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6 Best Hexagonal Gazebos – Permanent and Pop-ups

Last updated on June 23rd, 2021

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If a square or rectangular gazebos leave you feeling, well, stuck in a box, consider one of the hexagonal gazebos we cover in this review. These gazebos offer all the features of their straighter sibling gazebos, but with more walls and corners for a different look. We review the pros, cons and features of the best pop-up and permanent hexagonal gazebos in a variety of sizes and make our recommendations. Our Buyer’s Guide discusses the confusing issue about size with regard to hexagon gazebos and points you to our other Buyer’s Guide’s about these structures.


Outsunny Hexagon Gazebo with 2 Tier Roof & Side Panel
All the features of this Outsunny 4m diameter hexagon gazebo contribute to a permanent structure that’s particularly strong, sturdy and durable, even in windy areas. The grey, powder-coated steel frame has metal safety railings in the lower part of four of the sidewalls that serve as decorative barriers to kids and pets running out as well as structure pieces to keep the gazebo in line. The vent in the double canopy creates good air circulation within the gazebo when the opaque side walls are completely drawn and also serves to safely vent out any air gusts caught under the roof. Your comfort is also assured with the net mesh curtains that completely close you off from the nasty bugs outside. The Outsunny Hexagon Gazebo w/ 2 Tier Roof & Side Panel is a family and friends sized gazebo that keeps everyone safe and comfy.


KEXMY Garden Classics Horwood Pop Up Folding Hexagonal Gazebo
Although this KEXMY/Horwood 3m diameter hexagonal gazebo is indeed an easy to assemble gazebo, that doesn't mean that it's necessarily a temporary structure. The powder-coated steel frame structure and the beige polyester canopy are both strong and durable enough to be left set up on your lawn all season long. That's as long as you use the (included) anchor plates to hold the structure down to Earth (plus any guy ropes and stakes that you have). The six mesh curtains zip up to each other to form a complete barrier to any bugs, with you on the inside and the nasty insects on the outside. The KEXMY Garden Classics Horwood Garden Metal Frame Pop Up Folding Hexagonal Gazebo folds up quickly into its carry bag (you don't need to remove the canopy) making it suitable for a day in the park as well.

Best 6 Hexagonal Gazebos Reviews

1. Outsunny Hexagon Gazebo with 2 Tier Roof & Side Panel 


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Outsunny 3 x 3(m) Hexagon Gazebo Patio Canopy Party Tent Outdoor Garden Shelter w/ 2 Tier Roof & Side Panel - Beige

The Outsunny Hexagon Gazebo w/ 2 Tier Roof & Side Panel is one of only a handful of permanent structure gazebos we found. Its features – steel frame, double vented canopy, two curtains, rain drain holes and anchored feet – make it particularly suitable as a gazebo for those who reside in windy areas.

The frame of this Outsunny Hexagon structure is 4m in diameter and is made of powder-coated steel in a grey colour. The length of each sidewall is 2m and four of the wall spaces have safety fences. These metal railings not only serve to keep children and pets inside but also strengthen the frame and keep it in place in bad weather.

The roof of this gazebo is made of beige polyester fabric that’s been treated to be UV-resistant, fade-resistant and repel water.  Air circulates easily through the gazebo even with the curtains fully drawn through the vent in the large canopy. The vent is also there to safely let out any wind gusts that are caught under the roof. A second and smaller canopy, of the same fabric, protects the vent from rain.

Although the canopy is sloped and rain runs away down it, drain holes let water safely run away to the ground, stopping excess water from building up and causing the canopy to sag.

This gazebo comes with six mesh nets that zip together to form a curtain that completely encloses the gazebo. You can still see out, even though they do produce some shade, but the bugs can’t get in. Additionally, six opaque polyester curtains run on a different track and can also be zipped together to encase the structure. This curtain provides complete privacy from neighbours and also protection from bad weather. The zippers of both sets of curtains match up to form a doorway in each wall.

Even though this metal hexagon gazebo is stable due to its metal construction, you may also want to anchor down its feet with the ground stakes that come with your purchase, just to make sure that it really can’t move.


