Best plants for the conservatory

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Best plants for the conservatory

Best plants for the conservatory

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In a conservatory, you can grow plants in pots and containers all season long. But how do you choose the best shrubs and climbers for your conservatory?

Those which have received the RHS Award of Garden Merit is bestowed upon the top collection of plants which can be kept throughout the seasons, with optimum growth that does not outgrow the space and size, and won’t take over the space. 

Some of the best plants to have in your space are those which have received the said award. 

Plumbago Auriculata

The first of these is plumbago auriculata which is a scrambling shrub. It works well in a pot, helped up a trellis or wall of a conservatory. The scrambling plant brings about stunningly rich, verdant leaves juxtaposed by baby blue, star-shaped flowers, which grow brighter toward the tips and a soft white interior. They do require a temperature that remains above 0 degrees celsius and need only pruned once in Springtime. Perfect for growing in conservatories but can also be placed outside on a patio over summer.

Blue Plumbago auriculata Evergreen Flowering Shrub in a 1.5L Pot 70cm Tall
  • Gorgeous clusters of pale, sky-blue flowers appear all summer long
  • Loves a hot, sunny spot - grow on pots, as they need moving to winter protection below 2C
  • Great colour for summer patios - a cool seaside colour
  • Supplied as established plants in 1.5L pots on a cane, ready to plant out, about 70cm tall.

Stephanotis floribunda

Stephanotis floribunda

On the note of star-shaped flowers, the Stephanotis floribunda is another stunning display that provides white flowers, small in size, not more than 5cm each. The waxy flowers are known for their rich fragrance and the dark foliage on which they rest. These can handle slightly more humid conditions, with temperatures around 10 degrees celsius. The shoots should be cut in half around springtime but it requires no hard pruning. 

Plant Theory Stephanotis Floribunda Bow Plant 40cm Indoor House Plant 12cm Pot (No Ceramic Pot)
  • Fresh From The Nursery, Low Maintenance & Easy to Grow
  • Planting Tip - Use as a centrepiece for a dining or side table
  • Preferred Location - Happiest in bright indirect or filtered light
  • Watering Requirements - Water twice a week
  • Our house plants are all grown in optimum conditions to ensure healthy, happy plants. Your plant will be sent directly from our specialist tropical nursery based in England.

Passiflora x exoniensis

Passion flowers are always a popular choice, but this hybrid is particularly breathtaking. The passion flowers are rich rosy red in colour, about 10 cm in size. They bring you flowers in summer and autumn followed by passion fruits that are around 9cm in size. They require temperatures above 1 degree celsius. 

Pandorea Jasminoides

For rich scents in your conservatory, you can invest in the Pandorea jasminoides which produces scented, tubular white flowers in spring and summer. The inside of the flowers are bright, pink throats. The plants flower particularly well if they are grown in pots which is why they thrive in conservatories. You can keep them pruned to encourage ample flowering, and grow them in areas where the temperatures remain above 5 degrees celsius. 

No matter which of these, or others, you choose, you will find that your conservatory is full of stunning flowers, and rich scents all year round. 

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