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The Best LED Grow Lights – A Beginners Hydroponic Buyer’s Guide

Last updated on January 7th, 2022

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Best LED Hydroponic Lights  For Optimum Growing Conditions & Our Top 6 Picks

Light is an important factor when starting seeds indoors. Fortunately, LED grow lights can provide seedlings with all the light they need for healthy growth. The LED technology has become popular for indoor growing because it mimics sun rays and it doesn’t create so much heat that may kill the plant. In addition, it is more energy-efficient than any other artificial light source for indoor growing. 

The task here is finding the best LED grow lights, which is why we have created this review. We guide you through the features to evaluate when shopping and provide recommendations of the best grow lights on the market today.

Below is the winner of our ‘Best Pick’, the KINGBO Dual 600W Full Spectrum Grow Light, which we think is the best choice for both beginners and those who are more experienced in hydroponics. For individuals who are looking for an affordable, but efficient full spectrum grow light.

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KINGBO 600W Dual Optical Lens-Series Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
This grow light is fairly priced, provides a targeted spectrum and good heat dissipation. It's an excellent replacement for traditional 600W HPS/MH. The KINGBO grow light features a vegetable and flower switch for users so that they can independently choose the ideal light for the seedlings they are growing. A great LED light span, with an estimated 50,000 hours. Comes complete with a hanging kit that is ready to use out of the box.

Our top 6 LED grow lights that have been included in our review are listed below:

  1. KINGBO 600w Dual Optical Lens-Series LED Grow Light – BEST PICK
  2. Advanced Platinum Series 300w – P300 – 12 Band LED Grow Light – BEST PROFESSIONAL PICK
  3. KINGBO 300w Dual Optical Lens-Series LED Grow Light
  4. Roleadro 300w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light – BEST BUDGET PICK
  5. Roleadro 45w LED Grow Light

LED Grow Light Buyer’s Guide

Here are the things you need to consider when choosing the best LED hydroponic grow lights:


This is a major distinguishing characteristic of various LED lights. It determines the amount of energy given by the grow lights at maximum output. Everyone has their own wattage requirements as you will have to choose depending on the type and number of plants that you want to grow. Grow light wattage can range from as little as 100w to 1000w, or even lower or higher respectively. Generally, the higher the wattage, the more powerful the light and cost-effective electrical usage. 


The coverage here means the total area that the LED grow lights can reach. So you need to know the size of the area you wish to light first before you go out shopping. This will help you know the type of LED grow light that will offer optimum coverage and probably how many of them you need. 


Roleadro 300W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
This is a powerful light that offers a good combination of red and blue LEDs to foster both vegetative and flowering growth. It has the best cooling fans, which are quiet and UL approved. In addition, it is well-built and offers excellent value for money.

Light spectrum

Consider full-spectrum LED grow lights for your seeds to thrive in a near-natural way. Full-spectrum LED lights produce a balance of warm and cool light that replicates the sun’s spectrum. This is what will make indoor growing a success. Another impressive advantage of full-spectrum LED lights is that they can run for 50,000 hours or more with no need for replacement, therefore, guaranteeing years of hassle-free service. 

Light duration

Most plants require 14-18 hours of light each day for optimum growth. They also need a rest period of about 6 hours of darkness. To ensure that you control these two crucial periods, consider LED grow lights that feature an automatic timer as this is very useful and saves you manually turning lights on and off. 


Advanced Platinum Series 300w - P300 - 12 Band LED Grow Light
The Platinum P300 model offers the highest PAR output per watt, selectable Veg/Flower switches and has the best LED lifespan on the market; 100,000 hours. It is a great choice for large coverage and it comes with an industry-leading 5-year warranty. Serious growers will struggle to get anything better than this.


This is measured in hours and it shows how long the LED lights should last. LED lights usually start to reduce in intensity after some time and this period can vary from one unit to another. Therefore, look for grow lights that have been said to provide some significant durability so you can grow your plants for extended periods. 


RINBO LED 12W Plant grow lights
This is a nice unit for a wide range of small applications. It is very portable and so can be used at home or in the office. Some outstanding features include a 3-mode timer function, 5 brightness modes and USB interface. If you have a small grow area, the RINBO 12W is an amazing choice and is perfect if you grow plants in an office or room with no windows.

LED Grow Light Reviews

With the above buying considerations in mind, it is time to look at the best LED grow lights. The list includes inexpensive, mid-range and premium LED lights. We just want to ensure that everyone can get a decent grow light no matter what their budget is. With models ranging from as little as £25 to over £200, you should be able to find the perfect model for you.

