Best Rechargeable Torch Reviews – Top 6 Models Compared

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Best Rechargeable Torches with Reviews

Here in the UK and the rest of the world, a torch or spotlight is quintessential for blackout and outdoor activities. First, it illuminates our ways makes feel safe and comfortable walking in the dark. Those horror movies have a way of reminding you to carry a torch whenever its dark. Police also use them when looking into crime scenes and fire brigade missions.

In their different designs and sizes, we cannot ignore them. Here are some of the best rechargeable torch products in the market. You will not miss one that illuminates your interest. Let us continue:


LE 1000lm USB Rechargeable LED Spotlight Review
  • Comes with adjustable light intensity features to suit the operating environment.
  • Can be charged by a USB making it convenient and portable.
  • The strap is adjustable so that user can find a comfortable fit.
  • It has water resistant features and long running hours.
  • Designed with three lights that serve different functions.

Other products we have reviewed that may be useful to you

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Quality is something most of us strive for. Below you shall discover the features of some of the best products in the market. The differences are small but make a huge difference from one person to another. Take notice of the best features.


 LE 1000lm USB Rechargeable LED Spotlight Review


LE 1000lm USB Rechargeable LED Spotlight Review

LE 1000lm USB Rechargeable LED Spotlight

The LE 1000lm USB Rechargeable LED Spotlight is perfect for indoor or outdoor applications depending on what you need at the time. It has features that can be adaptable to both camping and emergency rescue missions. The battery dependent unit can be charged using a regular USB. You will have to wait for 5-6hours for the 3600mAh battery to be fully charged.

A multi-functional spotlight is a plus in any situation. The unit is designed with a front light and two side lights to produce enough brightness on any dark nights. The adequate front light offers two brightness levels, 1000lm on the maximum level and 400lm at a minimum. This means that you can adjust the light when you do not want it to cast a bright glare. The irradiation distance of 500 meters is adequate for visibility to be crystal clear.

Still, on the lights, the two side lights have different properties. A red signal has been programmed for flashing on the right side. Effective 70 lumen- 130 lumens white light on the left side can be adjusted accordingly. For example, the flashing light might be needed in SOS situations. The front light has about 4.5 hours of running time and 11-12 hours for the left wing lights.

The torch comes indicator lights that glow blue. The intention of the indicator light is to tell you where your battery level is at. For durability and protection, the spotlight is water resistant but limited to some conditions. An IPX4 rating is adequate but not the strongest do be careful.

Ease of use is important in all human operated tools. The spotlight on this model has an ergonomic handle as well as an adjustable shoulder strap just to help with handling. This makes the spotlight manageable even when you are outdoors and you need to carry more things.

A spotlight with shock-resistance is perfect as it can take an impact without necessarily dismantling to pieces. A one-year warranty is offered to help you have trust in the product. For a package that has 25.0 x 12.5 x 17.5 cm dimensions and only weighs 907g, it is not bad at all.

  • Very versatile due to its front light and two side lights that can be used in different settings.
  • The light brightness is adjustable making it adaptable both indoors and outdoors.
  • Can be charged by a USB making it portable.
  • The shoulder strap is adjustable so that the operator can carry it easily.
  • Designed with an indicator to alert you when it’s time for a recharge.
  • IPX4 rating making it water resistant.
  • Long charge time may be an inconvenience in emergency situations.

Final Conclusion

The LE 1000lm USB Rechargeable LED Spotlight will serve you well. It shines up to a distance 500m and comes with a 1000lm light that can be adjusted. You can set it to a high or low beam. We love the fact that it has two side lights making it versatile and multi-functional. 

The price will not leave you bankrupt so that is another plus. With adjustable features and battery life indicator, we couldn’t as for much. It may take some time to recharge but when it does it will give you adequate running charge. Customers that need a reliable and affordable charger can look into this one.

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INFRAY Rechargeable 800 lumens LED Torch Review

INFRAY Rechargeable 800 lumens LED Torch Review

INFRAY Rechargeable 800 lumens LED Torch

The INFRAY Rechargeable 800 lumens LED Torch is one of the best EDC rechargeable lights that you can get at that price. This lightweight beauty comes in measuring at 127g with 12.4 x 3.3cm dimensions. You can just throw it in a bag and you are good to go.

Powered by a built-in rechargeable 18650 batteries the unit takes about 5 or 6 hours to recharge. The battery can be charged by a USB cord, therefore, you don’t need to carry around long cords. If you have a power bank or laptop laying around somewhere just plug in and get it charged.