  • Permanent hexagonal gazebo with a powder-coated steel frame and a soft top.
  • Canopy is made from water-, fade- and UV-resistant polyester fabric in beige.
  • The large canopy includes an air vent and drainage holes and is covered by a smaller canopy to keep any excess water out.
  • Sidewalls are of two types – net mesh curtains and opaque polyester curtains.
  • Six side walls draw around the entire perimeter of the gazebo to provide privacy and protection from bugs.
  • Twelve drain holes in the canopy let in water so excess doesn’t build up on the roof.
  • Four of the sides have a steel railing at their bottom part for decoration, safety and extra stability.
  • Comes with 12 ground stakes to anchor the feet of the structure.
  • Dimensions: 4m (diameter); 2.8m (height to tip); 2.08m (entrance height).


  • Canopy is a tight fit.

Our recommendation

The Outsunny Hexagon Gazebo w/ 2 Tier Roof & Side Panel is a 4m diameter metal gazebo that could equally belong in our review on gazebos for windy areas. It has all the features to make it a solid, safe and comfortable structure, plus curtains for your protection from bugs, bad weather and noisy people.

The Outsunny Hexagon Gazebo w/ 2 Tier Roof & Side Panel is our choice for Best Hexagon Gazebo – Permanent Structure. We like that it can be used anywhere in most weathers.

2. Casaria Garden Gazebo 350cm

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CASARIA Tuscany 3.5m Anthracite Circular Gazebo | UV 50+ Round Party Tent | 350cm Diameter Garden Hot Tub Marquee | Outdoor Patio Pavilion | Sun Shade Canopy | Furniture Pergola Awning Shelter Dome

The Casaria Garden Gazebo looks more of a circle than a hexagon with its 12-segment canopy and roof frame. But it has six posts, so technically we’re calling it a hexagon. This is a gazebo for those who really don’t like straight lines.

The powder-coated steel frame is in a silver colour which contrasts very well with the dark grey (anthracite) fabric used for the canopy and the curtains. The polyester material is rain and tear-resistant and has the highest possible (50+ UPF) rating against the harm caused by UV-rays. The canopy also has a water-repellent polyurethane lining.

For a large gazebo – 3.5m diameter, this Casaria model looks light and airy. This is due in large part to the delicate metal scrollwork that is around the perimeter and the two rails below it. Plus the roof is domed which gives a rotunda-like look to the design. The top of the dome is vented for good air circulation and is covered by a second (this time hexagonal) canopy that gives more height to the structure and keeps out rain out of the vent.

Six opaque polyester curtains, also in dark grey, hang from rings on the lower railing. You pull as many of these as you need for privacy and protection from unpleasant weather. Each curtain zips to its neighbours and drawing all six closed completely encloses the gazebo. However, the curtains don’t go all the wall up to the roof of the structure. This is good as you still receive some light from outside, but no so good in that rain can get in there.

For added stability of this Casaria gazebo, be sure to use the guy ropes and 18 ground pegs that come in an accessory kit.

If dark grey doesn’t fit with your outdoors colour scheme, you also have the choice of beige, blue, red or taupe for this gazebo.


  • A many-sided gazebo with a powder-coated (silver colour) steel frame and six posts (so, technically, it’s a hexagon).
  • Scrollwork around the gazebo frame gives this structure a light and airy feel.
  • A rounded and arched roof is held strongly in place by an arrangement of 12 ribs.
  • The canopy and the six opaque side walls are made of tear-resistant polyester (in dark grey) that has treated to have the highest possible UPF rating, UV 50+, for resisting UV-rays.
  • The canopy inside has a water-repellent polyurethane cover.
  • Metal eyelets in the roof let rain drain through and can be covered with plugs (supplied) so the water drains off the arched canopy.
  • The air vent in the top of the large canopy promotes healthy air circulation and is protected by a second vent.
  • Sidewalls attach with rings to the track on the lower perimeter track of the gazebo and close with ties.
  • Comes with guy ropes and 18 ground pegs and in an accessory bag.
  • Dimensions: 3.5m (diameter), 2.74m (height to top) and 1.95 (entrance height).


  • The gap between the top of the curtains and the roof canopy.
  • No mesh netting to keep bugs out.

Our recommendation

The Casaria Garden Gazebo 350cm has a more circular shape than the other models in our hexagon gazebo review. Plus it also has a domed canopy and delicate scrollwork that bring to mind more of a European rotunda than a domestic garden structure. Its range of five colours should fit into most patio and garden furniture schemes.

