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4 Best Stunt Scooter, Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Last updated on October 8th, 2021

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Best Stunt Scooters Reviews | Buying Guide and The Top 5 Stunt Scooters Compared

Stunt scooters are some of the coolest things you see at skate parks making the sickest moves. Both kids and adults enjoy stunt scooters alike, but today we are putting our focus on stunt scooters for children. We look at how to choose the best stunt scooter and review the top 5 stunt scooters out there, breaking it down by ability and age so you can choose the best stunt scooter.

But, why should you buy one for your child? Well, not all kids want stunt scooters. It’s only for the wild ones who want to go to the park and do tricks and jumps. For those children who have pictures of Ben J Friant on their walls, kids who like to watch stunt videos on YouTube and kids who like to do small jumps with their traditional scooter. It has to be something they are passionate about.

Now that you want to buy one, the question is, which one is the best stunt scooter? Here it is – Ten Eighty Judge Stunt Scooter – that’s according to us but with very good reasons. This stunt scooter is lightweight owing to its aluminium construction. The result is a speedy scooter that will encourage riders to perform tricks for hours without fatiguing them down. It has alloy core wheels 110mm and a 20-inch handlebar, both enhancing superior control. If you also care about looks, then stop and behold the Judge stunt scooter.


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Our top 4 best stunt scooters that we reviewed in detail, including our top picks

  1. Ten Eighty Judge Stunt Scooter – BEST PICK
  2. Fuzion Z300 Stunt Scooter – BEST PICK FOR ADVANCED RIDERS
  3. Two Bare Feet 360 XV Stunt Scooter
  4. Ridge Scooters XT PRO 100 Neochrome Series Stunt Scooter


Fuzion Z300 Stunt Scooter
Your kid will need an upgrade when they near their early teen years and this one will do the trick. As well, it's built for the roughest rides on the hardest terrains, thanks to a lightweight construction featuring a premium aluminium deck, PU+cast aluminium wheels, and Chromoly bars. Certainly the best stunt scooter for 12-year-old kids.

Top 5 Stunt Scooters Reviews

1. Ten Eighty Judge Stunt Scooter


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The Ten Eighty Judge Stunt Scooter rides as good as it looks. This scooter will attract glances at any skate park you step foot into thanks to its striking appeal. From neo chrome to graffiti and anodised gold, turquoise, green or purple, this stunt scooter has the most vibrant colour schemes of all the scooters. 

The 1080 Judge takes pride in a quality design completely crafted out of aluminium. The lightweight aluminium scores this model some high marks with us and it will certainly encourage you to make smooth and super fast rides. The aluminium will withstand impact as well as wear and tear outside at the park. 

The deck on the Judge has some serious strength, yet it’s pretty lightweight. Y-style bars provide extra strength and stiffness needed to make high impact landings. The handlebar height sits at 34 inches with the width being 20 inches. A sealed bearing headset will reduce annoying rattles, whilst an oversized quadruple alloy clamp ensures a sturdier joint where the bar meets the headtube.

Alloy core 110mm wheels with PU88a tyres provide an excellent grip as well as a smooth and speedy ride. Mounting and dismounting new components such as handle grips on this scooter is incredibly easy. The grips on this model are quite grippy and super-soft for ultimate comfort. The grip tape on deck is effective too and so are the high-speed Abec bearings on the scooter’s wheels. 

This stunt scooter uses high-quality materials that you would expect from a premium scooter, yet it’s available at a very affordable price. 


  • Lightweight, solid aluminium construction that will last for years. 
  • Comes with 110mm wheels which are large enough for easier control by children. 
  • Specially designed handlebar for great control. 
  • Available in 7 different colour schemes and they all look so good.


  • None found. 

Our recommendation

The Ten Eighty Judge Stunt Scooter is just so good and worth every penny. After doing hours of research, we kept coming back to this model as it ticked all the boxes. we love the lightweight design (as expected of a stunt scooter) and the strong construction that will withstand abuse for years to come.

It has a solid deck with a sick grip tape to keep your ride firm. There are some outstanding design features such as the Abec bearings, 4 bolt alloy clamp, 1080 pro flex brake and Y-style bars. The scooter makes use of top quality materials whilst keeping the price as affordable as possible.

If you are looking for a serious stunt scooter that your child can grow with, this is the perfect scooter and you won’t be disappointed. If we had to choose one scooter, it would have to be this model and this is why after much debate and comparing the very best models, we choose this model as the winner of our ‘Best Pick’.

