lumbers heavily by.

This unit also has an audible warning signal. It beeps if you leave the door open for longer than five minutes; it also sounds if the temperature or humidity is too low or too high. While it doesn’t give you exact details, just start troubleshooting by checking the displays on the control.


  • Black freestanding or under-counter wine fridge with a polished stainless steel and glass door.
  • Double zone fridge with a 53L capacity.
  • Holds 17 standard wine bottles on four removable beech wood shelves and the inside base of the unit.
  • Separate adjustable temperature ranges for each zone: 5°C to 12°C for the top zone and 12°C to 20°C in the lower zone.
  • Three colours of interior LED lighting highlight the contents of your wine fridge.
  • Central control zone lets you select the temperatures and the light colour.
  • Audible warning system for open door and incorrect temperature.
  • Noise level is 44dB.
  • Dimensions: 82cm (height); 30cm (width); and (57.5cm (depth).


  • Door is not reversible; opens right.

Our recommendation

The Klarstein Vinovilla Duo17 Wine Refrigerator is my choice for Best Pick – Dual Zone Wine Fridge. It performs the job of storing your wines properly with its two different ranges of temperature and warns you audibly when something is amiss.

I like the small size of the unit, the opportunity to use its interior light as ambient lighting at your gatherings, and its sheer stylishness. This is a wine fridge that screams “serious wine person who’s on-trend”.

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6. Cookology CWC605SS 2 Zone Wine Cooler

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Cookology CWC605SS Freestanding Undercounter Fridge Cabinet 60cm Wine Cooler, 54 Bottle, 135L Capacity, with Digital Temperature Control and Reversible Door - in Stainless Steel

The Cookology CWC605SS 2 Zone Wine Cooler is a freestanding double zone wine fridge that stands alone or can fit into a 60cm gap under your kitchen counter. The double zones in the fridge let you set separate and set different temperatures in each of the two zones – perhaps one for red wines and the other for whites, or one for serving and the other for long-term storage.

The two compartments together hold 46 standard 75cl bottles of wine – 16 in the upper compartment and 30 in the lower. With two removable beech wood shelves in the top and three others in the bottom (plus a storage space at the bottom) you can customise the fridge interior to the sizes of your wine bottles. The wooden shelves help to reduce condensation inside the compartments.

This is a stylish stainless steel unit with a smoked glass door that’s double glazed for temperature and humidity control and UV-protected to keep UV rays from spoiling your wine.

All the controls are inside the wine fridge between the two compartments and you use touch buttons. You adjust each temperature zone from here. Both zones have a range of 5°C to 22°C, which covers the needs of both red and white wines. But there’s a twist to the temperatures you can select.

The top section cannot be warmer than the bottom section – it must be the same temperature or cooler. That means that you need to store your red wines on the bottom (30 bottle space) and your white wines at the lower temperature in the top section (16 bottles). So, if you’re keeping the correct temperatures for each wine, there’s less room in this wine fridge for your whites than your reds.


  • Stainless steel under-counter or freestanding wine fridge.
  • Dual zone wine fridge.
  • Has two compartments that together hold a total of 46 standard wine bottles – 16 in the top zone and 30 in the bottom zone.
  • Shelves (five in total plus an indent in the base of the unit) pull out and are made of beech to prevent condensation.
  • Temperature range in both zones is 5°C to 22°C.
  • Touch control pad is in the centre of the fridge and has a red digital readout for both temperatures.
  • Internal light to illuminate your prized bottles.
  • Smoked glass door is double glazed and UV resistant.
  • Dimensions: 80cm (height); 59.5cm (width) and 52cm (depth).


  • Difficult to fit bottles (e.g. fizzy stuff) larger than standard size.

Our recommendation

The Cookology CWC605SS 2 Zone Wine Cooler holds a substantial number of standard wine bottles (46) in two zones, each of which can have a different temperature (with some restrictions) The red readout on the touchpad is a clear visual indication of the temperature in each zone.) Beech shelves reduce condensation within the fridge and pull out so you can see what’s on them.

We recommend the Cookology CWC605SS 2 Zone Wine Cooler if you have quite a few wines that need to be stored differently from others.

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Wine Fridge Buyer’s Guide

Many wine drinkers keep their wine in their regular kitchen refrigerator, after all, it can be convenient but it’s not the ideal condition for storing wine and sometimes you don’t have enough space.

This Buyer’s Guide explains why this is not the best idea and why it’s not fair either to the wine, yourself and the people you serve the wine to. This is why you need a wine fridge.

Temperature range and stability

Wines need to be kept at specific temperatures to allow them to sit and develop comfortably. Even red wines should be stored long-term in a wine fridge. Wine experts state that the correct temperature range should be 7°C and 18°C, with the best temperature at 12°C.

All but two of the single zone wine fridges in our review operate at a temperature range of 5°C to 18°C. [The Barini model starts at 3°C.] This range is acceptable.

Wine fridge for home use in its own cabinet

However, regular fridges operate in a much colder temperature range, 1.6°C to 18°C. This is much too cold to keep wine at its best.

In addition, wine fridges have just one task – to look after your wine.  Nothing else is competing to stay cold so the internal temperature of the fridge can remain stable and constant.

Inside your kitchen fridge, your wine needs to stay cold but so does your produce, milk, meats and cheeses, and anything else you have there – and all of these have competing needs. The temperature fluctuates and your wine suffers.


Wines need to be kept at a specific humidity to ensure their best taste. Dry air dries out the cork in the wine bottle, lets the air creep in and spoils the wine. So wine fridges work to keep a certain level of humidity in the air, usually around 50% to 80%.

In contrast, humidity in your regular fridge causes things to go off and go bad. So kitchen fridges work to reduce the humidity, to dry out the air.

Opening and closing the door

Both humidity and temperature within a fridge are thrown into confusion when you open and close the door. Compare how many times you open your kitchen fridge door to how many times you’d do the same with a wine fridge.

Storing the wine

Empty Wine fridge in a kitchen home rack

The best way to store wine bottles is to lay them down flat on their sides. This is not only an efficient use of space but it helps to keep the cork moist. (If your wine bottles have screw caps, then ignore this point.) But store all open wine bottles upright to stop any wine spilling out. This is especially important if you plan on keeping the wine for a long time.

Chances are that you don’t have room in your kitchen fridge to store unopened bottles of wine laying down and they’re standing up in the shelf in the door.

But remember that most wine fridges are built to store the standard 75cl bottles of wine. Storing larger (think sparkling wine) or awkward shape bottles may be a challenge.

Final Conclusion

Wine fridges ensure that your wines are at their best when you drink them. Keeping wine in a regular fridge does a disservice to the wine industry and to your wine drinkers. These specialised coolers for wine come in a wide variety of sizes, so even if your wine cellar holds tens of bottles, there’s a fridge the right size for you.

Our Best Pick for Single Zone Wine Fridges is the Russell Hobbs RH34WC1 Freestanding Wine Cooler. This is the style of fridge that most suits most people’s needs, as long as they remember to remove their red wine and let it warm up before serving it.

The Klarstein Vinovilla Duo17 Wine Refrigerator is our choice for the Best Double Zone Wine Fridge. This model lets you keep your wines at two separate temperatures, thus separating out those that prefer to live in a warmer zone from those that are best stored and served chilled.

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