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5 Best Garden Security Lights for patios and driveways

Last updated on August 9th, 2021

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Unfortunately in today’s world, garden security lights are no longer a luxury but a necessity for some people. Regardless if you are in the countryside or the city, you would like to know if someone is creeping around your property and up to no good. Whilst there are some arguments against them, security garden lights with motion sensors are an excellent way to deter would-be thieves, especially if you also have a camera built into the light. Security lights will also help provide some light when you go outdoors at night too.

If you are like me and are someone who values your security, this review will assist you in revealing the best garden security light for your property. These security lights are durable and available at different price points to accommodate different users. Some even have built-in security cameras that link directly to your mobile phone too, such as those made by Ring which is now an Amazon company.

Before spilling all the beans, if you simply want to know which is our best pick, take a look at the Steinel 20W LED-Floodlight XLED. It offers 2120 lumen brightness, a 180° horizontal scope and a 10m reach. This model would fit into any domestic structure and the price is excellent for the quality of features offered. To find out more about our best pick and the other models, continue reading below:


Steinel 20W LED-Floodlight XLED
The Steinel 20W LED-Floodlight XLED is a high-quality security light offering bright light with motion sensors for security. The 20W model features a 180-degree swivel head for direction adjustment of both the LED light and sensor itself so its very flexable. It also features functions such as twilight settings to save energy but it can also be connected to a switch so you can have it on at the click of the switch too. Its worth noting that in sensor mode, it can be set to stay on between 8 seconds and 35 minutes so there plenty of flexability. Overall, the quality is about as good as I have seen and Steinel do have a good repuation. If you need some decent garden security lights, these are well worth considering and would be my first choice if you don't need security cameras as well.


Ring Floodlight Cam by Amazon
The Ring Floodlight Cam by Amazon lets you monitor in real-time what is happening in your property through wireless connectivity and this really is an excellent piece of kit. The floodlight cam provides adequate brightness for optimal illumination and a wide 140-degree field of view. What I really like is that it has two-way communication to listen and respond to your visitors as need be, great for talking to delivery drivers etc. i also like that you can alter the area the sensor triggers through the app to cover an exact area. Other features which are useful are the siron you can trigger manually and the fact you can switch the light on when you want too. I also love that it works with Alexa devices and your phone. Overall, the price of these has now come down and they offer excellent value for money. Just note that you do need broadband internet to use the camera as it connects to your wifi. It really is an amazing piece of kit.

Garden Security Light Reviews

1. Steinel 20W LED-Floodlight XLED

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STEINEL 30056 LED-Floodlight XLED Home 2 XL S Graphite, 2124 lm, 180° Motion Detector, 19.3 W, Fully Swivelling LED Panel, Warm White Light Colour,21.4 x 18 x 16.1 cm

Kicking off our review is the Steinel 20W LED-Floodlight XLED with a swivelling panel for easy adjustment. Now, this model doesn’t have a camera but I couldn’t find a better alternative if you’re looking for a quality garden security light.

The 20W model is bright enough to illuminate a large area as it possesses a 2120-lumen rating, I like that it’s 3000K so it’s not too bright unlike some of the other 6000k rated models which I think maybe a little too bright. I personally think 4000k is just the right amount of light.

STEINEL 30056 LED-Floodlight XLED Home 2 XL S Graphite, 2124 lm, 180° Motion Detector, 19.3 W, Fully Swivelling LED Panel, Warm White Light Colour,21.4 x 18 x 16.1 cm

I also like that it features an integrated cooling system that permits the LED lights to work for over 50,000 hours; thus, you get value for money. All this basically means is that the LED lights last for much longer.

Now for what really matters, the security light features an infrared sensor with a 180° horizontal scope to pick up any movement around. It also offers a 10-meter reach which isn’t bad although if you have a long driveway, someone could potentially walk up to your drive before it triggers the light, however, this would be the case with most models.

