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Why does my Peace Lily have brown leaves?

Last updated on March 24th, 2022

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The Peace Lily is a stunning indoor plant that thrives in conditions with low light although they do need bright indirect light to flower. It can grow to around 4ft in height once established in a large pot. It will produce pale white flowers that last for quite some time in the right growing conditions and offer a pleasant fragrance for the duration of their existence.

However, in spite of all the care you give your Peace Lily it might suffer from browning leaves, especially at the tips. What does this mean? And how can you help your plant? This article will give you answers to these questions and more.

If your leaves are more yellow they could be exposed to too much light, they prefer bright but filtered light

The most common cause of leaves turning brown on Peace Lillies is incorrect watering

Regular, healthy plants will have long, dark green leaves that come out from the soil and grow upwards. The leaves are very strong and take on an oval shape with a narrow tip. Most of the time the leaves are very durable and the biggest problem homeowners face is that they start to collect dust and have to be wiped off from time to time. But every once in a while they start to turn yellow or brown. In most cases, the cause is related to water.

Watering Peace Lillies correctly

With a Peace Lily, think of Goldilocks. Your Peace Lily needs the perfect amount of water, not too much, and not too little. Either water issue can cause the leaves to start turning brown. Try to keep the soil moist but not soggy.

Watering peace lilies correctly

Try to avoid using tap water if you notice brown leaves and its not being overwatered or underwatered

Because Peace Lillies are typically kept as a houseplant they usually get watered with tap water. You might not realise it but your tap water could have a lot of hard minerals in it. This results in a build-up of minerals in your plant, usually too much calcium in the soil.

The problem is you can still expose your Peace Lily to a mineral build-up in the soil if you use a water softener. There are certain minerals that are good for the plant but too much of any good thing will damage the roots and slowly suffocate your plant.

Use bottled water to help prevent brown tips on leaves

Thankfully, the treatment is pretty simple. If you notice brown tips on your Peace Lily, start watering it with bottled drinking water. You want to flush your plant with an excess of bottled water until it all runs out of the drainage holes. It might be best to move the plant over your sink before you start this process. Any extra minerals in the soil will bond with the water and be immediately washed away. In fact, if during this cleanse, you notice white deposits around the drainage holes, then a mineral build-up is certainly your problem. 

Once you have completed this cleanse with the bottled water and removed any excess minerals, you can continue watering your plants the same as you normally would, but continue to use bottled water. You can cut away any unsightly yellow or brown leaves as necessary. Within no time your plant will recover and return to its former glory.

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