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2. Two Bare Feet 360 XV Stunt Scooter

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Two Bare Feet 360 XV STUNT SCOOTER PRO KICK - Series Fixed Street Push (CIPHER (BLACK/RED))

The Two Bare Feet 360 XV Stunt Scooter is another model that has an impressive price point. It has a 1 piece alloy handlebar that has been heat-treated to increase its hardness. The deck of the scooter comes in at an impressive 4 inches wide making it comfortable for your child when riding. 

Putting the scooter together when it first arrives is so easy that even your child could do it without your help! The scooter has a heavy-duty clamp that works well, even providing a steady and strong grip on the bar to ensure that the child doesn’t experience unnecessary slips.

The headset is a standard thread-less headset, while the wheels have a plastic core and a high rebound capability.  The scooter offers a very smooth ride and even 360-degree spins are possible. A full-length custom graphic tape plus rubber handlebar grips combine to give plenty of stability and there is a lightweight footbrake that delivers stopping power when pushed into action.

Suitable for children as young as 5 years old, your child will no doubt grow with their stunt scooter until they beat the scooter’s maximum carry weight of 90kgs. It comes equipped with 100mm 88A PU wheels which combine with ABEC 9 bearings to provide one of the smoothest rides around.

Weighing about 6kg, this scooter is not the easiest to carry, especially for younger children. Be sure your little one wears a helmet, gloves, knee/wrist and elbow pads every time they go out to ride. Safety is mandatory when using these tricky accessories. 


  • Extremely strong handle bars thanks to T4 and T6 heat treatment.
  • Nice graphics on grip tape that kids will love. 
  • Supports up to 90kg so children can grow with it.
  • Includes a functional rear brake to stop a rider if they get into trouble.
  • Gives maximum value for money as it’s durable and useful for years. 


  • Could be a little too heavy for younger children to use. 

Our recommendation

The Two Bare Feet 360 XV Stunt Scooter is sturdy and rides smoothly. The materials used in construction are some of the best quality you can get. Both adults and children will have no problem putting the whole thing together.

The ability to perform 360-degree spins is impressive but it could also be risky for a 5-year old. As the scooter’s age acceptance starts at 5 years old and the maximum weight limit is 90kg, this scooter is perfect for learning and growing with it. You probably won’t need to buy another scooter as even the heat-treated bars will last longer than regular bars. The price they are selling this model for and the quality it has meant maximum value for the long-term. 

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3. Ridge Scooters XT PRO 100 Neochrome Series Stunt Scooter

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Ridge Scooters XT PRO 100 Extra (T Bar) Complete Stunt Scooter

Just as the name suggests, the Ridge Scooters XT PRO 100 Neochrome Series Stunt Scooter has a neon coloured paint job. A good feature with this scooter is the extra-wide 10cm foot deck that is designed to give riders plenty of room to show off their skills. Another great feature is the reinforced steel fork that can take a beating and still keep going.

The clamp system is quad, even featuring heavy-duty clamps for that matter. What that means is that you can grind it to maximum and it will take it. It’s definitely more solid than triple clamp systems. This scooter has aluminium T-shaped bars with two-point gussets, a feature that is found in expensive bikes and a 370mm width. The wheels are 10cm long and are covered with aluminium at the core with an aluminium Fender break to match.

The scooter weighs about 3kgs and has a total height of 84cm. The grip on the T-bars has rubber on its surface making it firmer and tighter to hold whilst feeling comfortable in hand too. 85A PU wheels with ABEC 9 bearings provide a good speed and this scooter can carry up to 100kgs. The headset is thread-less and held in place by the strong quad clamp. The scooter’s price is fair and you can select between T and Y shaped designs. 


  • Has a wider deck to offer increased footprint and improved stability for timid young feet. 
  • The fork is reinforced for enhanced toughness. 
  • Features a quad clamp system that is more rigid than other clamps.
  • Handlebar is made of aluminium, thus lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Amazing design with both T-style and Y-style bars plus a super elegant neochrome colour scheme. 


  • No 360-degree spins. 