STEINEL 30056 LED-Floodlight XLED Home 2 XL S Graphite, 2124 lm, 180° Motion Detector, 19.3 W, Fully Swivelling LED Panel, Warm White Light Colour,21.4 x 18 x 16.1 cm

You can also tweak the time settings between 2-2000 lu to ensure the lights respond to the sunrise and sunsets as you would like. What I really like is how flexible the LED light is in terms of how you can adjust the panel. You can adjust it 180 degrees in any direction.

When it comes to installation it couldn’t be any simpler, they come with clear instructions and mounting fixtures but what you basically do is mount the block on the wall, wire in power into the block and then the light slide onto the block and you insert one screw. Finally, you can also use this light with a switch if needed or because of the switched input, you can connect it with other lights too.


  • Hightly quality LED floodlight with flexible settings for both the light and sensor.
  • Made from light but durable UV-resistant plastic.
  • Offers a 2120 lumen rating and 3000k white light, not too bright but still sheds a good amount of light.
  • Features a magnesium composite cooling system for durability.
  • Possesses a rotatable infrared sensor that can swivell 180 degrees.
  • Offers a max range of 10m for the PIR sensor.
  • Can be conncted to a switch.
  • Easy to install, can be connected to more lights if needed.
  • Adjustable twilight setting.
  • Offers a twilight and simple time setting between 8 sec – 35 minutes when triggered.


  • A little expensive

Our recommendation

The Steinel 20W LED-Floodlight XLED is easily one of the best garden security lights in terms of quality and flexibility. It is bright, rotatable, and offers reliable sensors with a 10m reach. 

STEINEL 30056 LED-Floodlight XLED Home 2 XL S Graphite, 2124 lm, 180° Motion Detector, 19.3 W, Fully Swivelling LED Panel, Warm White Light Colour,21.4 x 18 x 16.1 cm

What I really like about this model as well as the quality, is that it can swivel; therefore, you can adjust it to a specific direction up, down and left to right and the same with the sensor too. I would recommend this model to those who need a simple rotatable security light with adequate reach but appreciate good build quality. The floodlights may seem expensive, but considering the size and the quality, I think they’re well worth paying extra for.

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2. Ring Floodlight Cam by Amazon


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Ring Floodlight Cam by Amazon | HD Security Camera with Built-in Floodlights, Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm | With 30-day free trial of Ring Protect Plan

The Ring Floodlight Cam by Amazon combines illumination and real-time security through its integrated camera. I can see why Amazon purchased Ring, these products are just amazing, they really are.

With this model, you can monitor any movements in your garden through infrared vision 1080p HD video camera at night, day and live view. It also gives you the option to listen and speak to your visitors through your phone or Pc, depending on which is convenient. I have now noticed you can now use it with other Alexa devices with built-in display screens such as the Alexa show devices.

Ring Floodlight Cam by Amazon | HD Security Camera with Built-in Floodlights, Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm | With 30-day free trial of Ring Protect Plan

The 1080p floodlight cam requires a screen Alexa device for the activation of voice commands though just like any Alexa device but it’s easy to set up. Another feature I like is the remotely triggered siren you can set off manually if needed. It will also notify you when the camera is triggered too and then you can check on your device.

Additionally, the weatherproof floodlight comes with a 140-degree field of view, and you can customise the zone you want the camera to focus on. Now, this is a very impressive feature, the fact that you can set a very specific area for the sensor to trigger.

Ring Floodlight Cam by Amazon | HD Security Camera with Built-in Floodlights, Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm | With 30-day free trial of Ring Protect Plan

Something to be aware of is the floodlight camera does need a stable wireless network (your home wifi) and broadband internet for the camera to work. The other limitation is if you want to record and store video footage, you need to sign up for the ring service which is around £2.50 a month. You can still use the live video but you cannot record and store the footage without using the right service.


  • Floodlight with built in security camera that connects to your smartphone and Alexa devices.
  • Clear 1080p video and two way communicaton to talk to anyone from your smart device.
  • Can record and store video recording including what happened just before the camera was triggered.
  • Offers two fixed weather-resistant LED lights.
  • Features a wide 140-degree field of view.
  • Comes with a 30-day free Ring Protect Plan trial to try recording and store service.
  • Responds to voice command if paired with a screen Alexa device.
  • Features a remotely activated siren, great for scaring off intruders.
  • Offers a customisable motion detection system.


