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fast growing hedging plants

Fast growing hedges, the complete guide

Fast growing hedges Quick growing hedges are typically planted to mark out your property boundary or perhaps you would like to form a fast growing privacy hedge to stop prying neighbours looking

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Pruning berberis for a healthy plant or hedge

Pruning Berberis – Evergreen and Deciduous Barberries

Berberis Pruning Berberis is also commonly known as the Barberry plant, and with over 500 different species it is found in nearly every country around the world. It can be

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Leylandii guide, growing tips, propagation, plant hedge

Leylandii – Your complete guide including growing tips, propagation and pruning

Leylandii – Cupressocyparis Wthout doubt the most popular hedging plant available in the UK with over 55 million already planted in hedge rows and a staggering 300,000 trees sold every year. They

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