1. KINGBO 600W Dual Optical Lens-Series LED Grow Light


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KINGBO Dual Optical Lens-Series 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower, Garden Greenhouse Hydroponic Grow Lights (B-600watt)

The KINGBO 600W Full Spectrum Dual Optical Lens-Series LED Grow Light is an upgrade of the KINGBO 300W model in terms of power. That makes it ideal for a 3 x 3 growing area when hung at 24” in height and it can work for up to a 4 x 4′ area. On top of this, its good coverage comes from a Full-spectrum light ranging from 380nm to 740nm with vital spectrum UV and IR available to feed plants throughout the growing and flower stages. 

For convenient usage, KINGBO features an adjustable Veg/Bloom switch that allows users to select the ideal light for every growing stage. The unit comprises 120 LEDs of 5W each and giving more than 3W PAR. KINGBO designed the LED lens to emit light at an angle of 90 degrees on the inside and 120 degrees on the outside, which effectively increases light output and reduces light loss. It also increases the coverage and provides an allowance for housing more plants. In addition, each LED features Zener protection that ensures that if one light goes out, the others will still be working. 

Conventional HPS grow lights had the problem of overheating but that won’t happen with this LED grow light. It features aluminium cooling heat sinks that help maintain a good temperature throughout the day, even when left to work 24 hours a day. The heat dissipation system is actually nice due to an integrated fan that runs silently. Many people hate devices that make noise in the house for obvious reasons, so this one is a good choice for indoor use. 

The package here includes 1 KB-M600 LED Grow Light, 1 hanging kit, 1 user manual and 1 x 1.8m power cord (UK standard). The hanging kit comes in handy for securing the lighting unit 24” above the plants. Note that this light should never be used outdoors because it’s not waterproof. Another thing to avoid is looking directly at the LED light when it’s on. It is extremely bright and can cause temporary blindness so be sure to stay safe. The rated input voltage is AC100-240V whilst the LED lifespan is 50,000 hours. 

There’s a 30-day guarantee offered on the product just in case you are not pleased within the first few days. The product is also covered by a 3-year warranty so you can always contact the manufacturer in case of future problems which is great for reassurance. 


  • Provides targeted spectrum suitable for plants at all growth stages, thanks to dual Veg/Flower switch.  
  • Powerful wattage rating; 600W for high intensity luminosity. 
  • Gives UV and IR spectrum, which are good at promoting growth.
  • Better heat dissipation alongside a quiet cooling system.
  • Good LED lifespan; 50,000 hours for maximum value.
  • Can be an alternative to conventional 600W HPS/MH.
  • Supplied with hanging kit for straightforward use.


  • None so far.

Our recommendation

This LED grow light is not Amazon’s choice for no good reason. In fact, it has been tried and tested by a number of indoor growers and no one has reported any hiccups so far. It works as the manufacturer says. You just have to hang it at the right height, as recommended, switch to the right spectrum and that’s it. Wear sunglasses if you have to look at the light, otherwise, restrain from doing it.

The power rating is good, the LED lifespan, supplied accessories are very useful, and the warranty is better than most at 3 years.

After much consideration, we decided we highly recommend the KINGBO Dual Optical Lens-Series 600W LED Grow Light for fairly large indoor growing areas, in terms of growing tent sizes, and we think it would be the best choice overall for both beginners who want to get serious about their growing and professionals alike.

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2. Advanced Platinum Series 300w – P300 – 12 Band LED Grow Light


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Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w 12-Band LED Grow Light - Dual Veg/Flower Full Spectrum

Offering 300 watts of power, the Advanced Platinum Series P300 Grow Light is amongst the most powerful grow lights currently on the market. This unit boasts the highest PAR per watt compared to other LED grow lights, plus its 12-band spectrum is also top of the class. 

This model is an effective replacement for conventional 400W HPS grow lights because it emits 100% usable light for optimum photosynthetic response. That is unlike traditional HPS that only give 40% usable light due to picking in the wrong wavelengths. This usually results in a lot of power consumption and excess heat production. 

One of the best features of this grow light is the dual switch that enables users to adjust the lights as plants grow and change. There’s a VEG switch for activating an excellent mixture of LEDs for vegetative plants and a FLOWER switch for flowering buds. You can as well make use of both switches during the flowering stage because more LEDs will maximise PAR value, which is important at that stage. 

Furthermore, when both switches are turned on, the unit only consumes an average of 180 watts. The VEG cycle alone draws about 98 watts of power, making this unit quite energy-efficient. Add that to the 100,000-hour lifespan and you’ll realise that the P300 can save you a lot in the long-term whilst keeping your electric bills on the minimum at the same time. 

