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Best Steam Mop & Steam Cleaner & We Review 10 of the best models

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Best Steam Cleaner For 2021

If you have lots of hard floors in your home, one of the quickest and easiest ways to keep them squeaky clean is by using a steam mop. Generally we think of steam mops of being designed for cleaning hard floors such as wood, laminate, tiles, stone as well as refreshing carpets and rugs. However many models now have detachable handheld steam cleaners incorporated onto them for cleaning a range surfaces above the floor including sinks, ovens, tiled walls, taps, windows, glass and even fabric such as clothing, cushions, sofas etc.

There are hundreds of steam mops available to buy ranging from £25 for budget models, to well over £100 for more advanced models, however we concluded that you can pick up a good steam mop up for around £50-£60.

Below is the winner of our 'Top Pick', the Vax S7 Steam Mop is the best steam mops and steam cleaners for most home owners. It comes with a range of accessories, while still offering excellent value for money and producing great results when cleaning a range of surfaces.

Vax Total Home Master Multifunction Steam Mop

Great for cleaning sealed hard floors as well as above the floor surfaces including sinks, wall tiles and ovens.

  • Quickly converts to a handheld model in seconds
  • Ready to use in only 20 seconds
  • Comes with 10 attachments for a range of cleaning tasks
  • Very light weight at only 2.7kg
  • 2 years warranty included

Steam Cleaner Reviews

There are various designs available including models designed specially for cleaning floors only to multi-function steam mops that have detachable steam cleaners for cleaning above the floor areas such as tiled walls, kitchen sinks, inside the bin, shower screens, windows, the list goes on.

Some models are also designed to be used with detergent to give you that extra cleaning power and some models including the Bissell Vac & Steam mop even vacuum the floor before steam cleaning it or at the same time.

We spent over 36 hours researching and testing different steam models from big brands such a Vax ax well as less known brands to see how they compared.

After originally researching over 50 different steam mops, we have narrowed it down to just 10 steam mops so you can make a informed decision about which steam mop is right for you.

Be sure to read our full guide to learn more about the features available and how to decide which type of steam cleaner or mop would be suitable for your needs.

The Steam Cleaner Guide - Different features explained

As we have all ready mentioned above, there are different types of steam mops available. Below are a few points to consider before deciding which model is right for you.

  • Designed for steam cleaning floors only: Most steam mops comes with the ability to quickly convert to a handheld steam cleaner. However some models such the Valeda Steam Mop are designed for cleaning floors only. If your only concern is cleaning floors, then these models can be a great choice as they are usually lighter and have a longer steam time. For example, the Valeda Steam Mop has a running time of 30 minutes where are most other models only last for 15-20 minutes.
  • Steam mop with integrated above the floor steam cleaner - Most steam mops actually have this feature, most models can be quickly turn into a handheld steam cleaner instantly at the click of a switch. These are great for for cleaning above the floor areas such as tiled walls, sinks, ovens, windows. Most of these models come with a range of accessories such detailer nozzles, brushes, scrapers,  window cleaners and even garment attachments for steam cleaning cloths and fabrics such as cushions. rugs and carpets.
  • Steam mops designed to be used with detergent for extra cleaning power- If a steam mop does not state on the instructions that you can use detergent, then we strongly advise against it as it can damage the steam mop and void the warranty. However some models, such as the Vax S86 combi Steam Mop are designed to be used with detergent for removing even the toughest of dirt and stains. Personally I like the idea of not using detergent as the steam alone does a great job and kills 99% of germs as well as mites and bed bugs. 
  • Steam mop with vacuum function - Some models  also have a vacuum feature incorporated into them. From what we have seem, these models do not have a handheld steam cleaner. There great for cleaning floors as you can vac first, then steam clean the floor afterwards, this saves you needing to use a separate vacuum first. The Bissell Vac + Steam 2 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner can even vacuum and steam clean at the same time, saving you lots of time. Generally they are heavier as they have a vacuum incorporated into them but there great time savers and do a excellent job. We found two excellent models while doing our research.