For a flashlight that has an 800lm count, it can be turned lower to 20lm. With an adjustable light design, it makes it suitable for lightweight and indoor applications. The beam travels to 240 meters meaning than in pitch dark you may struggle to see ahead. You will get 120 hours when operating on 20lm and 6 hours when you operate at 800lm.

The model is fashioned from aircraft aluminium body which is light and durable. The construction material contributes to the 127g weight. We already understand that the water resistance features affects hoW the torch behaves in humid conditions. The waterproof design and IP65 rating will keep your torch rust free facilitating longevity.

The package includes 1 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery, lanyard and a micro USB cable. INFRAY offers an 18-month guarantee that will be your guide in the case of any mishaps.

  • Light intensity can be regulated which in turn saves battery life.
  • Has a CCT of over 6500K making the flashlight ideal for use in severe weather conditions.
  • Due to construction materials, it is light and easy to transport.
  • Comes with an IP65 water-resistant rating thus can survive in humid conditions.
  • Fetched at affordable prices.
  • Takes a while to charge up.
  • Lacks user manual to aid the operator in figuring the unit out.

Final Conclusion

The INFRAY Rechargeable 800 lumens LED Torch is very versatile and reliable. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities due to its adjustability. Being that it is lightweight and happens to be water resistant means that it can be relied on in cold humid weather. That does not mean you do dipping it in water. It is not 100% waterproof.

Made of sturdy aluminium material, you can enjoy the services of this torch for a pretty long time. We also appreciate that it comes with the lanyard and the USB cable saving you the hustle of having to purchase independently. For such an affordable price, those looking for a simple unit can grab this off the shelf ASAP.

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 BYBLIGHT 800 Lumens CREE LED Torch Review

BYBLIGHT 800 Lumens CREE LED Torch Review

BYBLIGHT 800 Lumens CREE LED Torch

The BYBLIGHT 800 Lumens CREE LED Torch is another durable product ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It offers an overwhelming 50000 hours of purpose. That is a lot of mileage to consider therefore do not expect it to die soon.

The LED Chip torch supplies you with 800 lumens of light output. This, in turn, allows it to emit bright light over the distance of 196m. This is require adequate unless you are going cave exploring. The model features 5 important functions that you can utilize accordingly. These functions are described as high, Strobe, SOS, low and medium.

Battery longevity determines how long the tool could be of service before the next recharge. This model has a 26650 Li-ion battery which provides longer running time than the common 18650 batteries. You get approximately 4 hours of light before recharge comes calling. The flashlight has a USB charger which is compatible with most versions of USB ports. Just plug in when you need power and voila!

Let’s talk water resistance. This specific model comes with an IP65-rated waterproof design for use in severe weather. Its body is created from the same aluminium material that is found in aircrafts. The light material is also durable and can withstand a bit of impact. The weight of this unit is 286g with dimensions of 16.5 x 4.3 x 10.7 cm.

For those seeking value for money through quantity provided, the unit comes with a few extra accessories. You get a lanyard, a battery sleeve, 26650 Li-ion battery and a USB charger, a keyring torch and an instructional manual. An 18 month warranty escorts this lovely product.

  • High quality lightweight construction for a longer life.
  • Comes with water resistant abilities to keep up with humid conditions.
  • Has a portable and compact design which allows for easy carrying of the torch, even in your pocket.
  • Model designed to maximize on saving energy and providing a long running time.
  • Designed to house an adjustable focus zoom lens, which facilitates the switch from a narrow beam to widespread coverage.
  • Features a key ring torch just as an extra service.
  • Has to be dismantled to recharge the battery.
  • No mains adapter provided.

Final Conclusion

The BYBLIGHT 800 Lumens CREE LED Torch, you get value for money. The unit is not a large sized product but the lumens make up for it. The aluminium body is durable and can withstand some ware.

We love the focus feature as it comes through when adjusting to different levels of darkness. Those objects that seemed hidden from the light can be bought to focus.

We like the fact that it has a powerful 26650 Li-ion battery for long time operations. The 5 modes give the user options to adjust as they see fit. Make sure that it is not directed at someone when you are fiddling with it just to avoid causing eye irritation. You can recharge it up to 500 times saving you money at the end of the day. Throw it in your tool box or pocket and get to work.

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 Long Life Light Company Rechargeable Work Light Review

Long Life Light Company Rechargeable Work Light Review

Long Life Light Company Rechargeable Work Light

The Long Life Light Company Rechargeable Work Light is ideal for a multitude of outdoor activities. It shines brightly alright. It is one of brightest long lasting lanterns on the market. It is also an excellent tool in case of looking for keys under the couch. We bet due to its 1 million candle power/170lm you’ll see clearly. Being that it is fitted with a chip you have ensured energy efficiency.