Just like the name suggests, the P300 contains 100 LEDs of 3W each but these are above average LEDs. Each bulb features 90 Degree Secondary Focusing Lenses, which allow the emission of usable light waves for plants whilst using less power. 

When it comes to light spectrum, the Advanced Platinum Series P300 features both Infrared and UV light. The two play a crucial role in a plant’s growth and they are not usually present in cheap LED grow lights. Infrared waves especially speed up growth and increase yields. UV waves are crucial for budding plants because they promote the production of trichomes and ultimately increase potency. 

While spectrum determines the quality of light, PAR is another important factor that determines the quantity of light being given off for plants to consume. Seedlings usually thrive under low PAR values, about 200-400, and they need more as they grow. Flowering plants need a higher PAR ranging from 600-900. The P300 gives more than 1000 PAR at the centre point and we advise not placing plants directly under the centre point to avoid them getting burnt. Place plants to the side because PAR decreases as you move from the centre point. 

The manufacturer says the coverage area is 140cm x 115cm for both vegetating and flowering plants. To sum up, the Advanced Platinum Series P300 comes with a warranty of 5 years plus a 90-day money-back guarantee. 


  • Boasts the best spectrum on the market – 12-band, full-spectrum LEDs including UV and IR.
  • High PAR output compared to other available grow lights. 
  • Low power consumption, therefore, your energy bills will be quite low.
  • Backed with a 5-year warranty for peace of mind.
  • Allows easy customising of light for both vegetating and flowering plants.
  • Long lifespan of 100,000 hours. 


  • Fans are somewhat noisy which might be a small issue for some.

Our recommendation

The PlatinumLED Series P300 12-band LED Grow Light is really magnificent and would make a great investment for many indoor growers. Whether you are dealing with a particular plant or a variety, the P300 will help nurture them every day. The market-leading 12-band spectrum and PAR output make the P300 ideal for those who want a healthy diet for their plants. 

The only thing that will bother some people is the noise that comes from the fans. Otherwise, the Platinum LED Series P300 Grow Light is worth every penny on performance and would be a great choice for professionals and those who only want the best to get the best results.

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3. KINGBO 300W Dual Optical Lens – Series LED Grow Light

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KINGBO Dual Optical Lens-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants VEG and Bloom(Two Switch, 12-Bands)

The KINGBO Dual Optical Lens-Series 300W LED Grow Light is a powerful light designed to use during the veg and blooming stages. It features a Full-spectrum 12-band ranging from 380nm to 720nm including UV and IR spectrums, which are great for supporting plant growth at all stages. Along the same line, you are able to match the ideal light to the growth stage via a selectable switch that adjusts between Veg and Bloom. 

A major impressive thing is this light is the dual optical lens featuring 90 degrees on the inside and 120 degrees on the outside. The design ensures increased light output, minimises light loss, improves PAR output and maximises yields. There are 60 pieces of LEDs and each of them has 5 watts of power. The lights are a mixture of reds and blues and these are known to provide the best quality light for growing plants. Each LED has a Zener to protect it from high voltage, plus if one bulb goes out, the others will still work.

This grow light can effectively replace a traditional 250W HPS/MH whilst drawing only 120 watts. The manufacturer recommends it for a growing area of 2.5 x 2.5 and placed at a height of 24 inches. The maximum coverage should be 3 x 3. Supplied with this light is a hanging kit to help you place the light appropriately. 

The KINGBO Dual Optical Lens-Series 300W benefits from great heat dissipation thanks to its upgraded 0603 aluminium cooling heat sinks. The device can literally run for 24 hours without overheating. You will also like its quiet fan that runs to cool the unit. The lifespan is 50,000 hours and that provides good value for money. One thing you will notice is that the UV and IR diodes usually appear dim but that’s how they are made to look. However, the LED bulbs are extremely bright, so never gaze directly at them when the grow light is on. 

If you are not satisfied with this light, you can return it within 60 days from the date of the original purchase. It also comes with a worry-free 3-year warranty for full peace of mind. 


  • Features Full-spectrum 12-band light that mimics natural sunlight with UV and IR available.
  • Built with dual optical lens that increases light output while minimising light loss.
  • Has easy to use selectable Veg/Bloom switches, allowing you to choose according to your plants’ growth stage.
  • Excellent heat dissipation due to built-in aluminium heat sinks.
  • Includes whisper quiet fans, so it’s not a nuisance in the house.
  • Supplied with hanging kits.
  • Comes with 60 days satisfaction guarantee plus 3 years warranty for full peace of mind. 


  • None found.

