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Top 10 Best clematis for arches and pergolas

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If you are looking for the best clematises to grow over an arch in your garden, there are a lot of different varieties from which to choose. They each bring to the table different features and what it really comes down to is choosing a clematis that has the flowers you want most.

We have tried to choose varieties that grow well in large containers as many people choose to grow them in containers over arches as well as choosing varieties that are more compact in nature making them perfect for growing in limited space which is usually the case for archways when compared to a large fence or wall.

1. Clematis Green Passion

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If monochromatic flowers are your thing, green passion is perfect for you. This gives you a prolific flush of flowers starting in June that looks very similar to the colour of a granny smith apple but you get a large mass of pointed tip petals.

Later around September, you get a second flush of flowers that have fewer petals and take on a more white appearance compared to the earlier green appearance. These work very well for large pots or smaller spaces making them a great choice for arches.

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2. Clematis ‘Miss Bateman’

Clematis Miss Bateman

Another stunning clematis with more of a compact variety which also makes it perfect for growing in large pots overarches with a maximum height of around 2.5 meters.

The pale green stripe and contrasting red anthers flowers first appear around May to June with a second flush later in the summer. A hardy easy to grow variety.

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3. Clematis ‘Warszawska Nike’

Unique in its shape, this deciduous climber produces large flowers that have a velvety texture to them with a rich purple to burgundy color for the petals and a compact yellow center.

The flowers often reach 10cm wide and they start in July with a second flush of flowers in September. These grow really well with a sunny wall. 

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4. Clematis Crystal Fountain

Clematis crystal fountain

This variety is one of the more dazzling in terms of its flowers. It produces large lavender flowers that have a delightful right yellow strip running right up the center.

The flowers get up to 15cm wide in the middle of which is a very pronounced ruff of stamens that are a pale purple and a centre that is lime green. This is a more compact variety and it’s a free-flowering climber so it’s better suited for smaller gardens which again also make it perfect for growing over an arch.

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5. Clematis ‘Royal Velours’

Clematis Royal Velours

Smaller and more subtle but with significantly more flowers, this fast-growing variety produces large quantities of dramatic, dark purple flowers that have a velvety appearance.

They show up between July and September offset by the silvery green and sometimes variegated foliage. This particular variety is very good for training around a tree and is resistant to strong wind and clematis wilt.

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6. Clematis Avant-Garde

Caring for this deciduous climber is easy. At the beginning of Spring, you should cut back the stems from the previous year until they are about 20 centimetres above the ground, give your plant some slow-release fertilizer and mulch, and then sit back and relax.

Fully hardy this plant will eventually reach 3 meters in height and one meter in spread which makes it great for large arches.

Between July and September, the fast-growing clematis produces large, double blooms that have a frilly looking set of petals which are Plum or red in colour and a bright pink centre. If you are lucky you will get multiple growing seasons between July and September.

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7. Clematis florida ‘Sieboldii’

Clematis florida Sieboldii

Unique in its flowers this is a favourite for many gardeners, you can see between May and August the gorgeous, single flowers which are primarily white with the centre of every petal tip a lime green the accents the lime-green centre.

The deep purple stamens create a middle layer between the lime green centre and the white petals, beautiful when weaved through any climbing area in your garden. The flowers are much larger than the leaves which take on a middle-of-the-road green shade.

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8. Clematis bellissima

Offering a fluffy mass of large flowers, this option starts in May producing gorgeous flowers that are double lilac flowers followed by a second flush in September that is usually a single row but just as stunning in its light lilac appearance offset by the bright green foliage. 

9. Clematis ‘Rhapsody’ B. Fretwell’

Another unique purple design is this one. Growing between June and September in full sun or partial shade, this deciduous climber has delightfully rich purple petals that seem to be firm up the middle with a frilly, ruffled perimeter. The center and stamens are bright yellow juxtaposing the rich purple further offset by the stunning green foliage. 

10. Clematis ‘Romantika’

A more unusual variety, this deciduous climber is an average to fast-growing clematis that is slightly larger in height and spread than other varieties reaching 2.5 meters tall and 2 m wide.

It produces deep purple flowers that have a strikingly stunning yellow stamen in the middle. They do very well when planted against a wall or a lightly coloured trellis because of how dark the flowers are. You get along almost strip-like petals spread out with enough room for light to pass in between each. 

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