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4 Best Greenhouse Insulation Bubble Wrap and Fleece

Last updated on May 27th, 2022

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Protect your plants from harsh weather conditions by installing the best greenhouse insulation you can find without breaking the bank. For this review, we are looking specifically at the use of horticultural bubble wrap because this usually has extra UV protection compared to packaging bubble wrap and horticultural fleece as a means of protecting the plants from the cold by holding and retaining the heat inside the greenhouse, especially if you also have a greenhouse heater.

We have assembled four products that are perfect for greenhouse insulation. You will find the best greenhouse bubble wrap among these products at an affordable price. Regardless of what you need, you have come to the right place.

There are detailed reviews below and a short buying guide to provide more insight into what to look for in a reliable insulation wrap for your greenhouse. You will also get to discover why we chose the Elixir Gardens Greenhouse Bubble Wrap as our best pick, probably the best choice for most greenhouses, and the HaGa bubble wrap as the runner-up below. Shall we begin?


Elixir Gardens Greenhouse Bubble Wrap
The quality of this model is dependable thanks to its triple lamination and UV protection features. The affordable wrap is not too wide, making it perfect for smaller and larger greenhouses. It also comes with some clips to secure the wrap to the frame but you will probably need more. All in all, this is probably the best choice for most people and is not to be confused with normal bubble wrap which does not have the same insulation qualities or UV resistance.


HaGa bubble wrap 1.5m x 10m
Giving our best pick a run for its money is the HaGa bubble wrap. This high-quality wrap also comes with a triple layer and UV-resistance. What this brand offers is a larger width to cover a large surface area at a go. The bubble wrap has no major flaws and it does exactly what it says on paper. For those with large greenhouses, this bubble wrap will be more than ideal.

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Top 4 Greenhouse Insulation Bubble Wrap and Fleeces

1. Elixir Gardens Professional Greenhouse Bubble Insulation Wrap 750mm


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Elixir Gardens Greenhouse Bubble Wrap

First on the list is the Elixir Gardens Greenhouse Bubble Insulation Wrap that you can utilise to help keep your greenhouse warmer when the temperature drops to extend the growing season, alternatively, you can use it to begin the new growing season by (up to) 4 weeks earlier.

Depending on what you want, the triple laminated insulation wrap will keep your plants protected from the cold by helping maintain the temperature inside your greenhouse.

This insulation wrap offers UV resistance which is to guarantee longevity and this translates to value for money. Being UV resistant is what makes it purpose-designed especially for greenhouses.

It measures 750mm wide and it comes with fixing clips to help fasten the wrap to the aluminium greenhouse frame. Once you place your order, the wrap is cut to size and shipped so make sure you order enough.


  • Specially designed for greenhouses.
  • Features triple lamination to guarantee insulation.
  • It is UV resistant thus durable and will not break up from direct sunlight.
  • Comes with some clips to secure the wrap to the frame.
  • Affordable and it offers good value for money.


  • The clips provided could be more but this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker because these too can be purchased online.

Our recommendation

The Elixir Gardens Greenhouse Bubble Insulation Wrap is an ideal option for those looking for affordable insulation for their greenhouse. Considering that the wrap is 750mm wide, you may have to consider the size of your greenhouse before purchasing. 

Alternatively, you will have to get creative and patch up several wrap pieces to cover the entire area. It is UV resistant and durable so it will last a few years before you need to replace it.

Overall, it makes sense budget-wise and the quality is very good. If it’s good enough for professionals it’s good enough for us.

2. HaGa Bubble Wrap 1.5m x 10m


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HaGa bubble wrap 1.5 m x 10 m

The HaGa bubble wrap (1.5m x 10m) serves greenhouses, conservatories, and potted plants with ease. This triple-layer wrap protects the plants from the cold ensuring that heat is contained within the wrapped area.

The wrap is made from UV resistant polyethylene with a density of 110 g/m2. It is durable and therefore it can be used for several years before requiring a replacement. The 1.5m wide wrap is perfect for protecting sensitive plants and it comes with clips to secure it around the frame.


  • Wide enough to cover a large area.
  • Made from UV resistant material thus it is durable.
  • Features three layers of polyethylene to provide adequate insulation.
  • Sold at an affordable price.


  • No faults to report.

Our recommendation

The HaGa bubble wrap truly offers good insulation thanks to its three-layer design. The bubble wrap can be used on potted plants whether indoors or outdoors. It is a wide wrap so it will be suitable for those who have large spaces to cover.

The wrap is worth its price because it provides proper insulation for your plants during the winter. If you are working with sensitive plants, this wrap may be of great assistance. It’s also a great alternative to our best pick.

3. Gardman 30m Bubble Insulation

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Gardman 30m Bubble Insulation

The Gardman 30m Bubble Insulation wrap is made from tough extruded polyethylene for durability. The wrap is suitable for all types of insulation and protection for pots from covering a greenhouse to wrapping plant pots in winter to protect the roots.

It comes with a 5 year guarantee which attests to the quality of the wrap. This bubble wrap is supplied with clips to connect various sections of the wrap.


  • Ideal for greenhouses and covering pots.
  • Made from durable polyethylene.
  • Comes with clips to secure the wrap.


  • The bubble wrap is quite thin.
  • Clips provided can be of better quality.

Our recommendation

The Gardman 30m Bubble Insulation wrap is suitable for light greenhouse functions because it is not as thick as expected. You would have to use double layers to protect sensitive plants and this can work out expensive if you have a wide area to cover. 

