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Top 5 Best Squirrel Feeders With Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Last updated on June 21st, 2022

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Squirrel feeders have proven to be of great advantage over time due to the convenience that they provide. If your garden is filled with squirrels who tend to bother birds while they eat, then it’s high time you consider buying a squirrel feeder to keep the squirrels away from the birds.

We have also reviewed some squirrel proof bird feeders, however, but what has proven to be a very effective method is to feed both the squirrels and the birds. By giving the squirrels their very own specially designed feeder.

Keep in mind that squirrel feeders are quite economical and limit the amount of wasted food and can significantly help you to save money. You see, if you leave squirrels to go and eat birds food, then it would mean you’ll be buying food too much as they scatter it everywhere. But, with a squirrel feeder, you can save a lot because you will be purchasing a small portion of food to cater to the squirrels only and this means they will leave your bird feeders alone.

Squirrel feeders come in different shapes and sizes. They are also sold at different prices. It all depends on the kind of squirrel feeder that will be suitable for you. Here, in this post, we will review five squirrel feeders that we have handpicked after hours of research, with the goal of helping you choose the best squirrel feeder for your needs. All the products we review here have been carefully selected and proven to meet industry standards, so if you order one, it should at least serve as a great example.

Our best pick is the C J Wildbird Foods Squirrel Feeder. This feeder is cleverly designed for easy set-up and take-down while being easy for squirrels to use. With over 600 reviews on Amazon alone, it has proved to be very reliable with lots of positive reviews online from different retailers.


C J Wildbird Foods Metal Squirrel Feeder
This squirrel feeder is a well-built product that is easy for you to use as well as the squirrels to feed on. It is simple to attach to walls, fences or trees and it is also very easy to keep clean. A little tip, if they cannot work out how to open it, leave a nut holding the lid slightly up so the squirrels can work out how to open it for the first few times.


Woodlink 5560 Squirrel-Go-Round Squirrel Feeder
Unlike the Cj squirrel feeder, this one is a bit more affordable at the time of our research and also very convenient.  It has a decent capacity and can take up to 5 corn cobs. It also has a turning motion that helps to divert the attention from other local feeders and you can easily mount it onto a tree post or deck.

Top 5 Squirrel Feeder Reviews

1. C J Wildbird Foods Metal Squirrel Feeder


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Green Metal Wild Squirrel Feeder - Garden squirrel feeding for wildlife, Discourage squirrels from raiding and damaging bird feeders by providing them with their own dedicated feeder.

The C J Wildbird Foods Metal Squirrel Feeder is one of the best feeders to consider buying if you are looking for quality. This feeder can help you give squirrels their fair share of food to keep them from going off to eat the bird food, and will also help support your local squirrels.

The feeder has a good design and can fit in nuts, fruits and even seeds conveniently. You might be wondering what do squirrels eat? Well, because squirrels are omnivores, they can eat both meat and plants. However, they mostly love nuts and fruits, seeds and fungi. Other squirrel foods include caterpillars, insects and eggs.

When you use this feeder, you are bound to see squirrels getting distracted from the bird feeders. You should try to strategically place it in a location where squirrels can easily find it and eat the food inside. This very popular model is also large enough for the squirrels to spot, with its clear plastic container allowing the animals to see what’s in there for them.


  • Can fit in food very well, whether it is peanuts, seeds or large corn cobs.
  • Extremely well made and designed to last.
  • Easy for squirrels to use and to refill when needed.
  • Easy to set up as no assembly is required, just a 2 screws to fasten it in your desired location.
  • Transparent food container for squirrels to spot easily. 
  • Great price performance ratio. 

Our recommendation

Definitely, a good buy for the price, overall it’s got to be one of the best models when it comes to build quality, ease of use (such as refilling) and brilliant to keep the squirrels entertained and in good health. We also like that you can fasten it from the back or bottom meaning it can be screwed to a fence, on a tree or placed on the top of a wall or fence. Overall a great design and well worth considering.

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2. Woodlink 5560 Squirrel-Go-Round Corn Feeder


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Woodlink 5560 Squirrel-Go-Round Squirrel Feeder

The Woodlink Squirrel-Go-Round Squirrel Feeder is unique and not just your typical type of feeder, in fact, we couldn’t find a feeder that uses the same idea. This product includes five metal bars with corkscrew ends that are attached to a decorative centre point. With five corn cobs attached to every screw point, squirrels can enjoy feeding, several at a time and also have the sense that they have a lot to eat. This also attracts them to the feeding point and helps distract them from looking elsewhere. 

