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Tested and Approved: Top 6 Best Wall Mounted Panel Heaters – Expert Guide & Review

Last updated on December 20th, 2022

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Tired of bumping into the heater accidentally? Why not purchase a wall-mounted heater that will remain out of your way and save you some wall and floor space?

Panel heaters are lightweight which makes them really easy to install. Their slim construction shouldn’t fool you because what panel heaters lack in weight, they make up in heating efficiency.

There are truly many brands on the market that would meet your heater needs, although having too many options can be confusing. That is why we have narrowed down some of the best wall-mounted panel heaters that are available. We have made different considerations in determining what features would make the best electric wall-mounted panel heater. These considerations are explained further in the buying guide after the detailed product reviews.

First, let us appreciate our best pick the ADAX NEO Modern Panel Heater that looks good and comes with a 5-year warranty for quality assurance. This model is well worth considering and is our top choice.

Then we have our runner up, the Wärme Designer WiFi Panel Heater, which is perfect for those who tech survey. This model brings heating into the modern world of wifi. Find out more about these products below.


ADAX NEO Wall Mounted Modern Electric Panel Heater
The ADAX NEO Wall Mounted Modern Electric Panel Heater offers good value for money. It comes with all the required features like a thermostat and a 24/7timer. What makes this model suitable for the home or the office is its strong performance and ease of installation with 3 pin plug attached or you could wire it to a fuse spur.

It also helps that the model is available in various colours for selection and it possesses a long warranty of 5-years for peace of mind. Compared to the rest, the 5-year warranty instead of the common 2-year warranty attests to the superior quality of the heater. Available in many sizes too.


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Best 6 Wall Mounted Panel Heaters

1. ADAX NEO Wall Mounted Modern Electric Panel Heater

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ADAX NEO Wall Mounted Modern Electric Panel Heater

First on the list is the ADAX NEO Wall Mounted Modern Electric Panel Heater which is stylish, adding an element of elegance to the room. Covering an area of 26m2, the 2000W model features aluminium alloy heating elements that bear a fin design for effective heat distribution. This lightweight model is designed to warm the room without stripping the air of moisture. This is especially convenient for those with young children or those suffering from allergies and is a specific feature we really like.

The streamlined panel heater comes with an LCD display where you get to see the functions available. The display light is not too bright and therefore, the heater can be used in a dark room without it being too glaring. Through the display, you can set the preferred temperature and also set the timer if need be. The 24/7 timer can be programmed to run any time of the week, at any given hour, depending on your requirements.

With an energy output of 6828 BTU, this model features two energy-saving modes. The open window mode senses that a window is open and shuts off the heater automatically which is a nice feature. The adaptive start mode permits the heater to calculate the right time to start heating a room depending on its size. This 8.5kg heater meets and surpasses the specifications set in the 2018 Lot20 heating regulations.

It won’t take a lot of time to assemble this model because it is supplied with mounting brackets and a detailed manual. The 139.4 x 9 x 37cm model we reviewed comes with a 4ft cable for easy installation purposes. It is available in three colours, black, white and silver so choose according to your preference. It’s also available in 6 other sizes from 400w to 1400w too.


  • A robust heater that warms up an area of 26m2 (2000w model).
  • Suitable for those with allergies because it doesn’t strip the air of moisture.
  • Features a thermostat for accurate temperature settings.
  • Comes with an LCD display for easy access to available functions.
  • Features a 24/7 timer.
  • Offers energy-saving modes to save on electricity.
  • The elegant heater is easy to install. 
  • Available in three colours for selection.
  • Covered by a 5-year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • For some, the screen may feel a little small to comfortably operate all the functions available.

Our recommendation

The ADAX NEO Wall Mounted Panel Heater is well designed to not only provide a stylish look but to also perform well. This larger 2000w model took the title of the best wall-mounted heater because of the features that it presents. The 2000W model heats up well-distributing heat throughout the room and it even has energy-saving functions that can sense if there is a window open.