Vax S7 Home Master Multifuction Steam Mop


Vax Total Home Master Multifunction Steam Mop
  • Multifunction 2 in 1 design, quickly converts into a handheld model in seconds.
  • Detachable hand steamer with carry strap
  • Ready to use in only 20 seconds and 15 minutes of consistent steam cleaning
  • Complete with 10 attachments for a range of cleaning tasks
  • Light weight at only 2.7kg
  • Long 7 meter cord length for cleaning even the largest rooms
  • Power: 1600 Watt
  • Water tank capacity: 400ml
  • 2 years gurarantee

The Vax S7 Total Home Master ?Multi-function? Steam Mop is a versatile 2 in 1 steam cleaner which is designed for cleaning hard sealed floors such as wood, laminated  and tiled floors. 

Thanks to the well designed removable steam cleaner unit with detaches from the main body by simply pressing two buttons, one of the handle, one on the base,. 

The detachable unit is great for cleaning above the floor locations using the included attachments. Whether you want to clean the grout in tiles, tiles in the bathroom, get the taps sparkling clean, remove that hard to remove grime from the windows, the handheld unit will basically make light work of cleaning pretty much anything.

Simply fill the 400ml water tank with the included measuring jug and it will be ready for steam cleaning in only 20 seconds, when the tank is full it gives you around 15 minutes of consistent use, more than enough time to steam clean most homes.

At only 2.7kg, its incredibly light weight which ensures its very easy to use over a range of surfaces, it comes complete with a 10 piece attachment set which includes a hose for reaching hard to reach places, scraper tool, grout brush, detailer nozzle, concentration nozzle, squeegee tool for cleaning windows, plastic brush, metal brush, carpet glider, window cloth, microfibre cleaning pads and finally a window cloth.

The angular floor head ensures it can reach hard to reach places and the long 7 meter cable ensures you have enough length for even the largest of rooms.

Negative points - Its hard to really fault this model as it really is that good. however what it does lack is the ability to add detergent to the tank for that extra cleaning power, personally I like the fact that you don't need to use chemicals when steam cleaning which I think is a great advantage, however if you are looking for a model of which you can add detergent, this model is not for you.

Looking for a steam mop that you can use detergent in for an extra deep clean - The Vax S86 Combi Classic Steam Mop reviewed below has all the great features of the Vac S7 Steam Mop.

Our recommendation - First, its worth noting that the Vax S7 Steam mop has over a 1000 positive reviews on Amazon.co.uk alone and is one of their Best Selling steam mops, it has well over 2500 reviews - You can view the reviews on Amazon here

Overall it does a excellent job at brings floors to a shine and doesn't leave any excess water on the floor like some models. The angular floor mop design is fantastic for getting into tight corners, much better than some rectangular designs we have seen.

The detachable steam unit is very light weight and great for all them other cleaning jobs around the home, because its light weight, its great for taking up and down stairs and great for getting into hard to reach places such as inside the bin, around taps, in the oven etc.

Overall this is a great model that is heard to beat, one of the best models we have seen and worth considering for most home owners.

Thane H2O HD 4 in 1 Steam Mop Review


H2O HD - Premium Steam Mop & Handheld Cleaner - Multi Purpose, All-in-One, 1500w, for carpets, upholstery, clothes, floors, laminate (Black & Avocado)
  • 2 in 1, quickly converts into a handheld steam cleaner in just one click
  • Ready to use in only 25 seonds and around 20 minutes of consistent steam cleaning time
  • Versatile 5 in 1 cleaning appliance
  • Ultra light weight
  • Long 6 meter long power cord for cleaning large rooms
  • Power: 1500 Watt
  • Water tank capacity: 450ml
  • 1 years gurarantee

The Thane H2O 5 in 1 Steam Mop is a versatile cleaning appliance, its designed for cleaning all types of hard floors including marble, ceramic, carpet, stone, linoleum, sealed hardwood, parquet floors, as well as carpets and rugs using the included carpet glider attachment.

Once the floor is cleaned you can convert the Thane H20 into a hand held steam cleaner with the click of a button. Once converted to a handheld steamer which takes seconds, you can tackle a range of cleaning jobs around the home including the shower, taps, tiles, the oven, windows and glass.

It also comes with a microfibre cloth for the garment steaming tool and a cloth specially designed for cleaning windows to leave them sparkling clean.

The light weight design and super maneuverable 360° mop head ensures it very easy to push around the home with ease and its great for getting into the corner of rooms and around furniture.

Simply fill the 450ml removable water tank, plug it in, turn the 3 position digital steam control dial to the desired setting, press the on button and you will be steam cleaning within 25 seconds, when the water tank is full, it gives you around 20 minutes of consistent cleaning around the home, killing 99% germs.