4. Gardening-Naturally Greenhouse Insulation Fleece Kit 10ft x 6ft

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Gardening-Naturally Greenhouse Insulation Fleece Kit 10ft x 6ft

Last on our list is the Gardening-Naturally Greenhouse Insulation Fleece Kit. This product contains 30g of fleece that will keep your plants warm and reduce condensation in the greenhouse, which is the advantage over using bubble wrap because it does cause condensation. 

The fleece provided is reusable thus offering good value for money. It can be kept clean by throwing it in the washing machine, this, in turn, allows you to maintain a healthy environment for your plants to grow. The fleece wrap comes with clips that have washers to secure the wrap around the greenhouse. There is a choice of sizes to choose from to match your greenhouse too.


  • Perfect for insulation in a greenhouse with condensation.
  • Fleece is reusable offering durability.
  • It is machine washable for convenience.
  • Comes with good quality clips.
  • Provides good value for money.


  • Not supplied in a roll to make installation on larger greenhouses possible.

Our recommendation

The Gardening-Naturally Greenhouse Insulation Fleece Kit is perfect for those who are not inclined to use plastic bubble wrap. This reusable fleece is not only affordable but is convenient because it is machine washable. However, remember to set the washing machine to wool setting.

It comes with quality clips and it is guaranteed to keep your plants safe from the cold. It is not too thin therefore, it will not tear easily. Altogether, it is a product that is worth its price and more.

Buyer’s Guide

As always in this section, we guide you on what to look for in the best greenhouse insulation products. In this case, we are dealing with bubble wrap and fleece kits as a way of insulating your greenhouse.

Your budget and the intensity of protection your plants need from the cold will determine if you select bubble wrap or otherwise. Shall we begin?

Area of coverage

How large is your greenhouse or how many potted plants need to be wrapped? By identifying how much insulation is required you can select bubble wrap or a fleece kit that fits perfectly. If you have a lot of room to cover, select bubble wrap of a fleece kit that has a large width. This way you can cover a large area at once. If you are catering to small plants/greenhouses a roll with a smaller width would be effective.

Bubble wrap vs fleece

You can choose whether to use bubble wrap or fleece depending on the plants you want to protect. If you want to reduce condensation within the greenhouse then the fleece is more appropriate because it is more breathable.

Heavy-duty fleece is preferred to protect seedlings and other temperature-sensitive plants. The good thing is that fleece can be washed and reused over and over.

The more popular option for greenhouse insulation is bubble wrap, it’s more affordable and more suitable if you want a quick solution. It doesn’t matter which material you select as long as it offers the best greenhouse insulation for your plants. We recommend that you make sure it is triple-layered and UV resistant.

Bubble size

You need to watch out for the size of the bubble in the bubble wrap. Large bubbles are preferred for horticulture because they allow more light in for the plants. Unless light is not a concern, you can select bubble wrap with small bubbles. If you are unsure you can consult with a professional for more tailored advice. 

The thickness of the wrap

The thicker the insulation wrap the more heat is contained in the greenhouse. Thick bubble wrap and fleece kits are more durable compared to their thinner counterparts.

UV protection

Because the bubble wrap will be exposed to the sun for a few years when installed in a greenhouse, it is important that it offers some form of UV resistance. This will allow the bubble wrap to last longer without obscuring the plants from getting some light. Without UV resistance the bubble wrap cannot be used for several seasons and it will likely break apart very quickly if not UV stabilised.

Securing clips

Many of the greenhouse insulation wraps come with securing clips. These clips are intended to fasten the wrap around the greenhouse frame. The quality of the clips matters because poor clips will not hold the separate pieces of insulation wrapped together. Gaps in the greenhouse will leave the plants susceptible to cold draughts.

The best greenhouse bubble wrap will come with adequate good quality clips with secure washers. If not, they are available at most garden centres and online for only a few pounds.


The price you pay for greenhouse insulation will depend on the area being covered. If you have a large area to cover you may need several rolls of good quality wrap.

Consider the thickness of the wrap required and the number of rolls you need and make a budget that suits your pocket. It is better to spend on quality insulation than get cheaper products and regret it.


While not all the bubble wraps come with warranties, the ones that do have an added bonus. Getting a fleece kit or bubble wrap that comes with a warranty will save you the trouble just in case the product does not meet the required standards. In general, good bubble wrap or fleece will last a few years once installed.

How to install insulation bubble wrap/fleece

Follow these simple tips for an easy installation:

  • Measure from the apex of the roof to the base of the greenhouse to show how much length you require.
  • Work in sections making sure you cut out the bubble wrap around the windows, the vents, and the doorway.
  • Make sure you are cutting the wrap with a sharp blade to avoid any errors.
  • Secure the insulation wrap using the clips as you go to provide a snug fit.
  • Leave a wide margin at the bottom so that you can secure it easily rather than the length falling short.

Final Conclusion

There are no hidden secrets when it comes to selecting the best greenhouse bubble wrap or fleece. You just have to know the thickness of the wrap you want and the length you need to cover the whole greenhouse. After that, there is not much to figure out, just make sure it’s UV stabilised.

We have come to the finish line for this review and our top performers still remain the same. The Elixir Gardens Triple Laminated Bubble Wrap is affordable, UV resistant, designed especially for greenhouses, and is used by professionals. It’s the real deal.

The alternative to this would be the HaGa bubble wrap which is also triple laminated and it offers a larger width for faster coverage.

Whether you are looking to extend the growing season or begin the growing season early, finding proper insulation is the best thing you could do.

You can also use greenhouse heaters which we also review if you need more thermal reinforcement. All the best!

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