You can take the corns and attach them to the threaded metal skewers which squirrels can grab and munch on quickly when they come around. The feeder is made of metal thus is a quite durable feeder that has clearly been designed to last. Medium in size, the feeder can be conveniently placed anywhere between the trees as long as the squirrels can see it.

The feeder comes already assembled and that means you won’t need to spend too much time trying to install it. All you have to do is mount the device onto a tree or post and attach some corn cobs and let the squirrels get busy. Be sure to be entertained while watching the squirrels trying to get corn from the threaded metal skewers of the feeder as they rotate.


  • Hours of entertainment (for us) watching the squirrels feed on the corn cobs.
  • Easy to install and comes with mounting hardware. 
  • Makes a turning motion that is not only fun for squirrels but also helps invite the squirrels to feed. 
  • Requires little to no cleaning, about as low maintenance as squirrel feeders come.
  • Durable because it is made of metal.

Our recommendation

Overall it’s a great design and offers something a little different, the downside is that it only really works with corn cobs so it might be worthwhile buying a second feeder that holds nuts and seeds.

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3. Wildlife World Squirrel Feeder

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Wildlife World Wooden Squirrel Feeder and Feeding Box with Lift-Up Lid for the Garden

The Wildlife World Squirrel Feeder is one convenient feeder that comes in handy if you are having trouble with squirrels in your garden. It has been well designed and the price is also very affordable. The feeder is made from solid timber that copes very well outdoors. It can sit nicely wherever you place it and it also has an easy to open lid that squirrels can quickly open to get the food you’ve provided inside.

The feeder is sturdy and more importantly manufactured from durable FSC managed timber so you can be happy you are also doing your bit for the environment. There is a quality corrosion-resistant hinge on the lid to make sure that it lasts for a long time and also functions properly. The key point here is that cheaper models use cheaper hinges that quickly rust and make it difficult for the squirrels to open after a while.

The ideal food for this feeder is peanuts but you can also fill it with other food. While this feeder is attractive enough for a wild creature, you still shouldn’t expect habitation immediately. It will take some time before the squirrels start to get used to the feeder as with all feeders but they often do take to using them, often within a week or two.

We recommend reading the provided instructions carefully on how to site the feeder. The best place to put a squirrel feeder depends on the kind of feeder you are using. Once you’ve found a suitable position to place the feeder, it won’t take very long to start to see the squirrels using it.


  • An excellent way to feed the squirrels and help to stop them going to the bird feeders.
  • Ideal for filling with squirrel food including peanuts and seeds.
  • Made from durable Cedar/Larch/Oak FSC managed timber.
  • Easy to open and clean. 
  • Made of decay-resistant solid wood.
  • Easy to install and comes fully assembled.
  • Pretty much affordable. 

Our recommendation

Overall, a nice little structure for those seeking a wooden feeder. The only possible issue with this feeder (as with all wooden feeders) is the squirrels may chew the feeder so sometimes they don’t last very long for this reason. The strange thing is, some people will have squirrels that don’t seem to chew the feeder while others will have squirrels that seem intent on destroying the feeder, the only way to know is to give it a try, after all, squirrels are all individual like us.

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4. Fallen Fruits Squirrel Feeder To Use With Jar

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Fallen Fruits WA28 Squirrel Peanut Butter Feeder

Another great feeder is the Fallen Fruits Squirrel Jar Feeder. It is mainly used for holding a jar filled with a mix of squirrel food, but it can also work on other large foods and fruits. The design is unique and the squirrels are like acrobats in trees and bushes and they will surely enjoy moving between the openings of this feeder. They are brilliant when it comes to searching for some food to eat.

The feeder is very easy for a squirrel to recognise and use. The ease of accessibility and use of this feeder makes it way more convenient and worth it. Squirrels will, with time, learn how to enter the feeder and eat the food quickly and efficiently. The feeder also provides the squirrels with the opportunity of either eating the food inside it or taking it away.


  • An excellent way to feed squirrels and encourage them to work out how to get the food.
  • Squirrels can fit in well, perfect for both red squirrels and grey.
  • Designed to hold a jar such as a jam jar or peanut jar.
  • Option to buy without jar. Purchase it with a jar filled with food or just food to fill your own suitable jar.
  • Lovely design with holes that encourage playtime. 
  • Decently priced, one of the most affordable options.

Our recommendation

Overall, this Fallen Fruits is great for those that don’t want to spend much on a squirrel feeder. You’ll as well enjoy watching these agile animals while they are eating from this feeder. Now the feeder can be purchased on its own with no jar or food. If you choose this option, you will have to use a peanut butter or jam jar that should fit the circular hole. You also have the option to buy it with a jar that is filled with squirrel food. My main point here is don’t order the feeder expecting the jar to be included unless it states this when you buy one. Build quality is a little questionable and could probably be improved, but it does the job and is a good design worth considering.