We recommend the Casaria Garden Gazebo 350cm if you want to add a gazebo with an eye-catching architectural style to your back garden.

Pop-up Style

3. KEXMY Garden Classics Horwood Pop Up Hexagonal Gazebo


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The KEXMY Garden Classics Horwood Pop Up Folding Hexagonal Gazebo really does pop up in minutes when you assemble it. You can also take it down quickly as you don’t need to take it off the roof when you pack the gazebo away into its carry bag.

The steel frame of this 3m diameter structure is powder-coated in a neutral brown colour that fits in with the beige canopy. This is a gazebo that blends into the background easily. The roof is a circus-tent shape and is covered by a polyester canopy that extends down the side of the structure a short way to ensure there’s no gap for rain, sleet or snow to enter. The canopy has is coated to be UV – and water-resistant to keep the fabric from fading and becoming brittle.

You don’t need to worry about keeping bugs out in the summer as six mesh net curtains zip together to completely surround the structure. You can still see out and view the mosquitoes as they try to hammer their way inside. And you can enter the gazebo from any side. The netting attaches to the canopy with Velcro so you do need to be careful that you push both sides of the hook-and-loop strip together without leaving any open spaces.

Be aware the net curtain gives you the only privacy you have in this KEXMY gazebo as it doesn’t come with opaque curtains. And make sure to use the included anchor plates, and any other gazebo weights you have, to hold the structure down to Earth.

If you prefer your gazebo to be in a colour with a little more punch, this model is also available with a steel grey frame and a grey roof canopy.


  • A pop up hexagonal gazebo that’s simple to assemble in minutes.
  • Steel frame that’s powder-coated in a dark copper brown colour.
  • The dark beige canopy is 180g/m2 woven polyester with a PVC coating.
  • Net curtains zip up around the gazebo to keep bugs out.
  • Folds down without needing to remove the canopy.
  • Anchor plates in feet to secure structure to the ground.
  • Comes in a large carry bag.
  • Dimensions: 3.6m (diameter from point to point); 3m (height) and 1.8m (width between posts).


  • No side wall curtains.

Our recommendation

The KEXMY Garden Classics Horwood Pop Up Folding Hexagonal Gazebo provides a 3m diameter pop-up shelter in a stylish hexagonal shape. Quickly assembled and then put away into its carry bag, this KEXMY gazebo protects you from both the weather and from bugs.

We’ve made the KEXMY Garden Classics Horwood Metal Frame Pop Up Folding Hexagonal Gazebo the Best Pick – Pop-up in our review for its generous size and ease of use.

4. Outsunny Netting Gazebo Hexagon 3.6m (Green)


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Outsunny 4M Hexagon Gazebo, Netting Party Tent Patio Canopy Outdoor Event Shelter for Activities, Shade Resistant, Green

The Outsunny Netting Gazebo Hexagon (3.6m diameter) is our budget choice of pop-up hexagon gazebo. It does the same job as the other pop-ups – providing shelter and keeping the bugs out – but with generally fewer features. Plus one extra one that no other model has.

This Outsunny gazebo is built with a white powder-coated steel frame that has this material’s usual durability. The corners of the frame are reinforced for added strength and to increase stability. The canopy is green polyester with the usual windproof, rainproof and UV-ray proof protections. Eight holes (with grommets) are situated around the canopy to let rain flow through so the canopy doesn’t snap under the weight of a build-up of water.

The green polyester fabric is repeated over the poles between the segments of the mesh curtain. Unlike other gazebos, you can’t pull these curtains back – they’re your wall permanently. The zippers in two opposite walls provide doorways into the structure.

The unusual feature in this Outsunny gazebo is that the poles/legs are height adjustable. If you feel that the ceiling is just too high, reduce the height of the poles and you have a lower roof. This makes it size appropriate if the kids are using the gazebo as their outdoors playhouse.

As always, be sure to anchor this gazebo with the included ground stakes and guy ropes, and anything else you have around.

You do have other colour choices – there’s the same model in brown and one with a creamy white canopy.