It comes complete with a 10 piece attachment set which includes a carpet glider for bring your carpets back to life, duster tool, window cleaning tool to remove grime effortlessly, angled jet nozzle which is great for cleaning around taps, nylon brush to remove deep stains, brass brush, extension hose for reaching into confined spaces, a microfibre cloth for the mop head and a super absorbent cloth for the duster tool,

The handle also folds down to make it easy to carry up and down stairs and easier to store when not in use.

Negative points - Surprisingly, there not any negative points to report about this steam cleaner, however it is one of the most expensive steam mops.

Replacement water filters can also be expensive to buy but are important for stopping limescale build up.

Our recommendation - Its extremely well designed and does an excellent job at cleaning. Its very well made, impressive and you can see your buying a quality product with the Thane H20 Steam Mop.

To be honest, it could be our best pick but at nearly double the price of most other models, its expensive, however I do think its worth the extra cost if its within your budget.

It really is hard to fault and the extra attachments for the handheld steam cleaner are brilliant, specially the window cleaner attachment.

Vax S86 Combi Classic Multifuction Steam Mop


Vax S86-SF-CC Steam Fresh Combi Classic Multifunction Steam Mop
  • Quickly converts into a handheld steam cleaner by pressing just one button
  • Heats up in only 20 seconds and gives around 15 minutes steam cleaning time
  • 10 attachments and accessories carry bag included
  • Light weight at only 3.7kg
  • The long 7 meter power cord ensures you have plenty of reach  for large rooms
  • Power: 1600 Watt
  • Water tank capacity: 260ml
  • 2 years guarantee for extra peace of mind

The Vax S86-FC-CC Steam Fresh Combi Classic Steam Mop is a extremely versatile, easy to use steam mop which has the added benefit of being able to use detergent as well as steam to clean even the toughest dirt and grime, it also leaves your rooms smelling fresh.

It features a one click detachable handheld steam cleaning unit which detaches from the main body by simply pressing one button. 

The detachable handheld unit is perfect for cleaning the bathroom and kitchen surfaces using the included attachments,, these include everything from a window cleaning attachment, to scraper for removing hard baked on grime. It also includes lots of other useful attachments to help clean different surfaces with ease.

Simply fill the water tank, add the detergent and you can be steam cleaning in as little as 20 seconds, you get around 15 minutes of steam cleaning.

The light weight design ensures its very easy to use over a range of surfaces and comes complete with a range of different attachments

The angular floor head is specially designed to fit right into the corners of rooms and the 7 meter cable ensures it will reach the whole area of even the largest kitchens and living areas,

Our recommendation - First, its worth noting that the Vax S86-SF-CC Steam Combi Steam Mop is also recommended by which?, if your looking for a steam mop with the added benefit of being able to add cleaning detergent and offers excellent value for money, at around £60 you will struggle to find a better model within this price range.

If you have badly stained floors to clean, the detergent and steam working together works perfectly, it dries instantly and doesn't not leave soap marks, a concern we did have but our mind were put at reast.

Overall this is one of the best steam mops which uses detergent, it leaves a lovely smell too.

BISSELL Vac & Steam 2-in-1 Steam Mop 


BISSELL Vac and Steam 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner - White/Red
  • Vacuums and steams floors at the same time or vacuum first then steam clean after
  • Adjustable handle which can be set to your ideal height
  • Heats up in only 30 seconds and gives around 15 minutes of steam cleaning time
  • Light weight at only 4.4kg
  • The long 7.6 meter power cord ensures you have plenty of reach for large rooms
  • Power: 1500 Watt
  • Water tank capacity: 380ml
  • 2 years guarantee for extra peace of mind

The BISSELL Vac & Steam Mop is a 2-in-1 steam mop, what makes this model unique is that it has a integrated vacuum so you can vacuum the floor first, once you've finished vacuuming you can then steam clean the floor for a perfectly clean floor to be proud of.

It comes complete with 2 washable cleaning pads which can be machine or hand washed, one is a soft pad and the other is a more hard cleaning pad for extra scrubbing power, it also includes two fragrance disks, a measuring jug and a anti-calc water filter to prevent lime scale.

There are two ways in which you can use the Bissell Vac and Steam Mop, you can either use the vacuum and steam cleaner at he same time, for a fast and efficient cleaning solution or vacuum the floor first and then steam clean the floor afterwards.