A 1 Million Candle Power Spotlight is estimated to have a 12-hour run-time. It can be used for this long constantly before the charger beckons. When you need to charge just use the AC/DC adaptor. If you are not using it frequently it will last longer.

Armed with a CCT of 6500K it makes it adaptable to severe weather. With the ability to cast a light 100 meters away makes it adaptable to camping and rescue situations. A car charger that can be plugged into your car cigarette lighter appeals to the user on the move.

The spotlight also has a multi-position handle and an adjustable stand which makes it flexible to the users’ demands. Other unique and additional features of the model are the strong housing, heavy-duty bezel, and a durable cap. They all ensure that the unit can survive the minor impact.

Installed LED bulb in this model is black and yellow in colour. It has a 2400 Lux and its battery has a capacity of 3000m Ah/ 3.7V. They are durable lights and don’t suffer minor fatalities. Together with a one-year warranty, you get a charger. The product dimensions are as follows 13 x16.5 x21cm.

  • Features multi-position handle/adjustable stand for enhanced user comfort.
  • Has a high-quality construction with extended CE and ROHS for improved reliability.
  • Packed with AC/DC adapter for mains recharging.
  • Has an impressive 12 running time.
  • 6500K temperature makes it ideal for use in severe weather conditions.
  • Needs a little encouraging shake once in a while.

Final Conclusion

The Long Life Light Company Rechargeable Work Light will shine but not too fat. For anyone who likes appreciating the ease of use in a simple product, you will be very impressed with this model. It has a compact design construction with multi-position handle which allows for easy handling. With an impressive 12 hours running time, the spotlight is capable of working for extended periods.

We like its ability to be used in severe weather. This enhances versatility and makes the chip very reliable. However, the torch is considered very underpowered since it shuts down during application. It also needs a little shake once in a while after shutting down. This makes it somehow not effective for professional use. Otherwise, the Long Life Light Company Rechargeable Work Light is capable of handling any low scale lightening needs thrown at it.

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 Duronic Hurricane 4 in 1 Rechargeable Wind-Up Dynamo Flashing Red LED Review

Duronic Hurricane 4 in 1 Rechargeable Wind-Up Dynamo Flashing Red LED Torch Review

Duronic Hurricane 4 in 1 Rechargeable Wind-Up Dynamo Flashing Red LED Torch

The Duronic Hurricane 4 in 1 Rechargeable Wind-Up Dynamo Flashing Red LED is a multi-purpose product. The 4-in-1 Rechargeable Wind-Up Dynamo Flashing Red LED is able to work continuously. It is the ideal lantern to accompany you and your family in indoor or outdoor applications.

This outdoor lighting system provides 4 functions; torch, lantern, SOS red light, and charging function. When fully charged, it offers a maximum of 2.25 lantern running time. The lantern also produces 10 straw lights to light up the immediate area, thus providing up to 32Lm. The torch has 3 LED bulbs that provide adequate brightness to cover a wide area. It also includes 5 red straw lights that switch the red on and off during SOS flashing.

An exterior charge function is also present. It facilitates charging of exterior devices such as iPods and MP3s. The unit comes with a built-in 300mAh rechargeable battery which makes it highly portable and self-serving. It also has a carrying handle which allows you to lift the unit with ease when moving from place to place. The handle also gives you the option of hanging the unit for storage when you’re done.

Ergonomic multi-positioned handles are a convenience every lantern needs. The handle allows you to hold it in 3 different positions. This gives you the best position of light when using the torch or the lantern. A unique feature of this kit is that you can charge the unit by hand, using the winding handle or via a USB socket. You can also charge the unit with the mains adapter supplied.

The Duronic Hurricane is a lightweight model at 320g and has a product size of 9.7 x 18.6 cm. Its maximum luminous flux of spotlight and lantern are 18 and 32 respectively according to the torch or lantern functions. It has a 15 min 3-LED spotlight lighting time after one-minute cranking. It also has a 6min 10-LED lantern lighting time after one-minute cranking. The unit has a 120min 5-LED red flashing time after one-minute cranking.

The unit offers 5.5 Hrs 3-LED spotlight running time after it is fully charged. This is higher than some models offer. It also has a massive 30 Hrs 5-LED red flashing time after getting supplied with energy. The Hurricane is supplied with a charging cable and 2-year limited warranty. The warranty lets you test out and see the units features without making a commitment. Terms and conditions apply.