  • Powder-coated steel frame in white for strength and durability.
  • Reinforced frame corners where the struts meet give added strength.
  • Canopy made from rainproof, windproof and UV-resistant polyester in green.
  • Net mesh panels, bordered in the canopy fabric, together pull all around the gazebo and have two zippered doors.
  • Eight grommet drainage holes in the canopy prevent water from building up on the roof.
  • Frame legs are height adjustable so the gazebo can stand evenly on uneven ground.
  • Comes with 6 guy ropes and 12 ground stakes.
  • Dimensions: 3.6m (diameter from point to point); 1.27m (length from post to post); 2.50m (height to tip); 2m (entrance height).


  • More water resistant than waterproof.

Our recommendation

The Outsunny Netting Gazebo Hexagon (3.6m diameter) is a budget model if you’re not too bothered about having a gazebo with all the bells and whistles. The netting walls are always in place and the adjustable legs let you make this gazebo cosy with a lower roof.  

We recommend the Outsunny Netting Gazebo Hexagon for those who live in areas plagued by bugs or who have a budget to stick to.

5. Yorten Marquee Tent Gazebo Large with 6 Side Walls Blue (4m diameter)

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yorten Marquee Tent Gazebo Party Tent Large Sunshade with 6 Side Walls for Shows Parties Camping Trips Festivals Blue 2x2 m

The Yorten Marquee Tent Gazebo Large with 6 Side Walls Blue (4m diameter) shows that not all pop-up hexagon gazebos have to look like tents. This model looks and acts like an outdoor room, with five window walls and one doorway.

The strong and durable silver-coloured frame is made from a steel alloy that resists rust. The six walls and the roof are from blue polypropylene that has the usual protection from water and UV rays. The bright blue colour shouldn’t fade for quite some time. You can use any or all of the side walls; perhaps just use a few in the direction of the sun and leave the rest of the structure open, or remove them all to create a roofed, open shelter.

Five of the side walls have large transparent windows in them. The windows have three panes and are decorative as well as functional to see out of and into. The sixth wall panel has a central zip that opens to form a doorway when you tie each of the sides back. The side panels fix to the roof with Velcro, so make sure that all the hooks are in all the loops.

Unfortunately, this fairly large hexagon gazebo doesn’t come with any guy ropes/ground pegs or leg weights to keep it anchored firmly to the ground. Make sure you do use at least guy ropes to keep it stable.


  • The frame is made from rust-resistant alloy steel for durability and strength.
  • Roof and all the walls made from blue polypropylene that’s waterproof and protected from UV rays.
  • Five of the six wall panels have large three-pane transparent windows in them.
  • The sixth wall panel has a central zip that opens to form a full-width doorway whose sides roll open.
  • Can be used without any of the walls as just a roofed shelter.
  • Dimensions: 4m (diagonal); 2.55m (height to tip); 2m (entrance height) and 2m (wall length).


  • Doesn’t comes with any guy ropes, etc. to hold the gazebo down.
  • No mesh netting option.

Our recommendation

The Yorten Marquee Tent Gazebo Large with 6 Side Walls Blue is a good choice if you’re looking for a pop-up hexagon gazebo you can make into a home away from home. You can choose how many walls you need at any time, and you still have daylight coming into the interior when the walls are up.

6. Alvantor Screen House Pop Up Gazebo (10’x10′; 3m x 3m)


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Alvantor Pop Up Gazebo Screen House, 4-6 Person Instant Mosquito Netting Camping Dome Shelter Tent, UV Resistant Sun Shelter Canopy Event Tent for Party, Garden, Patio, Backyard (10'x10', Beige)

The Alvantor Screen House Pop Up Gazebo (10’x10′) shows that some pop-up hexagonal gazebos are more portable than others. This model is perfect for taking camping or to the parkas it weighs only 6.8kg and comes in its own carry bag. You just shake it out and it pops open – no assembly needed.

The fibreglass frame (in white) contributes to the lightness and the mesh side panels don’t weigh a great deal either. The fabric canopy and the fabric base flaps (also in white) have been treated against UV-rays with a  50+ UPF. Bear in mind that this gazebo is not waterproof. However, the manufacturer states that it will stand up in winds up to Level 6 as long as you use the metal ground stakes and guy lines provided.