We appreciate the timer installed on this model, as well as many other people. You will have to go through the manual to understand how to use the timer appropriately. Admittedly, the LCD screen provided is a little small and it could prove challenging for those with eye problems so you may need to reach for your reading glasses. However, with some patience, you can learn how to maneuver the functions through the small screen.

It is not the most premium product you can get, but for its price, it is a good deal. You get an elegantly streamlined panel heater that performs as well as it looks. Don’t forget if this model is slightly larger than you need they also have several smaller models too.

2. Warme Designer WiFi Electric Wall Heater


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The Wärme Designer WiFi Electric Wall Heater is technologically advanced, allowing you to control the functions through a phone application and even Amazon’s Alexa. The wall-mounted heater comes in a seductive slim (8cm) design that can be integrated into the living room or even the bathroom, which our best pick could not. It has a waterproof rating of IP22 so it can handle a bit of humidity without experiencing electrical damage.

With an energy output of 2kW, this model can easily warm-up areas of up to 22m2. This is adequate heat to make small and medium-sized rooms effectively warm. You can adjust the temperature by using the thermostat that ranges from 15°C to 35°C. The heater has internal sensors to prevent overheating because this can cause damage to the property or the user.

To make sure that you get your space heated at the right time is the 24/7 timer. You can program when you want the heater to run for the whole seven days of the week through the sizeable display provided. The display can be turned off if you don’t want its light glaring at night when you need to sleep, something we think is a simple but nice feature.

This 9.3kg model measures 47cm H x 8cm D x 78cm W and it is rather simple to mount. It is supplied with a mounting bracket to make your life easier. Once you have installed this model you can relax because it is a low maintenance model. In fact, the model requires no servicing or maintenance at all so you are good to go.


  • Can be controlled through a mobile app and Alexa.
  • The black colour and slim design give the heater an elegant look.
  • It is compatible with Alexa artificial intelligence.
  • Comes with a digital thermostat that ranges from 15°C to 35°C.
  • Features a 24/7 timer and a countdown timer to give you control over when the heater should run.
  • Possesses overheating protection to prevent any accidents.
  • It has a waterproof rating of IP22.
  • Easy to mount and it requires no maintenance/servicing afterward.
  • Comes with a sizeable display for direct access to the functions available.

Our recommendation

The Wärme Designer WiFi Electric Wall Heater is perfect for those who already have Alexa in their house. Because the heater can be linked through wi-fi it is easy to operate the heater through Alexa or the mobile app. When this model was first released it had many issues when trying to use the wifi feature (which was the main selling point) but this has since been resolved with a software update. This is worth noting because many of the bad reviews online relate to this early issue that has now been fixed.

We love the overall look of this model because of its streamlined design. It can fit into the conservatory, living room, or bathroom without looking out of place.

This model made sure to provide a sizeable display to make user interaction better. The digital thermostat and timers work perfectly so temperature control is not an issue. For those who want a robust wall-mounted heater this model is suitable because, after installation, servicing and maintenance are not required.

No products found.

3. Futura 600W-1800W Oil Filled Electric Wall Mounted Radiator

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Futura 600W-1800W Oil Filled Electric Wall Mounted Radiator

The Futura Oil Filled Electric Wall Mounted Radiator is a range of heaters that you can get depending on your heating needs. There are different sizes available, ranging from 600W-1800W so you have the opportunity to choose the model that best suits the size of your room. This 1800W wall-mounted radiator features mineral thermal fluid that allows heat to be dispensed effectively without using up too much electricity.

To control the functions of this radiator, you have to go through the LCD display. You can easily adjust the three heat settings provided and the thermostat. One of the heat settings provided is the Eco-function which permits the radiator to save energy depending on the surrounding temperature. The other two heat settings include the anti-frost and comfort functions.

This 15.9kg model comfortably warms up an area of 20m2 and it has a temperature range of 0°C to 35°C. The slim-line radiator comes with a 24/7 timer that you can program to meet your weekly heating requirements. This model is perfect for the home or the office and it is accompanied by a 2-year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Has an attractive sleek design.
  • It comes with 3 heat settings for optimal power management.
  • Features a backlit LCD display for easy function accessibility.
  • The 1800W model warms up a maximum area of 20m2.
  • Features a thermostat and 24/7 timer for convenience.
  • Easy to install.
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty.