  • The multi-purpose product offering 4 different functions; lantern, torch, SOS red light and charging function.
  • Can charge other electrical applications such as mobile phones and mp3s.
  • Has multi-positioning handle, which allows you to hold it in 3 different positions.
  • Features a carrying handle which allows you to carry the Hurricane with ease and also hang it.
  • This model is not waterproof.
  • Normal pin plug charge purchased separately.

Final Conclusion

The Duronic Hurricane 4 in 1 Rechargeable Wind-Up Dynamo Flashing Red LED offers you a lantern and a torch. Now, with the Duronic Hurricane at your side, you never have to worry about darkness when the daylight disappears.

The unit is capable of providing light from four functions, making it very versatile indeed. This wide range of light ensures that your line of visibility is clear. We like the fact that the Duronic Hurricane offers external charge functions for phones and another compatible device.

Despite the few limits found, it gets the job done. It can be charged using the USB lead cable even though it doesn’t have the normal 3-pin plug charge. Also, even if it is not waterproof, the unit is splash resistant thus it can handle some form of moisture. If you want the double function of a lantern and a torch, do consider this one.

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 Duronic RFL503D Rechargeable 1200 Meters Flashlight Review

Duronic RFL503D Rechargeable 1200 Metres Flashlight Review

Duronic RFL503D Rechargeable 1200 Metres Flashlight

The Duronic RFL503D Rechargeable 1200 meters flashlight is a star. It shines brightly not so much as a diamond but enough to let you see far. The torch features a CREE LED bulb which offers 100,000 hours of LED life. Finely constructed and tested it provides a powerful 180 Lumen brightness with a 1200 meter range. The flashlight is designed to hold 2 power settings and it comes with an optimized reflector system. This is just to facilitate maximum light output.

A strong shell is needed to withstand impact. The body of this model is fashioned from Aerospace grade anodized aluminium. This gives it extra strength and enhances durability while keeping it light. This aluminium model only weighs approximately 1.1Kg. The torch is armed with a powerful 5000mAh NI-MH rechargeable battery which is of high quality. This gives it up to 16 hours of running time once it is charged.

The flashlight height stands at 34.5 cm long and has an adjustable light beam according to the user’s needs. It is delivered with package dimensions of 37 x 14.8 x 6 cm. The torch can use standard 3 x D Size Alkaline batteries. How long it runs depends on the quality of the batteries. It is supplied with a multi-plug having faceplates for USA, Europe, UK and Asia.

  • Offers a 1200 metres range beam light making it convenient for the outdoors.
  • Aerospace grade anodized aluminium body for lightweight and durability.
  • Includes an adjustable light beam and 2 power settings for improved control.
  • It doesn’t show the time taken to fully charge.
  • Batteries are bought independently.
  • Battery running time is shorter than expected.
  • List Element

Final Conclusion

The Duronic RFL503D Rechargeable 1200 meters flashlight is of good quality and size. It is small enough but has outstanding features that make it the real deal for you. We like its ability to produce a beam of light that covers a distance of over 1200 meters. Its 2 power settings make it flexible and convenient for the user.

The fact that it has an optimized reflector system ensures that you get optimized light. An anodized aluminium body makes it light to use and impervious to obvious damage. This solves all your durability questions concerning this model. With a powerful 5000 mAh battery and a CREE LED bulb, you have a long time brightness flashlight for your lighting needs. If you don’t mind the price or the brightness level, this is the one for you.

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When looking for a dependable torch in the market, there are a few things you should reconsider. Depending only on the reputation of name brands might lead you down a wrong path. Forget the brand name and focus on the features. The guide below will explain some of the features and how they affect the overall use of the torch. Let’s dive in:

  • Light emission intensity -  The amount of light emitted by a torch is measured in Lumens. The higher the lumen count the higher the amount of light is emitted and for longer distances. Basic models for general purposes have a lumen count of 100-1600 lumens. At around a thousand lumen your torch will be able to illuminate a wide area compared to 100 lumens.

    There are even models with up to 1 millon lumens and those can illuminate large spaces with equal intensity. The distance that the beam can travel is measured in meters. Look at the area to be illuminated and decide on the best lumen count for you.
  • Battery longevity - Rechargeable batteries save time and money since they can be reused over and over. Recharging batteries are easy since you just plug into the mains.
    Most rechargeable batteries are either lithium-ion batteries or nickel-metal hydride.