Simply fill the large water tank, wait for around 20 seconds for the steam to start and your ready to clean, I full tank of water will give you around 15 minutes of cleaning time.

Features include 'steam on demand', it has two setting, low and high so you can apply the right amount of steam cleaning power for the job at hand. It also has over heat protection which ensures the steam cleaner does not overheat, preventing the steam mop getting damaged.

The vacuum also function features 'Dry tank technology', this keeps everything in the dustbin dry which ensures it very easy to clean. It also has an adjustable handle so you can adjust the height to suit you and the versatile design means it can lay down nearly flat making it easier to clean under furniture and into tight corners.

It also features an anti-calc water filter which helps prevent the steamer works getting blocked over time from calcium build up.

The controls can be found on the front of the handle and there is also a light to let you know when the steam function is up to temperature and ready to use.

Watch the video below to see why the Bissell Vac & Steam Mop in action

Negative comments - Being a vacuum and steam mop combined, at 4.4kg its fairly heavy when compared to other steam cleaners, however this is the price you pay to have a vacuum function.

What is does lack is a removable handheld steam cleaner for cleaning above the floor surfaces such as taps, sinks, tiles, etc. However these features, all though great, are not essential and are a personal choice which many people may not use.

One other small issue is that the controls are located on the front of the handle, this means they are difficult to see from behind, not a deal breaker but the steam light indicator is also located on the front so you have to look round the front to ensure the steamer is ready for use.

Our recommendation - If you have lots of floor area to clean, the Bissell Vac & Steam Mop would be a fantastic choice and we really like the vacuum and steam combination. if your main priority is cleaning the floors and quickly, you won't find a better steam cleaner.

The cyclonic vacuum is surprisingly powerful and does a great job at picking up any debris off the floor, the steam cleaner when used at the same time or after vacuuming does a great job and leaves the floors spotless, the floor is also left dry all most immediately after going over it with the steamer and does not leave any excess water.

If you've looking to clean floors in the fastest time possible, this will help you do just that. A very impressive steam mop.

Shark Multifuction Lite Steam Pocket Mop


Shark S2901UKCO Multifunction Lite Steam Pocket Mop (with Extra Microfibre Pockets)
  • Multifunction, quickly converts into a handheld model in seconds for cleaning hard surfaces.
  • Heats up in only 30 seconds and gives a generous 20 minutes of steam cleaning time
  • Swivel steering for getting into tight corners and around furniture
  • Light weight design only 2.5kg
  • Power: 1350 Watts
  • 1 year gurarantee

The Shark Multi-function lite steam mop is the worlds lightest steam mop according to Shark. Ready to use in under 30 seconds, this means you can start cleaning straight all most away. Its gives an impressive 20 minutes of steaming time which is 5 minutes longer than most other similar models.

When used as an upright cleaner, its great for cleaning hard floors such as wood, laminate, tiles, as well as carpets and rugs using the included carpet glider which are great for freshening and deodorising.

The detachable steam cleaner unit detaches from the main body and can be used for cleaning above the floor surfaces using the extendable hose and detail cleaner to clean sinks, taps, ovens and the window squeegee allows you to clean windows with ease, removing any grime effortlessly.

Thanks to its light weights sleek ergonomic design and swivel steering, its glides around corners and furniture with ease and is a pleasure to use.

Negative points - Not really any negatives points to mention, only a recommendation to Shark for an improvement, a carry strap on the detachable steam cleaner would be a useful addition.

It also does not remove stains from carpets very well, specially older ones, however its still great for freshening and deodorising them.

Our recommendation - If your after a steam cleaner which offers excellent value for money but does not feel cheap and performs well, then you will not be disappointed with the Shark Multifunction Lite Steam Mop

Its does an excellent job on floors and cleans well, the detachable steam cleaner is great for hard surfaces, the window cleaner attachment also does an excellent job at cleaning windows without leaving streaks.

Its does not have as many attachments as some of the other models we have reviewed, however it does has enough to do most cleaning jobs around the home.

Overall a great little steam mop and at one of the best prices we have seen.