  • Programming the timer is tricky because the settings get lost once the heater is turned off at the source.
  • Maybe a little noisy for those with babies.

Our recommendation

If you chose this model, be prepared to spend a bit more than you may have spent on our best pick. However, overall we think it’s well worth it because it’s just a more substantial radiator.

The Futura 1800W Oil Filled Electric Wall Mounted Radiator seems to be a hybrid between the traditional and modern heater. It possesses fins for good heat distribution and it has a streamlined body which makes mounting easy. If the 1800W model is too large then you can select a smaller model from the same range.

This good looking radiator will look good mounted on any wall, whether at the office or at home. We wish the radiator possessed a memory feature so that programming the timer would not be challenging but alas, it is what it is. Altogether, it is a good performing radiator that will last a long time. Most people will find this radiator exceeded their expectations.

4. Devola Eco 2000W Electric Panel Heater

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Devola Eco 2000W Electric Panel Heater

The Devola Eco 2000W Electric Panel Heater is another attractive model on this list and is also one of the most affordable. This white coloured convection heater is energy efficient and it comes with safety features to keep your children safe. This 2000W model is fitted with a digital thermostat that makes sure you get an accurate temperature reading.

This convection heater covers an area of 22m2 which makes it suitable for small to medium-sized rooms. It comes with a 24/7 timer so that you can program when you want the space heated. All of the functions provided can be controlled through the simple easy to use display provided. The digital display is lit therefore you can change controls easily at night too.

Among the functions provided in this model include the child lock feature that prevents children from messing with the controls, even when they press the buttons. Another feature available is the automatic window detection that shuts off the heater to save on energy and in the long run, it saves you money. You can also access the manual override function and the full/half energy-saving mode from the control panel.

The 6.64kg heater measures 83 x 10.7 x 40cm and it is supplied with the mounting kit to make installation an easy process. It is splash-proof with a waterproof rating of IP24 hence it can be installed in rooms like bathrooms and kitchens, which is a bonus because many heaters are not. The heater is Lot20 compliant so you can be sure that the product is safe and economical to use. It comes with a 2-year warranty to cover any product production flaws.


  • Robust 2000W convection heater with various functions.
  • Comes with a child lock feature for safety.
  • Features a digital thermostat for temperature accuracy and a 24/7 programmable timer.
  • Identifies an open window and shuts it off as a way of saving energy.
  • Comes with an easy to use display.
  • Warms rooms up to 22m2.
  • Has a waterproof rating of IP24.
  • Meets Lot 20 regulations.
  • Accompanied by a 2-year warranty.


  • Better instructions are needed to make setting up the timer user-friendly.
  • Needs a memory function to store the timer settings when the machine is switched on/off.

Our recommendation

The Devola Eco 2000W Electric Panel Heater is a nifty heater that you can purchase to heat areas of up to 22m2 and it offers excellent value for money. This convection heater can be used in the home or at the office because of its high heat performance. Additionally, it is sold at an affordable price compared to our best pick. This model would be commendable for those looking for a mountable convection heater that offers consistent performance.

You will need patience when setting up the timer for this model. The instructions are limited so there is a lot of brainpower required to figure out how to set the timer. The good news is that the timer is programmable so hang in there! Other than that, it is a decent heater for a small space. You may want to look for a larger heater with a higher wattage or buy two of these for larger rooms.

5. NETTA Electric Panel Heater 1000W

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NETTA Electric Panel Heater 1000W

The NETTA Electric Panel Heater can be used as a freestanding model or it can be mounted on the wall, which is why we have included this stylish heater in this review. This heater has an energy output of 1000W and this heats a small area effectively without using too much electricity. The panel heater has a slim design which gives it an edgy look. You can purchase this model in white or black depending on the colour that complements your décor the best.

