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5 Best Hedgehog Houses For Hibernation – Help Keep Them Safe

Last updated on October 15th, 2021

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We look at 6 of the very best hedgehog houses for hibernation and shelter, we compared build quality, materials used, how easy it is to access and clean.

There were days when hedgehogs were familiar sights in gardens, parks and waste grounds, but count yourself lucky if you see one scampering in your garden, particularly in broad daylight. These nocturnal mammals are in worrying declines, in recent times their numbers have declined from maybe 36 million in the 1950s to less than a million today. The good news is you can increase their chances of survival by having a hedgehog house in your garden. Just a place they can come in and breed, forage and hibernate in the winter. Moreover, hedgehog houses are very much affordable and so finding the best hedgehog house on any budget isn’t a big deal. 

We know that because we’ve already done our homework and found six hedgehog homes that are worth considering. Short on time and wondering what is the best hedgehog house to buy?

The Hutch Company Predator Proof Hedgehog House & Hibernation Shelter is a great choice. This house comes in a compact design, yet big enough for a curious hedgehog wandering around in your garden. The construction features high-grade C24 timber with a felt roof and a solid fixed base for durability. On Amazon alone, there are over 3000 exceptional reviews from happy customers and that says a lot about it. 

Check out the detailed review of this hedgehog house and others in the product reviews section. 

We also have a buyer’s guide that compares wooden versus metal hedgehog houses, looks at where to place the house and how to keep your garden hedgehog-friendly. Hopefully, by the end of this guide, you will have found a new hedgehog house. 


The Hutch Company Predator Proof Hedgehog House & Hibernation Shelter
The Hutch Company hedgehog house is built with durable C24 construction wood that has been double treated. It has an Anti-Bacterial Marcide coating that will help to prevent the spread of diseases. The felt roof will help keep the rain out. The interior of the hedgehog house is partitioned into two spaces for the increased safety of the hedgehogs from predators.

The best hedgehog homes to buy including our top picks starting with our top recommended model

  1. The Hutch Company Predator Proof Hedgehog House & Hibernation Shelter – BEST PICK
  2. Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog House – RUNNER UP
  3. Wildlife World Hogilow Hedgehog Home
  4. Wildlife World Habitat Hedgehog Home
  5. Igloo Hedgehog House


Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog House
This house is well-built with a weatherproof insulated composite roof and resin sealed floors, all for the security and comfort of the hedgehogs. Better still, it is one of the roomiest models and would be ideal for multiple hedgehogs. It even has a tunnel to make them feel safer inside the dwelling. This is an absolute recommendation if you want your hogs to live in a spacious environment.

Top 6 Hedgehog House Reviews

There’s no doubt that having a decent hedgehog house in a garden with a clean water source and food will make a huge difference for our struggling hedgehog population. Below are some great options that you can invest in:

1. The Hutch Company Predator Proof Hedgehog House & Hibernation Shelter


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The Hutch Company Hedgehog House and Hibernation Shelter - Predator-Proof Outdoor Habitat, Feeding Station and Home - Felt Roof Cover and Full Wood Flooring - Best Pet Garden Hedgehogs Wooden Houses

This Predator Proof Hedgehog House & Hibernation Shelter by the Hutch Company makes a wonderful shelter for any homeless hedgehog passing through your garden. Made from C24 graded construction wood, the house comes with a durable felt roof that effectively drains away rainwater and snow to ensure a warm, dry house throughout the year.

The roof is also removable to allow you a view inside the house whilst it utilises secure fixings to guarantee maximum safety for the hedgehog and its family. That means no predators can gain access via the roof. The door itself is hedgehog-sized, the interior partitioning and depth increases safety by ensuring that no predators can claw their way in and reach the hog. At 26cm x 34cm x 40cm it is also a good-sized hedgehog house with plenty of space.

For the well-being of the animals, the entire house is twin treated with an anti-bacterial marcide coating to help prevent the spread of diseases. The treatment actually works both ways; an external disease is hard to penetrate and affect the hogs, whilst at the same time, any pets coming into contact with the house of a suffering hog will not be affected either. 

This house additionally has a fixed base that ensures it can not be toppled easily, this is extremely important because foxes have been known to try and turn them over. It will take some serious strength to overturn this house. The hedgehog house is modelled as a hibernation shelter and we tend to believe it’s the best hedgehog house for hibernation but it also makes a nice resting place too. The wood obviously is a good insulator and the roof is highly protective. A great little house for a hog living inside and it is pretty darn affordable too. 


  • Removable felt roof with secure fixings for maximum safety. 
  • Anti-topple fixed base for added safety.
  • Double treated with anti-bacterial marcide coating to prevent against diseases. 
  • Divided interior for increased protection from predators. 