    The NiMH batteries are common and are considered more pocket friendly than the Li-Ion batteries. The Li-Ion batteries, however, are more durable and will cost you more. Depending on the model you purchase, the manufacturer may already have recommended batteries that are compatible.
  • Bulb specifications - Just as you have different bulbs in your household so do torches. These bulb types affect the amount of light emitted and to what distance. In the market, you will find incandescent bulbs. These bulbs are an industry normal and they are adaptable to small surroundings. These bulbs are filled with a form of gas intended to help preserve the filament and form brighter light. Xenon filled bulbs produce bright white light and halogen based bulbs produce more light than krypton based bulbs.

    LED lights have revolutionized lighting. The bulbs can run for longer hours and don’t break easily. They are durable and cost effective. They are effective since they turn most of the power into light. They also come in a variety of colours to suit personal preferences. According to your preference select wisely.
  • Weight and size - Torches with many batteries are heavier and tend to run for longer. This does not entirely reflect on the brightness. Heavy duty torches are ideal for outdoor use since they can run for longer. Light torches are usually bright but have a shorter running time.

    Remember to look at the lumen count to establish how bright the light is. Heavier units come with handles or stands so that the user can remain hands free when needed. Lighter torches have lanyard in the case that the operator wants to engage his hands in something else. Check the quality of the lanyard to see if it can handle the weight of the torch.
  • Construction materials and water resistance - The construction materials affect the weight and the durability of the torch. Lightweight torches are made of plastic and other polymers. These light torches are durable since the material can withstand impact here and there.
    Heavier units are made from aluminium alloys since the material is light and won’t add to the weight. The metal is treated in order to avoid damage to the unit due to weather elements and moisture levels. Be sure to select the type of material according to the working environment you are in.

    If you know you will be using your torch in moisture ridden conditions, you have to make certain they can handle it. Different models come with different water resistance ratings. You will know the rating by locating the IPX rating. The higher the rating the higher the water resistance. For example, an IPX8 rated product can last 4 hours depending on other factors like submersion depth.
  • Additional features and the budget - Not all models come with the same features. You will find models that are able to adjust the field of view, you will find cylindrical models with roll over stops, and also models that have Morse code/signalling capabilities. You can also get lens diffusers, lanyard for easy carriage and a belt clip for convenience. All these extra features will affect the price therefore if you need these features be ready to pay for them.

    Different models depending on their features and weight will cost differently. If you are planning on getting a heavy unit with long lasting batteries, you will spend more. Lighter torches with incandescent bulbs will cost way less than the heavier models. Stay within the budget so that it can help you narrow down on the best unit in that price range.

Our Final Conclusion

Before we call it a day on the best rechargeable torch, we can all agree that life with an ideal spotlight is always a breeze. Even when there are blackouts and the kids are scared, a bright torch can make them a little less anxious. Decide if you want a torch with adjustable features or fixed ones.

Decide how bright you want the torch to be and your good to go. Having discussed and looked at different rechargeable models based on size, price and durability, here is our summary.

Our Best Pick

LE 1000lm USB Rechargeable LED Spotlight Review

After careful consideration, we awarded the LE 1000lm USB Rechargeable LED Spotlight as our best pick. It has 3 very effective light sources that offer you options according to your surroundings. The lumen adjusting feature makes it adaptable in indoor and outdoor settings. The torch has a compact design with an impressive handle and a strap for easy handling.

With a power bank function, your entire mobile device will never go off even during emergency situations. A row of blue indicator lights ensures that this flashlight is very durable. Also, it is a waterproof chip, thus very reliable. The model is relatively affordable, easy to use and durable.

Our 1st runners up

INFRAY Rechargeable 800 lumens LED Torch Review

For our lightest and easiest model to use is the INFRAY Rechargeable 800 lumens LED Torch. This is because it only weighs 127g which is pretty light. Just because it is light it does not mean its weak. This 800lm unit can be adjusted in order to save energy.

If you work at 20lm you get a longer running time after every charging session. The construction of the unit is stable making it reliable. Though it has a few flaws here and there it is nothing to worry about. Pocket friendly prices make it an achievable goal to work towards.

Our 2nd runners up

BYBLIGHT 800 Lumens CREE LED Torch Review

We look at this product and saw that it has the same lovely features as our top two. This title goes to the BYBLIGHT 800 Lumens CREE LED Torch. This is because it has a high lumen count and functions provided. The lightweight unit is water resistant and can be charged using a USB cable.

This makes it adaptable to those who are primarily on the move. The battery quality is decent and plus as a customer, you get other accessories supplied like a keyring torch. At an affordable price, there isn’t much to complain about.

In light of all that we have covered, selecting a model suitable for you should be as easy as pie. Just figure out how bright and how far you want to illuminate your light. You can visit rechargeable torch reviews to look for prospective models that might not have been covered. With that said, good luck on your torch finding venture.

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