  • The live view may respond slowly due to network quality.

Our recommendation

The Ring Floodlight Cam by Amazon is a product designed to suit those who want to monitor what is happening outdoors from anywhere in the world, or just in the house or work but you get the idea.

Ring Floodlight Cam by Amazon | HD Security Camera with Built-in Floodlights, Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm | With 30-day free trial of Ring Protect Plan

I really like that you can access the video feed from your phone or PC as long as you have strong wireless connectivity.  As for being able to see and talk to whoever has triggered the camera, this is great if you have deliveries etc.

As far as brightness goes, the floodlight can illuminate a sizeable area and the sensors are adequately alert to pick up motion. One last feature I do like is that you can set the sensor to trigger within a very specific area. I have not seen that feature on any other model. Finally, it’s not essential but you can only record the video if you sign up for the ring service, this is the only downside but not everyone will want to record the video as you can see live video at the time. Overall I think this is well worth investing in if you also want to see what’s happening as soon as the security light is triggered.

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3. Steinel LED Outdoor Spotlight LS 150

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Steinel LED Outdoor Spotlight LS 150 S Black, 240° Motion Sensor Light, max. 12 m Range, 14.7 W, 4000 K, 1375 Lumen

If you are looking for a model with a long-range, the Steinel LED Outdoor Spotlight LS 150 Black is well worth considering and is a good alternative to my best pick by the same reliable brand.

The 20.5W spotlight provides a 12m range and a wide 240-degree field of view making it suitable for large areas like driveways. What really makes this model stand out is the 240-degree view, this means you can position it on the corner of a house and it will cover both sides of the house.

Steinel LED Outdoor Spotlight LS 150 S Black, 240° Motion Sensor Light, max. 12 m Range, 14.7 W, 4000 K, 1375 Lumen

This motion-sensor activated spotlight is very durable as it is made from strong plastic and aluminium and is overall just a good quality product.

The bright LED lights will work with no issues because the bulbs are designed to provide about 50,000 useable hours. Even at night, the 1760 lumen model provides a vibrant light colour of 4000k, and its pivoting head is adjustable to suit the direction you want. The spotlight possesses a twilight threshold and time adjustment setting to tweak the light to suit your surroundings.

Steinel LED Outdoor Spotlight LS 150 S Black, 240° Motion Sensor Light, max. 12 m Range, 14.7 W, 4000 K, 1375 Lumen

Finally, something this model does come with which most other models does not is a cover for the PIR sensor. This allows you to individually adjust the detection range if you don’t want to cover the full 240 degrees.


  • Ideal for large driveways and patios thanks to the vibrant 4000K colour and a 1760 lumens rating.
  • Can be set up on the corner of a house to cover both sides thanks to the 240 degree sensor.
  • Made from durable plastic and aluminium.
  • Easy to install. 
  • Features a pivoting head so you can adjust up and down and left and right as needed.
  • Provides a long 12m reach.
  • Can be connected to a switch if needed.
  • Offers good value for money.


  • Some of the plastic bits are a little fragile.

Our recommendation

The Steinel LED Outdoor Spotlight LS 150 Black is an affordable option for those looking for a garden security light that’s not quite as bright as my best pick. I also like that it can cover two walls at once to the 240-degree sensor.

This model offers a broader field of view, and its bright 4000K lights are enough to illuminate a wide area at night. The spotlight is a breeze to install and additionally, it provides a long reach depending on the installation’s location. It may have mishaps like some fragile plastic parts, but in general, it is amongst the easiest to use and still much better than most alternatives.

4. SANSI LED Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Flood Lights

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While the design is perhaps not quite as attractive as my previous picks, this model by SANSI still features 180-degree infrared motion sensors but I like the twin light design as they also pivot 180 degrees too. These lights are bright providing an 1800 lumen rating and 5000k bright light to cover a sizeable area. The lights themselves should give around 50,000 working hours thanks to the hollow design and effective patented ceramic heat dissipation system.