Our recommendation

On first impressions, this stunt scooter really is impressive. It’s hard to keep an eye off this scooter thanks to its neochrome anodized paint job. There’s still more to love about it, including the extra wide deck, reinforced fork and quad clamp. This scooter is truly solid and fast because of the ABEC 9 bearings on the wheels. Its maximum load is another thing that stands out and for sure this scooter can be pushed to great limits and take the punishment. The Ridge Scooters XT PRO 100 Neochrome Series Stunt Scooter is fairly priced in the mid-range category, and will make your child the coolest kid on the block, no doubt. 

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4. Fuzion Z300 Stunt Scooter


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Fuzion Z300 Stunt Scooter (2018 Teal)

The Fuzion Z300 Stunt Scooter has been designed for the more experienced riders, but you pay a hefty price to secure one of these. It’s available in five different colour versions; grey, Guts, Teal, FURY and Black. Each of them has a different price tag (which we felt was a little strange) but this could be due to new colours becoming available and the retailer trying to sell off the older colours. It could be a great opportunity to get a good discount on some of the colour options. 

The features are excellent, as to be expected. First off, there is a high-quality deck that is slightly larger than any other deck on this list – 19.5” x 4.25”. It is made from TG-6061 aluminium alloy that has been hardened to withstand impact and last longer. The deck is actually concave, making it easier for riders to control their tricks too which we like.

Another major highlight rests with the wheels. They are 110mm in size and made from PU and cast aluminium. The durability of these wheels is beyond doubt and they can handle the hardest skate surfaces or street obstacles. 

Moving on to the Chromoly bars, they offer better strength and lightweight characteristics. Speaking of weight, this stunt scooter weighs less than 8 pounds, so it won’t be a hassle to carry or transport. The fork is made from steel and the clamp utilises a triple system that is pretty solid too. It also features an HIC compression system, which happens to be the simplest and most reliable scooter compression system. 

When it comes to the handle grips, this scooter has extra-wide, extra plush 155mm rubber grips for comfortable control. The back wheel has a rattle-proof fender brake that can bring the scooter to a stop when necessary. All things considered, this is a serious scooter that offers a great performance at a higher price. 


  • Weighs about 8 pounds, thus easy to carry around. 
  • Solid construction that will handle any skate park and last for years. 
  • Has a lightweight, yet tough deck with a concave shape – perfect for smooth rides. 
  • Available in a range of colours.


  • Somewhat expensive even though prices differ depending on the colour you select. 

Our recommendation

The Fuzion Z300 Stunt Scooter is the right upgrade you can make from a beginners scooter. It will cost a lot more for sure, but it’s worth the extra investment to take the next step. Let your grown up child choose from five different colours to match their style before hitting any skate park in town.

They will love this lightweight scooter with the large 110mm wheels and wide handlebar grips. This scooter’s deck scores high marks too for its size and durable high-grade aluminium construction. FUZION could do better with the pricing, but the features are well worth the extra investment.

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Stunt Scooters Buyer’s Guide

Stunt scooters are just like normal scooters, but with non-folding and non-adjustable features. They are specially designed to perform tricks and stunts. Stunt scooters have greater impact resistance and offer sturdier rides than normal scooters. In addition, they have somewhat distinct dimensions that make it easier to pull off stunts. 

This guide will help you understand the parts of a stunt scooter and their importance, plus explore the things to consider when shopping for a stunt scooter. Note that being up to speed with stunt scooter jargon is another important aspect to buying one, otherwise, the process can become a total minefield. 

Stunt Scooter Parts


This is the frame that arises from the deck all the way to your hands. It’s basically made up of the upright tube and handlebars (the part you hold to steer the scooter) in a T or Y configuration. It could be 1 or 2 pieces and either straight or angled. Some models have extendable bars that are handy because it means the scooter can grow with your child, however, it’s not great for a purely stunt scooter as it reduces strength and stability. 

Bar grips

Made from rubber, foam or even metal, these are positioned where you hold the scooter. They are removable and can be replaced if they become worn out. They simply slide onto the ends of each handlebar and then locked in position by bar ends.

Head tube

This tube houses the forks and it’s the one the bar extends down to. It also links the bar to the deck.


This part is above and below the head tube and is designed to hold the forks in position. It contains bearings that allow the forks to rotate within the unit. 

Collar clamp

This is used to fix the bar in place via the head tube. There are different styles of clamps ranging from single and quadruple clamps, depending on the number of bolts used to hold the clamp in position. Ideally, the more the bolts, the stronger the joint. 