Our recommendation

The KINGBO 300W Dual Optical Lens-Series LED Grow Light has an excellent build and it works brilliantly and is a great alternative to our ‘Best Pick’ for those looking for a smaller model with all the same great features and reliability.

The supplied hanging kit is more than capable of securing the light in place, plus the plug and cable are good quality too. Full-spectrum light including UV and IR are all essential for different growth stages and that’s a major advantage of this light over many others in the same price range.

Furthermore, the featured Veg and Bloom switches are so effective. So far there are no complaints concerning this product and so you can buy with confidence if it fits your growing area requirements.

If you like this model and want to compare it to a similar model within the same price bracket the next model (reviewed below) is another great option worth considering

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4. Roleadro 300W Led Grow Light


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Roleadro LED Grow Light 300w Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants,LED Grow Lamp with UV IR Light,Led Hydroponic Lights for Growing Veg and Flower

The Roleadro Led Grow Light 300W COB Full Spectrum Light Grow is a solid competitor in the market of LED grow lights. It features a red light (600-700nm) that gives most to the plant photosynthesis, which is the process that leads to plant growth. The 300W LED offers 12 to 18 hours of lighting and provides enough nutrients for indoor grown plants. Plants also benefit from ideal growing temperatures of 26°C to 28°C – under this grow light. 

This unit has been designed to offer a wide and sufficient Red Blue light spectrum, in the ratio of 8:1. This creates the perfect combination to help in vegetative and flowering growth respectively. Note that the suggested working time for seedlings is 14-18 hours, vegetative stage 14-18 hours and flowering stage 10-12 hours. The recommended working height is 0.5-2 metres and coverage shouldn’t exceed 4 sq.m. 

To guarantee higher lumen and PAR value, this unit provides a 120-degree lens which also increases canopy penetration by up to 20%. There are 100 pcs Epileds LED that makes up the powerful unit whilst 45 ml high-quality chip makes light penetration stronger and thus keeping energy loss at a minimum. Also featured on this model are two UL approved silent cooling fans, plus aluminium heat sinks to promote heat dissipation and extended lifespan. 

Roleadro claims that this product has been tested and updated over a hundred times and therefore, users can trust it, which we agree with. In fact, the model is CE/RoHS certified for safety and reliability which is important as there are lots of cheap alternatives we simply would not trust. Another impressive factor is the lifespan of this LED, which is 50,000 hours. In addition, the manufacturer offers 2 years warranty on this model plus a lifetime consultation service. 


  • A powerful 300W unit that creates ideal growth temperatures for plants.  
  • Has an efficient cooling system for increased LED lifespan.
  • Ideal for all stages of plant growth.
  • Well built solid metal body for durability.
  • Emits super bright LEDs in red and blue, which is awesome for plant growth.
  • Includes 2 years warranty and lifetime support.


  • Cooling fan is a bit loud.

Thoughts and recommendations

The Roleadro 300W Led Grow Light has been praised for its excellent performance in vegetative and flowering stages. It is a powerful unit that delivers 300W and emitting a bright red/blue light that plants love.

The cooling system of this unit also scores high marks and its long-term value is something to appreciate. However, some people don’t like the noise that comes from the fans within the cooling system.

All in all, this is a wonderful unit that can be used on all stages of plant growth and it comes at an amazing price. It is a great alternative to the KINGBO Dual Optical Lens-Series 300W LED Grow Light, but it has a 2-year warranty whereas KINGBO comes with 3 years.

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5. Roleadro 45W Led Grow Light

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Roleadro Plant Grow Light, 45W Led Growing Lamp with Red Blue Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Vegetables Flower Growth Lamps

The Roleadro 45W Led Grow Light (with 169 LEDs with Red Blue Light for Indoor Plant Growing Hydronics) is perfect for single-seed starters because it offers just the right amount of power. New growers won’t need expensive, high output grow lights so this 45W unit ticks all the right boxes. 

There are 169 LEDs fitted into a cone-shaped recess in the plating and each recess is specially designed to increase the light’s coverage so that every plant is flooded with essential light. In addition, the panel features 60-degree reflector cups that ensure all the light goes into use. 

Roleadro designed the unit with aluminium plating to help with heat dissipation, so you won’t have to worry about overheating your space or even worse, burning your crucial plants. Rated to consume 25.5 watts, it’s true to say that this unit will not spike your electricity bills. 

One impressive feature of this 45W LED grow light is that it has the right blend of red and blue LEDs in the ratio of 2.25:1 respectively, which makes it good for vegetative growth. This grow light also needs to be close to the plants for increased effectiveness. The recommended height is 0.3m. At this height, the grow light will cover 30cm x 30cm space, which should be sufficient for single-seed grow in their vegetative stage. 