The 6kg heater features an adjustable thermostat and two heat settings which make temperature regulation possible. The settings (500W, 1000W) are easily interchangeable without the smell of burning plastic emanating from the heater. It has an overheating protection feature that prevents the heater from overheating and getting damaged.

Measuring 54cm x 47cm x 8cm, this heater comes with both mounting brackets and feet. You can choose which method is more suitable according to the size of the room. To assure you that the heater will function as promised, the manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty.


  • Has an elegant design that gives the room a nice aesthetic.
  • Simple design and easy to use.
  • Can be mounted or left freestanding.
  • Easy to install.
  • Comes with two heat settings and an adjustable thermostat.
  • Sold at an affordable price.
  • Comes with a 2-year guarantee.


  • Perhaps a little smaller than it looks in the photos.
  • No timer feature

Our recommendation

For someone looking for a simple and affordable heater, the NETTA Electric Panel Heater is well worth considering. This model provides heat and that is it. There is no timer to be programmed or different functions to alternate between. You can choose whether you want the heat high or low by accessing the dial provided and using the thermostat to set the temperature.

This small-size heater is perfect for small rooms. If you have a larger room you can buy the same model but with more power and a larger size. This heater is perfect for occasional use rather than everyday use because it has few features to work with. What it lacks in complexity it makes up for with consistent performance and style.

6. MYLEK 1500w Premium Aluminium Electric Panel Heater 

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MYLEK 1500w Premium Aluminium Electric Panel Heater

Last on our list is the MYLEK 1500w Premium Electric Panel Heater and it has a lot to offer in terms of features and design. This electric heater features an aluminium body and an aluminium heating element to maximise heat dispersion. Aluminium is not only a light material but it is a good conductor of heat. This is evident by the heater’s lightweight body which makes mounting the wall an easy job.

If you choose not to mount the heater you can use it as a freestanding model because it is supplied with supporting feet. To get the temperature that you require, the model possesses a digital thermostat and three heat settings. You can adjust these settings easily through the LCD display whose backlight goes off after a while to save on energy. There is a 24/7 programmable timer that you can set up to have the heater running when you want.

This heater is compliant with Lot 20 regulations making it a safe product for all to use. It has a child lock that keeps children from playing around with the controls. Additional safety features include frost protection and overheating protection. You can use this model all year round.

The 83 x 5.5 x 58cm heater comes with a remote control which is a nice touch and a 1-year warranty, which if we’re honest should be longer. However, the MYLEK brand has excellent customer service so any requests will be attended to including queries for spare parts.


  • Features an aluminium body and heating element for fast heat distribution.
  • Can be used as a freestanding model or mounted on the wall.
  • Comes with remote control for easy access.
  • Provides a child lock feature for safety.
  • It is a Lot 20 compliant program.
  • Comes with a programmable 24/7 timer.
  • Possesses 3 heat settings and a thermostat for accurate temperature readings.
  • Features an LCD display that dims after a while.
  • 12 month warranty included.


  • Detailed instructions on how to set the timer would be valuable.

Our recommendation

The MYLEK 1500w Premium Electric Panel Heater has an interesting design that will look good, especially when mounted on the wall. This model comes with three heat settings and a programmable timer. You can adjust the thermostat to get the exact temperature you want through the LCD display.

This 1500w heater works well producing adequate heat for small to medium-sized rooms. It is capable of handling daily use whether in the office or at home. The remote control is perfect for easy access if you mount the heater high up on the wall. The display is quite small so you cannot mount it too high up the wall. 

Overall, it is a decent electric heater that isn’t too costly. It would suit those looking for a premium-priced wall mounted heater with a cool design.

Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for the best wall mounted panel heater there are key features that you need to look out for to make a good decision. These small considerations allow you to select a model that does not only provide constant heat but is affordable to run as well. Selecting a suitable model is easy, even when looking to purchase the best slim wall mounted heater the market has to offer. Without further ado let us get down to business.

Area of coverage

What is the size of the room that requires heating? Answering this question permits you to select a model with befitting energy output. Small rooms do not require much energy so there is no point in buying a large-sized model. In many cases, the manufacturer specifies the maximum area in which the heater can work optimally. Disregarding the recommendation will leave you dissatisfied with the product.