VonHaus Multifunction Steam Mop


VonHaus 1500W Multifunctional Steam Cleaner Mop - Upright and Handheld with 2 Microfibre Pads
  • Kills 99% of household bacteria and removes dirt and stains with ease on a range of surfaces
  • Quickly converts from upright to a handheld steam cleaner in seconds for cleaning a range of surfaces
  • Heats up in only 30 seconds, features a LED indicator and adjustable steam flow function
  • Attachments include - Window cleaning attachment, small scrubbing brush, medium scrubbing brush, jet nozzle, scraping tool and grout cleaning tool.
  • Runs for around 15 minutes from a full tank
  • Lightweight at only 2.5kg , compact design with 360° rotating handle & 180° swivel head for ease of use.
  • Large removable 450ml water tank
  • Power: 1500 Watts
  • 2 year guarantee - register online to take advantage of the full 2 years warranty

The VonHaus Multifunction Steam Mop can be used either as a upright steam mop to clean a range of hard floors including wood, laminate, carpet, tiles and marble. Its  also great  for cleaning and sterilising carpets and bringing some life back into them. Its a  hygienic way to clean your home using steam, eliminating the need for chemicals and cleaners.

The handheld steam cleaner detaches from the main body in seconds at the click of a button and can be used for steam cleaning windows using the special included attachment as well as cleaning wall tiles and grout, your oven, even upholstery as well as the the kitchen sink and lots more.

Its very light weight at only 2.8kg, it has a ergonomically designed swivel handle ensureing you can reach into difficult to reach corners. The 6 meter long cable is long enough to clean large rooms without pulling at the cord. 

The complete set comes with a window cleaning attachment, small scrubbing brush, medium scrubbing brush, jet nozzle, scraping tool, grout cleaning tool and two machine washable ultra-absorbent microfibre cloths.

Negative points - Doesn't feel as strong and sturdy as most of the other steam mops we have seen and feels a little flimsy, however it does seem adequate enough for home use.

Our recommendation -If your after a cheap steam mop, this is probably one of the best cheaper models we have reviewed and at around £25.00 its a low cost option,

I dont think it would be up to intensive regular cleaning jobs, but it does do a good job on hard floors and the included attachments are reasonable quality. We like the removable water tank as it easy to full and empty when you have finished, even some expensive models don't have removable water tanks but we think its a good feature to have.

If your after a cheap steam cleaner, you can't go wrong with the Vonhous Multipurpose Steam Mop, don't expect the same quality of more expensive models though. Overall perfect for the budget seeker.

Vileda Steam Mop Review

**Longest Running Time - 30 mins**

Vileda Steam Mop (UK Version) , Removes 99.9% of Bacteria without Cleaning Chemicals
  • Kills 99.9% of household bacteria and even leaves carpets refreshed
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Heats up in only 15 seconds, features a LED indicator and adjustable steam flow switch
  • Runs for up to 30 minutes from a full tank
  • Lightweight at only 2.5kg
  • Large easy to fill 400ml water tank
  • Power: 1550 Watts
  • 2 year warranty included for extra peace of mind

The Vileda Steam Mop is a fast and efficient way to clean sealed hard floors such as wood, laminate, tiles, vinyl and you can even refresh carpets and rugs useing the included carpet glider attachment.

This sleekly designed steam mop is very simple and easy to use, simply fill the water tank by unscrewing the cap and filling with 400ml of water, once full, screw the cap back on and plug the steam cleaner into a power socket.

Turn the steam on and the steam mop will be ready to use in only 15 seconds, you can adjust the amount of steam you require using the steam adjustment switch located on the front of the steamer, minimum is designed for more delicate floors such as wood, while the high setting is great for cleaning less delicate floors such as tile.

At only 2.5kg its very light weight making it easy to move around, specially when going up and down stairs.

Negative points - This steam mop lacks the steam cleaning accessories found on most other steam mops for above the floor cleaning such as sinks, ovens, windows etc.

Our recommendation - Vileda is well known for their quality cleaning products and I have got to say, they have done a excellent job with the Vileda steam mop.

Its perfect for cleaning floors, however it does lack the ability to clean above the floor, however if your looking for a steam mop for cleaning your floors only, then this is a great choice. It also has the longest running time of any steam mop we have seen and will last 30 minutes, long enough to do all floors in the average sized home.

Overall if your just interested in investing in a steam mop to clean floors, this is probably one of the best options, if not the best.

Its also one of the best rated steam mops on Amazon.co.uk.

Last updated on February 15th, 2021

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