This is the base of the scooter, where you stand to ride it. The deck shape and width varies from one scooter to another. The best stunt scooter should have a concave deck as it makes stunts and tricks easier to control. 

Grip tape

It’s basically the grip on the deck that allows your feet to grip the surface and prevents users from slipping off whilst doing tricks. 


These extend down on either side of the front wheels and the axle that holds the wheels in position. 


They are found inside the wheels and within the headset. Each wheel has 2 sets of bearings and good quality bearings are an absolute must. 


There’s no scooter without the wheels. Every scooter has two wheels, made from either metal or plastic on the side and rubber or PU on the outer shell. 

Axle pegs

With a bearing on each side, these extend through the wheels and are held in place by forks. 


Scooter brakes are fixed at the rear and are operated by a users’ foot. Some brakes utilise a spring mechanism, whilst others have a flex braking system. 


Scooter brakes are fixed at the rear and are operated by a users’ foot. Some brakes utilise a spring mechanism, whilst others have a flex braking system. 

Things to consider when buying a stunt scooter

Most stunt scooters are perfect for anyone aged 8 years and older. But, you must know whether you are buying for a stunts expert or a street cruiser. 

If your child wants to become a stunt expert and make the craziest moves in the park, then a solid stunt scooter is the way to go. It has to be of the highest quality, made of robust materials for some serious durability when landing on hard surfaces. Aluminium cores on wheels will be a plus because they effectively absorb the impact. 

Those who simply want to cruise the streets will be better off with a kick scooter that focuses on smooth rides and durability. Although they aren’t meant for pulling off tricks, you can still bunny hop and build confidence before upgrading to a stunt scooter.

Nonetheless, look out for the following when buying a stunt scooter:


Scooters are sized differently, just like we all are. So the scooter you want to buy must be able to support the weight of the intended user. You also don’t want to buy a scooter that’s too large for a child. In fact, if you are bothered that your child will outgrow a smaller scooter pretty soon, steer away from the expensive models until they are older and can make the most from their new scooter. 


Stunt scooters should be lightweight in order to enhance the moves. A heavy scooter will slow you down and makes it difficult to perform tricks, absolutely beating the purpose of the stunt scooter, to begin with. 


Weight-wise, most scooters are made out of aluminium because it’s both lightweight and robust. Steel is another good option, but an expensive one. Not all metal is made with the same grade, though. A higher grade such as 6061-T6 aluminium means improved durability and a lighter, stronger scooter. 

Wheel size

The standard wheel size is 100mm diameter, but some expensive scooters have 110mm wheels. Younger children scooters usually have larger wheels for better control. Pay attention to the wheel design too as some perform better than others. Having durable wheels is another thing since you are going to exert a lot of pressure on them. 

Bar height

Every stunt scooter has listed its bar height somewhere on the product’s specifications box or description is looking online. Younger children need shorter bars. The height range for kids is from 19 to 23 inches. If upon buying a scooter you find that the height is too long and inappropriate for your child, it can always be cut short by a professional. The ideal bar height should be around the hip height of the child. Since the rider needs to control the stunt scooter so well when performing tricks, the right bar height is just safe for them.


Price is usually regarded as the determinant of a product’s quality, but you shouldn’t rely on it alone as the deciding factor. Expensive does not always mean better quality as sometimes you may end up buying only a brand name. For you to select the best stunt scooter from a plethora of options, analyse features carefully against the price of the product. 

We did a great deal of homework for you, fortunately, and below we present our findings on the best stunt scooters. Each product we list here has its pros and cons we recommend them accordingly too. Without further ado, let’s get into the reviews. 

Final Conclusion

There are numerous stunt scooters on the market. Our research narrowed down to the five on this list after pulling together twenty stunt scooters. We tried to find something for everyone, from 5-year-old children to 8 years and 12-year-olds, and that’s evident from the models’ specifications above.

Just to remind you, the Ten Eighty Judge Stunt Scooter is suitable for 10 year old children on average, the Two Bare Feet 360 XV starts from 5 years, the Albott Sports Pro is for 8+ years and the Fuzion Z300 Stunt Scooter is a solid choice for intermediate 12 year old riders. 


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Whilst this is by no means a complete list of stunt scooters, it certainly gives you good options depending on your needs. Found your kid the best stunt scooter yet? We would love to hear from you!

Main Photo of a boy on jumping on stunt scooter by on Unsplash

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