Now, this model has more modes than most, 4 in total. First off it has dusk until dawn function, basically it comes on in the evening when it goes dark and stays on all night until morning.

Next, you have the auto mode, this is the mode most people will use. It comes on at night if it detects movement. You also have on-time mode, this basically means you wire it into a switch so you can switch it on and off manually.

Finally, I’m not sure if should be called a ‘mode’ but that is test mode. This is only used to set it up to make sure the sensor is working right and the setting are all as you need them.

As you would expect they have a waterproof rating of IP65 so can be set up in any outdoor location. Finally, this 250W model is backed by a 2-year warranty for quality assurance.


  • Features two spot lights that can both independently rotate 180 degrees.
  • Offers 180-degree infrared motion sensor.
  • Features 5000k and 1800 lumens bright lights.
  • Has 3 main working models, dusk to dawn so the light is constantly on at night, switch powered and finally automode so it comes on at night only if it detects movement.
  • Easy to install.
  • Features patented ceramic heat dissipation technology for durability.
  • Very affordable offering excellent value for money.
  • Covered by a 2-year warranty for full peace of mind.


  • Design is not very attractive.

Our recommendation

The SANSI LED Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Flood Lights are very bright and illuminate a large area with ease. The first thing to note is the price, this may not be sleek and modern but the price is very affordable.

As previously mentioned, these lights do not have the most attractive design, but they function really well considering their price point. The 1800 lumens model will be suitable for those who need a brighter than average motion sensor security light for wider coverage. It is not fancy, but it gets the job done.

No products found.

5. Fatpoom Outdoor Solar Lights

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Fatpoom Outdoor Solar Lights, 30 LED Solar Security Light with Motion Sensor Dual Head Spotlights IP65 Waterproof 360° Adjustable Solar Wall Lights Outdoor for Yard Garage Patio Porch (4 Pack)

The Fatpoom Outdoor Solar Lights come with 360-degree rotatable heads for optimal coverage and they possess a reach of 10 meters which is pretty standard. The PIR and light sensor model has a 120-degree field of view, and once it sensors movement; it comes on for around 30 seconds. One feature I do like is that they have a low light at night that is constantly on but once activated it comes on brighter.

Now, this model is solar powered so it can take a couple of days for the batteries to charge before they start working so that’s something to note. It also features an automatic dusk till dawn function.


  • Solar powered lights.
  • Featuring a low light that is constantly on which goes bright for 30 seconds once activated by movment.
  • Offers pivoting lights.
  • Features a wide 120-degree focus.
  • It is IP65 rated therefore waterproof.
  • Offers a long running time.
  • Easy to install.
  • Provides a reach of 10m.
  • Gives good value for money.


  • May not perform as well in dull weather.

Our recommendation

If you are looking for a set of environmental-friendly adjustable lights for security, the Fatpoom Outdoor Solar Lights may be worth considering. These lights would suit those looking for a solar option that is easy to operate. The key is to install them in an area receiving a lot of sunshine to get optimal use from them. If you are wondering if they are bright enough, yes, they are bright, but a low light does stay on constantly.

Garden Security Flood Light Buyers Guide

Shopping for security lights is not the same as shopping for indoor lights because durability is a huge factor. The various features you need to consider include:

Type of garden security light

There are various kinds of security lights available on the market; the common factor is that they include PIRs (passive infrared sensors). Passive infrared sensors are vital for motion detection otherwise; the lights wouldn’t be activated when needed.

Solar vs Mains Electric garden security lights

The lights can be LED, or halogen; and solar-powered or mains powered. It all depends on the budget you have and overall preference. Solar garden security lights are preferable in remote areas with limited electricity but they depend on sunlight so are not always great in the UK. Mains powered are reliable and are the best choice if you have easy access to electricity, which most people usually do.

Choosing bwteen LED vs Halogen garden security lights

LEDs fit into any modern home and are far more reliable and are much more energy-efficient.  For most people LED lights are the way to go. Halogens are not usually as efficient but can often produce more light for very large areas.

What brightness of garden lights do you need for patios and driveways?