The bottom flaps are to put the included sandbags on to weigh the structure down. Some online reviewers complain that the flaps aren’t wide enough for the sandbags and that decreases the stability provided. This hexagonal gazebo doesn’t come with a floor, so you have to like sitting on the grass (and bugs) you set it down on or provide your own groundsheet or tarp. But even that creates a problem, as reviewers complain that their own flooring leaves a gap up to the walls and bugs get in.

Quite a few online reviewers state that the 3m by 3m size is too small to be really useful for them. For larger sizes, check out the 3.65m by 3.65m 8-panel version or the even larger 4.57m by 4.57m 10-panel one.

This is not an inexpensive hexagon gazebo but you’re paying a premium for the convenience of easy portability


  • Hexagonal pop-up gazebo for camping that’s extremely lightweight at 6.8kg.
  • The frame is made of white fibreglass which is lightweight and durable.
  • Side panels are mesh netting and two panels have zippered entrance doors with double-sided zippers.
  • Fabric canopy and bottom flaps treated with 50+UPF protection against UV-rays.
  • Comes with six long sandbags, and 12 guy lines and 12 metal ground stakes.
  • OK in winds up to Level 6 (10.8-13.8 m/s).
  • No assembly required, it just pops up to open.
  • One-year limited warranty.
  • Dimensions: 3m (diameter) and 2.13m (height).


  • Not waterproof or water-resistant.
  • Flooring is an optional purchase.

Our recommendation

If you’re heading for an outdoor trip and anticipating droves of bugs, the Alvantor Screen House Pop Up Gazebo is an alternative to taking cases of bug spray with you. It has its flaws but overall this gazebo provides you with an outside room to sit in without worrying about coming back with scores of angry red welts on your skin.

Buyer’s Guide

Our Buyer’s Guide focuses on the pretty confusing subject of size when it comes to hexagonal gazebos. You need to know how much real space you have to arrange all your garden furniture in. We also link you up to our other Buyer’s Guides that discuss the other features to consider when buying a gazebo.


You’ll see a variety of dimensions of sizes for hexagonal gazebos on sales pages, on manufacturers’ sites and in assembly instructions.

The first thing to check for is if they refer to external or internal sizes. The external measurement of any gazebo can be quite a few centimeters larger than the internal measurement. This becomes especially trick with hexagonal gazebos when you have to fit your garden furniture into a not-square shape in the first place.

The second concern is what the measurements are actually for. Usually one of three distances are stated:

From one point of the hexagon to the point directly opposite: this is the longest measurement in the hexagon and tells you the maximum external or internal size; bear in mind that, unless you put all your furniture into the corners, not all this is usual floor space. This is the measurement that’s used in the sales blurb, e.g. 3m gazebo.

From the centre point on one of the side walls to the centre point of the opposite side wall: the external vs internal measurement is generally the same here. This is closer to the working floor space you have but it’s shorter than the point-to-point measurement.

Length of a side wall: this doesn’t seem useful at first sight but as all the sides are the same length, multiplying this by 6 gives you the perimeter distance of the gazebo. Also, you get the point-to-point distance if you multiply the side wall length by 2.

For general purchase advice on these structures, please check out the Buyer’s Guides of Best Gazebos for Windy Areas – Permanent and Pop-up, Best Hardtop Gazebos and Best Gazebos

Final Conclusion

Hexagonal gazebos provide a different design aesthetic to the usual square or rectangular styles. All the models we review have the usual Best Gazebo features plus a minor challenge to fit your (usually rectangular) furniture into. However, these six-sided gazebos are especially great for hammocks and hot tubs, and have six corners to hang plants from. Both permanent structures and pop-up gazebos are eye-catching architectural structures in any garden.

Our Best Pick Hexagonal Gazebo as a permanent structure is the Outsunny Hexagon Gazebo Patio Canopy Party Tent Outdoor Garden Shelter w/ 2 Tier Roof & Side Panel – Beige. This model has all the features you need to have a safe and comfortable gazebo, even in windy conditions.

The KEXMY Garden Classics Horwood Pop Up Folding Hexagonal Gazebo is our choice for Best Pop-up Hexagonal Gazebo. It assembles and folds down quickly and fits into a large (included) carry bag.

For our reviews on the more traditionally shaped gazebos, please read the Best Hardtop Gazebos, the Best Gazebos and the Best Gazebos for Hot Tub articles.

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