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How to keep Pigeons away from plants and out of your garden

Last updated on March 16th, 2022

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There are many common problems that you might face in your garden but one of the more annoying nuisances is that of pigeons. Knowing how to get rid of Wood Pigeons from your garden is particularly important because Wood Pigeons have very big appetites for things like cabbage, brussels sprouts, or cauliflower. They will strip all of the foliage from your plants very quickly. Most of this damage is done in the autumn and the winter but rest assured these Pigeons will take the buds of fruit directly off your bushes in the spring too. So there is no time of year when you shouldn’t work hard to get rid of them.

How Big of a Problem are Wood Pigeons?

In addition to the level of damage that they do, they are also booming across gardens in the UK. There was a current population of just shy of three million wood pigeons. As commercial farmers are cultivating more products that can be used as a source of food for wood pigeons over the winter, their numbers have increased and there are no signs that these increases are going to let up. 

How big of a problem are wood pigeons?

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How Can I Get Rid of Wood Pigeons?

If you are battling with wood pigeons there are a few deterrents you can try. The most effective solution, the simplest, and the cheapest are that of netting. You can place netting over your younger spring cabbages. This very simple method of deterrent is incredibly effective and if you are willing to check your netting daily to make sure that no other animals or birds have become entangled, it will go a long way towards reducing the damage. 

If you are battling with wood pigeons there are a few deterrence you can try. The most effective solution, the simplest and the cheapest is that of netting.

In most cases, it prevents most of the damage that might have otherwise taken place. However the set up initially is time-consuming and at the point where the netting comes into contact with any supporting stakes, it can rip, and this you will need to mend before the job is done.

The second option is that of a Sonic Scarer commonly used to deter cats. These are battery-powered, ultrasonic devices that emit high-pitched noises as soon as movement is detected. Most people can’t hear the noise unless they are very close to the ground. These devices are housed inside discreet boxes that are green and easily set up. They are slightly less effective at preventing damage from wood pigeons compared to the net, however, they will typically prevent the potential damage. Of course, you will have to make sure that you change the batteries regularly enough that they don’t have an opportunity to die and therefore be ineffective.

The third option is that of a kite. You can fly kites if you have enough wind to do so. These kites discourage pigeons across larger gardens so if you have a big field, this is going to be a better option for you. Sometimes the kite line gets tangled and has to be rethreaded.

Of course, it is best for you to try each of these options to find which one will work best for your situation and the scope of your garden. You might find that doubling your efforts with two or more of these deterrents proves the most effective.

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