It is also important to consider the layout of the room. Open spaces heat up sooner than those with several partitions. In some circumstances, for example, in a draughty garage or workshop, you may need to buy a larger model than advised by the manufacturer.

Heating system

There are two common heating systems that are found in panel heaters. The convection and radiant heating systems all have their disadvantages and advantages. Convection heaters heat rooms faster than the oil-filled radiators and they are perfect for small spaces. Oil-filled radiators take some time to heat up but they have good heat retention that keeps larger rooms warm even when switched off. In short, choose a model that will heat your room in a comfortable time frame for you.

Waterproof rating

If you want to purchase a panel heater for your bathroom the waterproof rating of the model is important. Panel heaters like the Devola Eco 2000W Electric Panel Heater have been cleared for bathroom use because of the IP24 rating.

The waterproof feature prevents damage to the electrical components in the heater. Because many panel heaters can be mounted, they are in danger of coming into contact with large amounts of water. The best wall-mounted heater for bathroom use is water-resistant to provide longevity of service and more importantly, they can be safely used in damp conditions.

Heat settings

Some heaters provide various heat settings and others provide just one heat setting. Together with a thermostat, heat settings work together to give you total control over the temperature. If you need constant heat then you can purchase a model with one heat setting. If you want a model that can adapt according to the seasons of the year then getting a model with multiple heat settings is important. That way you can regulate between low and high heat effectively.

Available functions

Always check the functions available to see if they meet your requirements. Functions such as the open window function and the eco function are important because they save energy. By reading through the product description of the panel heater you can see which functions are offered. Saving energy saves you money in the long run, especially if you need the heater running frequently.


Do you have a conservatory or a room in the house that you need to keep warm at a certain time? If so, then you need a panel heater that offers a decent timer. A decent timer is easy to set up and it is detailed down to an hourly schedule. Finding the best electric wall mounted patio heater will change how you experience those cold days and nights.

Easy access

A good panel heater is user-friendly to provide a seamless experience. Having a decent-sized display is important, especially when the model is to be mounted high up on the wall. A display whose backlight can be dimmed is convenient if you chose to leave the heater on at night. 

Another thing that makes it easy to access the heater is a remote control. This saves you the need of having to get up every time you want to use the heater. Having a model that is compatible with artificial intelligence is nice for people who own smart houses. A good example of such a model is the Wärme Designer WiFi Electric Wall Heater which is compatible with the Alexa AI.

Safety settings

A heater needs safety features to prevent accidents and harm to the heater’s components. Overheat protection prevents the heater from producing excessive heat that may cause electrical fires. Because these are heaters to be mounted on a wall, there is no need for a tip-over switch unless the model can be left freestanding.

Child lock settings keep curious children from changing the controls. Because many products meet Lot 20 regulations, child lock and frost protection are now common features. You can sleep easy at night knowing that your family is safe.


A warranty is important when purchasing any product. When it comes to panel heaters, a warranty assures you that the product will work as required. You may get a long warranty or a short one but it does not matter as long as the quality of the product is reliable. Check the customer reviews to know if the brand of heater you are interested in is trustworthy in terms of solving customer issues with the product.

Final Conclusion

Panel heaters are a versatile space-saving piece of equipment that can be installed in the home or the office. Their light bodies and various features make an overall pleasant experience. We hope that we have made it simpler for you to pick the best electric wall-mounted patio heater. If you are yet to make up your mind, select a heater from our best performing models which include our best pick and the runner up.

The ADAX NEO Modern Panel Heater is a robust model that warms rooms of up to 26m2. It comes with all the essential features required in a heater and it is accompanied by a 5-year warranty which shows the quality is reliable.

Our runner up the Wärme Designer WiFi Electric Panel Heater Radiator can be controlled remotely through the mobile app thanks to the wireless connection and can also be controlled through Alexa. This heater covers an area of 22m2 and it is safe to use in bathrooms.

Feel free to peruse our other reviews if you are looking for quality products in the market.

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