Worth mentioning is that Roleadro gives a 1-year warranty plus a 30-day money-back guarantee for this product which is much less than some other models, but the price is also a fraction of the cost too. 


  • Great for limited spaces and very affordable.
  • Can be hung or mounted onto a flat surface. 
  • Extremely compact and lightweight.
  • Provides excellent PAR values for seedlings.
  • Efficient light output thanks to 60 degree reflector cups that help minimise waste. 


  • Gives only red and blue light – no UV or IR light.
  • Only useful during vegetative stage. 
  • Limited to small grow.

Thoughts and recommendations

Again, this grow light is great for beginner growers and an excellent value for the power it offers. Actually, you can buy 10 of these for less than the cost of our best LED grow lights.

Keep in mind that you will need to purchase a more powerful grow light as the plant grows if you are serious about growing. This one can only serve during the earlier stages of growth for most people. That is one of its downsides, plus the fact that it can only be effective in small spaces. 

Overall, if you are a new grower, have limited space or are on a shoestring budget, the Roleadro 45W Led Grow Light is the best deal you can get.

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6. RINBO 12W Plant Grow Light


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RINBO Led grow lights,18W 36LEDs Plant lights, Auto Timer(3H/6H/12H), Dimmable 5 Levels,Red/Blue Spectrum,for Every Growth Periods

The RINBO 12W Plant grow lights stands out from the crowd because it packs some amazing features that make it very convenient to use. Firstly, it has a timer function that is designed with user 3 modes. You can set the grow light to run for 3 hours, 6 hours or 12 hours and it will automatically turn off once a particular set schedule is complete. It’s so easy to use and enables you to manage the grow lights the way you want. 

Another feature of this grow light that promotes flexible use is a dimming button. It lets you adjust the brightness of the LED light in 5 different levels; 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%. This kind of adjustment makes it suitable for every growth stage of your plants. In addition, the dual-lamp design of this unit makes it possible to cover a larger area. 

The device itself is very compact. It is supplied with a UK adapter plus a unique USB interface. The USB just plugs into the power plug and lets you provide energy for more plants. As a matter of fact, the grow light can draw power from your computer, power bank or other USB-enabled devices. 

In addition, the RINBO 12W has a flexible goose-neck and a clip design that allows you to adjust the grow light to any direction and the distance between the light and plants. It also has a strong metal clip for easy clipping of the light without any extra hardware. It makes for a great light to use at home or office. 

This light has a total of 36 LEDs; 24 red wavelengths 660nm and 12 blue wavelengths 460nm. The red light is crucial for seed germination and root development whilst the blue light helps in the formation of chlorophyll. This model is also said to be energy-efficient so it won’t spike your electricity bill. 

The build features aluminium material that is effective when it comes to heat dissipation. Last but not least, the RINBO 12W light is estimated to last for 50,000 hours. Be sure to keep the lamp about 70cm from the plant for best results. 


  • Great for placing above small seed trays and small pots to grow seedlings.
  • Has a long lifespan and offers great value for its price. 
  • Includes adjustable timer and flexible brightness, so you can set depending on plants and growth stage.
  • Good cable length for its size; 186cm.
  • Has a flexible goose-neck design that makes it easy to adjust to any direction and distance from plants.
  • Features a USB interface, therefore, can be powered from different sources.
  • Easy to install at home or office due to strong clip design. 


  • Not powerful enough to support serious growing. 

Thoughts and recommendations

This is an amazing grow light at a great price and is great for those who want a grow light to place over seedlings on a windowsill as it gives you the ability to give your seedlings more light in winter when the days are short. It also helps stop seedlings from getting too leggy.

It is compact, lightweight and portable, so you can use it wherever your plants are, although this light is for indoor use only. The ability to alter the LED brightness and lighting time is a plus, and actually, something you don’t often find, even on some of the other more expensive models.

Basically, the kind of flexibility brought by this light is its major selling point. If you also want something that you can use in more than one growing area, then the RINBO 12W grow light fits the bill.

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Our Final Conclusion

LED grow lights have become popular with indoor growers, and they are slowly replacing conventional HPS light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. As it usually happens with new inventions, every indoor grower wants to know the best grow lights before they decide to buy them.

Confusion is possible, especially now that people are getting to know about LED grow lights. We believe we have narrowed down the options for you through this grow lights review.

As you have seen, grow lights come in different styles, they can vary in features and prices too. In our opinion, the best LED grow lights should cater for all growth stages, from germination to flowering, so that you’ll never have to look for other alternatives in future. It’s better to buy once for all, which is why the lifespan also matters. 

Happy growing! 

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