Our recommendation

After taking the build quality, design and price into account, we decided this model was probably one of the best models available and decided it deserved to be crowned our ‘Best Pick’.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

2. Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog House


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Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog House Golden Brown With Anti Bacteria Coating | Predator and Cat Proof Outdoor Habitat, Feeding Station and Home | Eco Friendly Roof And Solid Wood Floor

The Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog House is a remarkable dwelling for hogs, offering plenty of protection against wet weather and the cold, not to mention a tight secure home that predators can’t access. This house is handmade in the UK using solid wood that is weatherproof and insulating and along with this there is a durable resin bonded floor to increase the warmth within. It also helps to avoid the build up of damp and that helps to guarantee the long lifespan of this house.

The roof is made of solid composite material and is fully waterproof, ensuring that the inside stays dry throughout the year. It is also slanted to allow the drainage of rainwater and avoid water build-ups. The door doubles as a hinged lid that can be locked up to prevent unwanted access from above, whilst allowing you the ease of opening when you need to. You can use this roof to check up on the hedgehog inside and clean the house as well. 

The inside is even more intricate and includes all the safety features that a hedgehog needs. These features include a long tunnel entrance that leads into the main section of the house. There are then two rooms with enough space for a hedgehog to reproduce and rear hoglets. It measures 52.5cm (W) by 20cm (H) by 51cm (D) including the tunnel so it is a fairly large house.


  • Solid wooden construction that is sure to last for years. 
  • Great design with a long anti-predator tunnel. 
  • Offers plenty of room for more than one hedgehog. 
  • Weatherproof and insulated hinged roof with lock for easy user access and increased security for hedgehogs. 

Our recommendation

It is easy to see why this hedgehog house is more expensive than our best pick above. An excellent choice if you want a more roomy hog house and have a larger budget.

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You can also learn what to feed hedgehogs in my guide here and how to attract hedgehogs into your garden here

3. Wildlife World Hogilow Hedgehog Home

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Wildlife World HH7 Hoglio Hogilow Hedgehog Home As Featured On Autumn Watch, Green, 230.0 mm*500.0 mm*390.0 mm

The Wildlife World Hogilow Hedgehog Home is a stylish house that owes much of its design to the Hedgehog Society and Help a Hedgehog Hospital. Once featured on BBC’s Autumn watch, this futuristic house is perfect for forward thinking hogs. The bungalow is constructed from FSC timber and recycled plastic making it an eco-friendly option which we really like. The plastic offers good insulation as well. 

It measures a roomy 50cm x 39cm x 23cm and it would be a fabulous addition to any garden particularly because of its green finish. The wooden interior ensures breathability and prevents condensation, but the most outstanding feature is the anti-predator tunnel that curves around the main body to bewilder any would-be predator. 

A swivel lid design allows for quick access into the house for cleaning as well as checking up on the living beings inside, we think this is a really good design. The roof is left overhanging the sides and that allows rainwater to drain away nicely, whilst the base is raised off the ground for further enhanced protection against rot and to keep the cold out.

The house also benefits from a screwed construction that gives it the strength to withstand knocks and make it a little more robust. It even has holes for decent air flow.


  • Stylish design with a green finish that will blend into any garden. 
  • Easy to open for viewing, cleaning and tending to the animals living inside.
  • Curved tunnel entrance prevents predators accessing the main house.
  • Unique eco-friendly construction featuring timber and plastic material.

Our recommendation

Any wandering hedgehog will surely feel at home in this Hogilow. Overall, a fantastic model that has been well thought out.

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4. Wildlife World Habitat Hedgehog Home

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Wildlife World Hogitat Hedgehog Home

Another one from Wildlife World, the Habitat Hedgehog Home is designed to be an economic natural home and a safe sanctuary for hedgehogs. The house is made from a rust-resistant steel that is finished with natural materials to make it an attractive home for a curious hedgehog seeking shelter. The roof features a waterproof lining to ensure total dryness in wet weather. 

Easy to install and maintain, this house should be pegged down for increased sturdiness and stubbornness against predators. Better still, the entrance tunnel is quite small for any predator to bother itself. Though marketed as a hedgehog home, the Habitat can make a decent feeding station if purchased with another multi-room hedgehog house. 


  • Steel frame construction with a natural material finish that perfectly blends into any garden. 
  • Simple installation and maintenance.
  • Waterproof lined roof that offers protection from the elements.
  • Very affordable and makes a decent buy for anyone on a budget. 

Our recommendation

Overall, it is a cheap solution for homeless hedgehogs and will flawlessly nestle into any garden landscape. It doesn’t look very sturdy from the pictures but its surprisingly sturdy and very strong, much stronger than we first thought it would be when we began our research.

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5. Igloo Hedgehog House

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Wildlife World HH10 Igloo Hedgehog House Brown No Installation

The Igloo Hedgehog House is a lovely Igloo-shaped residence that offers hedgehogs and other mammals a safe retreat away from the dangers of modern life. Constructed of a painted steel frame that is further covered with brushwood and a moss trim, the house is not only attractive but also mimics the camouflaged appearance of a natural hedgehog dwelling.