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5. Accoutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

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Accoutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

The Accoutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder is quite funny and fascinating. As the title suggests, it looks like a horse’s head (talk about pointing out the obvious!) but these feeders offer hours of entertainment and is a great talking point. Although it may seem as if squirrels might have a hard time trying to feed on it, the case is very different. Squirrels will have to stand on their hind legs to get the food in the feeder. But, that’s just all there is to it. They won’t have to struggle at all.

From a distance, it will appear as if the squirrel is wearing a horse head mask, maybe a little childish, but certainly amusing all the same. The feeder will also provide a daily dose of laughter when you get to experience how fun it is when squirrels are feeding on it.

The product is made of vinyl and it has a hole at the top from where you can hang it using the string. You will find it easy to hang on a tree or post, no screws to worry about, just make sure it hangs 8 to 10 inches above where the screw can stand and reach into the feeder. The design of the feeder allows it to accommodate, peanuts and loose food while also keeping it dry. The vinyl material is highly resistant to chewing and the weather, making it a durable product for all weather, as well squirrels. At less than half a kilogram, this feeder is quite lightweight and still large enough to house one squirrel at a time as well as plenty of food hidden inside.


  • Attractive and fascinating design which offers hours of entertainment watching the squirrels feed, while offering an effective design to feed squirrels.
  • Made of durable and chew-proof material. 
  • Easy to attach to a tree or post using a piece of string or fishing line.
  • Easy for squirrels to use. 

Our recommendation

If you love squirrel watching, this feeder is a great pick. However, it’s a lot more expensive than the other options above but it would make a great gift idea.  

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Squirrel Feeder Buyer’s Guide

Buying a product requires in-depth research and reviews to determine whether it is suitable and worth it. Below we provide a reliable and detailed guide to help you learn the most crucial factors to check when on the search for the best squirrel feeder.

Factors to consider when buying a squirrel feeder

Size of the feeder

Squirrel feeders tend to differ in size. Therefore, you have to find out the capacity of the feeder you are planning to buy to know whether it will fit well in the location you want to put it. If you have a small space that you think is convenient for the squirrels to find quickly, then avoid buying a large feeder. 

Not just that, size also depends on the number of squirrels that visit your garden. The more there are, the larger the feeder you’ll need or alternatively, more feeders. 

How easy it is for both you and the squirrels to use

How useful and efficient is the feeder you’re planning to buy? That is one crucial question you need to ask yourself. Always check on the usability of a product before you purchase it. If you check some squirrel feeder reviews on Amazon or any online store and you find a product has a lot of negative reviews, then it makes sense to avoid it. The right product is the one that you and the squirrels can use easily without issues.

Where to place a squirrel feeder

The best place to put a squirrel feeder is by the trees where the squirrels can eat in secret but more importantly, they are placed near to cover so they can make a quick exit if needed, such as when local cats pay them a visit. However, location may depend on the material of the feeder. Wooden feeders are best placed under the shelter of trees or other canopies to help protect them a little from the winter weather.

Cost and affordability

These products function the same, so price consideration is important but not absolute. Almost everyone always strives to make a budget to determine the amount they will spend and then target products that fit within their budget. However, you should always try to buy something that is sold at a reasonable price and provides value. Expect metal feeders to be more expensive than simple corn cob feeders. Our research found that you can buy a good quality, well-built feeder for around £15-20, making even the most expensive feeders affordable to most people no matter their budget.

Construction material

There are metal feeders, particularly made of stainless steel or steel with a powder finish, cedar wood and plastic feeders. Metal is sturdy, highly durable and squirrels cannot chew through. Cedar wood is great for an outdoor structure because it is arguably the only type of wood that is resistant to water. However, it has to be kept refilled, otherwise the animals will chew through. Plastic material is sturdy and durable too. Keep in mind that squirrels like a colour that will camouflage them. 

Final Conclusion

Honestly, squirrel feeders are quite beneficial and can help you save a lot of money from damage in your garden, and more importantly, keep them away from bird feeders. However, being keen on the kind of feeder you choose is essential. Always check on the features and advantages that a squirrel feeder has to see if it will be suitable for your needs.

That is the end of our review, and we hope that you have learnt something here that will help you when planning to buy a squirrel feeder. Check us out next time for another exciting, detailed and informative review. We are always happy to provide great information to our readers.

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