Be careful to choose the right brightness as some are low light only
Be careful to choose the right brightness as some are low light only

Different security lights provide different levels of brightness. You can distinguish a model’s brightness by looking at its lumen count. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light output.

Try to select a model that is not too bright, especially if you have neighbours to avoid upsetting them at night. Models with between 1700 and 2000 lumens are usually perfect for most driveways and patios.

Should you choose security lights that pivot?

Most garden security lights have the ability to pivot up and down and rotate left and right, usually by around 180 degrees. However, you can get some models that have a PIR sensor that can detect up to 240 degrees. This means it can be mounted on the corner of a house and cover both sides of the wall with one garden security light.

Installing security light
Installing security light

Deciding how much reach the PIR sensors need for your home

How far do you want the security light to detect movement? Do you want to be alerted when an intruder is five meters or ten meters away, what about 12 meters?

If you have a model with a long reach, it will detect movements from far and light up immediately. Some models offer customisable reach, which means you can select the specific area where you want the lights to be activated. This can be done directly on an app with some models such as that by Ring but some models come with a cover to put on the sensors to block part of the view of the sensor.

Consider APP and Smart controled flood lights with build in cameras with two way voice control

If you are dealing with models such as the Ring Floodlight Cam by Amazon that respond to voice commands, good internet connectivity is essential. You want garden security lights that integrate into the wireless network you have seamlessly. This simply means connecting your security light to your router through wifi like you do your mobile phone or computers. Generally, you need broadband with an internet speed of at least 2 Mega bites per second.

You can check your internet speed here

How easy are garden security lights to set up

STEINEL 30056 LED-Floodlight XLED Home 2 XL S Graphite, 2124 lm, 180° Motion Detector, 19.3 W, Fully Swivelling LED Panel, Warm White Light Colour,21.4 x 18 x 16.1 cm

Functions in garden security lights that make them easier to use include rotating light heads and a twilight function. Rotating heads can be adjusted at will compared to fixed lights, which makes it easy to cover different areas. The time setting and twilight function permit the lights to be active at the right time.

One major issue is wiring the lights in, if you are not competent with electrics, I highly recommend just hiring an electrician to wire your light in for you. It will take them around 15-30 minutes. Don’t mess around when it comes to electrics!

Protection from the elements

Considering that garden security lights are meant for the outdoors, weather protection is important to maintain durability. Regardless of whether the lights feature plastic or metal frames; waterproof, frost and UV-resistant abilities are essential. The higher the level of protection from the elements, the more the lights are likely to remain functional. Ideally, they need to be IP65 rated which means there fully waterproof even when fired with a jet of water for a long period of time.


Is there a way of preventing the lights from unwarranted activation?

If your lights keep triggering unexpectedly, you can choose to invest in small blinders. These blinders are usually plastic and prevent the sensors from picking movement in unwanted areas. For example, if the neighbour opening their door activates the lights, place a blinder in that direction.

It’s also worth checking the built-in setting for the sensitivity of the sensor as this can often be adjusted.

Do garden security lights with motion sensors keep away burglars?

Thieves like to go undetected; therefore, bright lights shining on their faces are not ideal. Better yet, one with a camera to record them and they certainly don’t want that. In general, just having security lights is enough to deter any would-be burglar.

How much will it cost to install a garden security light professionally?

This depends on the type of security light you purchased, and the time it takes the professional to complete the installation. In most cases, it is not more than £200 and often much much cheaper.

Final Conclusion

While you want a bright security light, you have to be careful not to select a light that is too bright, as it creates shadows where thieves can hide out or can simply be too bright in general.

If you don’t know the best position to install the security light, call a professional to assist you, and that way, you get the most out of the product. 

It could be simple to use and durable like the Best Pick, the Steinel 20W LED-Floodlight XLED. This really is a high-quality garden security floodlight worth considering.

Or a costlier model with a camera like the Ring Floodlight Cam by Amazon. This is also an amazing piece of kit, just make sure you have a good wifi signal and internet.

Nevertheless, it is better than operating in complete darkness in these troubled times. Pick the best garden security light today, and sleep better at night knowing you will be alerted in case an intruder walks into your property, or at the very least just deters them in the first place.

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