Most importantly, the steel frame makes the house safe and strong against accidental raking and forking. You will still need to peg down this hog house because it has no floor. This sturdy house measures 22cm x 59cm x 53cm and that’s enough space for a hog to sleep during the day or hibernate in winter.


  • Robust steel frame for durability.
  • Brushwood and moss trim exterior make it camouflaged. 
  • The design mimics a hedgehog’s natural shelter.

Our recommendation

This is yet another hedgehog house that can double up as a feeding station. Simply turn it over and you have a bowl to fill with food for the hedgehog. All in all, a fantastic hedgehog home at a reasonable price. The only thing we feel is worth noting is that it has no bottom so it needs to be placed on ground that is free-draining for obvious reasons. Also as it has no lid to speak of, so you will have to pick the whole thing up to look inside.

Compare the best prices from available sellers below

Hedgehog House Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the material

Hedgehog houses are either made of wood or metal and the choice may come down to personal preferences. 

Wooden hedgehog house

Wood is the most popular material and is loved because of its natural aesthetic appeal in the garden and it blends really well in a garden setting. Wood provides good insulation and excellent protection from the rain or the colder weather.

The choice of wood is critical as you will want to be sure that the wood can go the distance. Avoid ply by all means because it rots easily when exposed to the elements and consequently, will leave the hedgehog vulnerable to predators and fungal diseases, they also simply do not offer value for money. Varnished or stained wood is sure to last longer, although the strong smell will deter hogs from moving in quickly. A downpour of rain and windy days will do the trick. 

Metal hedgehog house

Metal framing is the most affordable, however, it can cause condensation issues and make the house less conducive for the hedgehog. You will also need to be sure that there are no sharp edges on any of the metal, as these can injure a hedgehog. Because metal houses are lightweight, pinning them down is a good idea so as to prevent curious dogs and excited children from picking them up and well as foxes overturning them. 

Where should you place your hedgehog house?

Not every spot in your garden will be attractive to a wandering hedgehog, therefore, finding the ideal place is crucial. Look for a place that is sheltered from the rain and wind and avoid places that become waterlogged in rainy weather. To make it a more natural environment for them, find a spot underneath a sizeable shrub, a hedge or any other hidden place.

A shaded area will also prevent too much sun overheating the house. Create a flooring of some kind to keep water at bay. Avoid burying the house in the soil because it will become more susceptible to dampness. Cover it with broad leaves if you want to make it look a little more natural and less noticeable to predators. Ideally, hedgehogs love concealed places, so don’t put the house along your footpath. 

What to put and what not to put in a hog house

Hogs are very good at sourcing dry, warm bedding materials but you can assist with dry leaves, moss and dust-free hay. Half fill the hog house and leave some material around the entrance. Be sure to clean your garden of plastic bags and other unsuitable materials that hogs may drag into the house. 

Avoid putting food, water or chemicals in the house or even around it. Substances like this will attract other wandering hedgehogs as well as predators and pests, whilst chemicals will repel hogs from inhabiting the house. Instead, create a feeding station away from the nest. 

How to invite hogs into your garden

You have to make your garden hog-friendly in order to attract these animals. First of all, create a sizeable garden hole in your fence in order to encourage hogs to enter your garden. Then, provide a clean, reliable water source and make it consistent. Hedgehogs travel long distances at night and they get very thirsty. Knowing that they can quench their thirst in your garden is a great attraction. Lastly, have a small dish of cat food somewhere in the garden. These three things combined with the hedgehog house itself are certain to make Mrs Tiggy-Winkle enjoy her stay in your garden. 

What features should you consider?

The best hedgehog house offers more than one internal segment. For instance, having two separate sections increases their safety by making it harder for predators to penetrate their paws inside. It is also an added advantage for hedgehogs that want to nest in there. 

You might also want to consider a house that has a tunnel leading into it. Hogs will feel safer moving around inside the home as they will feel that they are entering a very secretive place, which is something they like instinctively. You can also create your own tunnel for them using some pieces of bricks or wooden slabs. 

Final Conclusion

It is a very sad fact that Britain’s hedgehog population has declined by 66% in just the past two decades. These mammals have suffered due to the loss of hedgerows and diminishing invertebrates that the hedgehogs feast on.

But, you can do something about it and especially because the numbers patrolling gardens in urban areas at night are on the rise. Pick up one of these hedgehog houses and help a homeless hedgehog establish a reliable residence. In return, hedgehogs can help with snails and slugs, which are pests that can cause damage to plants and young seedlings. So if you are particularly into growing plants in your garden, then you seriously need to befriend a hedgehog.

Whilst our list of hedgehog houses is by no means the most comprehensive, the select products are quite outstanding in all certainty. We hope that you have found your best hedgehog house from this guide and that you have learnt the best place in your garden for hedgehog house. No hedgehog will come knocking at your door if the conditions are not ideal, so be sure to entice them in.

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