Best Daypack for Hiking and Walking – 8 Top Picks and Buyers Guide

Last updated on March 29th, 2022

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Just as the computer geeks always carry those memory sticks around or cloud-compute their files feeling secure in the knowledge that all their necessary data is safe and sound, hikers need backpacks to carry their stuff while they move around.

Recreational activities in the UK have long become inclusive of variable outdoor sports and backpacking for spontaneous excursions in mountains or forests. Backpackers are adventure-loving people fond of activities such as hiking, trekking, camping, beaching, skiing and many more. If you are among those fun-loving people, you will be used to packing and unpacking stuff quite regularly. However, it can be cumbersome due to lack of proper travelling bags or adequate storage space, even for the most necessary items.

Then there are issues such as unexpected weather conditions, water-prone areas, humidity, dirt, etc that can damage the travel gear and other belongings during your travel. Without the convenience of home, you are left with very little stuff and you must pack selectively and manage smartly throughout your trip.

The best daypack for hiking is the one that is lightweight, capacious, weather-resistant, and durable. The choices are endless yet with the consideration of quality standards that are listed below, the spectrum can be narrowed down to enable appropriate selection. We have also handpicked our best pick and runner-up choices for you to consider along with others.

The Osprey Men’s Talon Hiking backpack is by far our best choice for an ideal rucksack for your day hike. For anyone who loves physical recreation in the form of hiking, trekking, walking, etc this backpack is the go-to choice due to it being the best-reviewed piece so far. Also, the brand has earned undeniable recognition after emerging as a trusted name in the hiking industry.


Osprey Men's Talon 22 Hiking Pack
This high-quality bag is made from very lightweight nylon that has been reinforced at the sides and bottom for enhanced toughness. With a mesh constructed back panel and padded shoulder straps, you can expect little sweating and stress when walking. There is plenty of storage pockets in this one and multiple attachments points for trekking poles. It even comes with an emergency whistle that you can use to call for help in case of danger. Although a bit expensive than other models in this post, it no doubt offers the most value in the long run.

Daypack Buyer’s Guide

The expensive things in life may come at a price but the best things in life come after a decision that is wise. The hard work we have put into preparing this buying guide for you will pay off when, and after reading this, you will be able to think reflectively and choose wisely.

So, dear hikers! Are you searching for the best daypack for walking? Invest some time in going through this article to find out about the top rucksacks that we have chosen and listed for your ease of selection. The reviews curated for each of these 8 products having variable designs and features, will help you decide which one to buy and which piece will suit you best.

Also, we have consolidated the most important factors to consider while choosing the best fit along with some general features that are mostly found in every other backpack nowadays.

choosing a good daypack

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Daypack

By narrowing down the focus, we have made it easier for you to review the available choices. The following factors will serve as the quality indicators for you at the time of making the purchasing decision wisely without getting swayed by the outer shape or flashiness of a product.


Amidst the rainy downpour, your backpack can remain safe and dry if the material is properly covered and is proven to be waterproof. Now, it actually depends on the rating of waterproofness. The higher the percentage, the more effective is the protective ability. The backpacks guaranteed to be 100% waterproof can be boldly used under intense downpours as well and as in all the other submersion activities involving water indulgence.

Material quality

The available variety in the design and structure of the daypacks today are overwhelmingly distracting. If you wish to choose an ideal fit, focus on the quality of the material instead. PVC nylon has been a commonly used material for most daypacks. Some also use polyester along with nylon because both are light and synthetically durable and can be easily accessible too. However, the former is more resistant to water, easier to clean and shrinks less while the latter is stronger and softer.

Sometimes, cotton canvas is also used. Coated with waterproof wax, it is a heavy-duty, long term choice that can be sustained for years to come. Nevertheless, the point is that whatever fabric for the manufacturing is selected, it should be of a wear-and-tear-resistant material with strength and reliability.


Berghaus Men's Arrow Outdoor Backpack
Another credible name in the hiking industry is Berghaus. The Berghaus Men's Arrow backpack is chosen to be a runner-up in our list due to the presence of generally good features and factors that are important to be considered when for buying the daypack for hiking. It is a light-weight, roomy, has adjustable and removable chest straps and flexible support, and comes with a rain cover.


Your backpack should be light, yet sturdy enough to bear the brunt of your hiking adventures. Imagine having to buy a new rucksack every year for your holidays just because the internal padding has fallen flat. Or maybe the zippers have betrayed you on several occasions to the point that you are eager to get rid of this piece now. This happens because, upon buying, we tend to focus more on the superficial design and trendiness of the rucksacks instead of the inner strength and sturdiness of the product.


As a traveller or hiker, your whole tiny home is hidden inside that backpack. From toiletries and medicine to clothes and food, from tools and shoes to tech items and gadgets, etc. Everything must be able to fit inside. Therefore, spaciousness is an important factor to be considered while looking for an ideal daypack for hiking.

However, bear in mind that each user’s priorities and needs may differ so know yourself first and then select what is appropriate for you and what would serve you as the best possible solution to your problem. Most backpacks give a litre size but remember that most daypacks are smaller than the usual hiking backpacks because they are designed for a day out walking and hiking and not camping overnight.


Walking, climbing, jogging, trekking, hiking, etc are all bodily activities that burn calories and cause perspiration as a result. The sweaty used clothes inside the backpack and the perspiring body carrying that backpack on the back, both would definitely need ventilation and this is where the role of the breathability factor comes in.

Whether it be a food package, a leaking water bottle, dirty clothes, shoes or a sweating body itself. A complete lack of air inside the backpack is not recommended. The mesh linings and panelling often provide the necessarily permeable space that helps in drying out quickly and keeping things fresh without causing rancid, stale air inside or around the backpack.

Daypacks for walking - what to consider when buying one


What is the point of shopping again and again for backpacks? Why not invest some time to review and research before finding a long-term, durable solution? That is why we have included durability among the most important factors to be considered while picking your perfect option. To avoid wear and tear, the manufacturers tend to have the stitching completed using the bar-tacking technique where a series of reinforcing stitches makes the material more durable and stronger. Also, some of the good-quality daypacks have a sturdier, dual-core bottom to provide added support.


The whole point of enjoying an outdoor trip is to travel light and relax. Still, regardless of the adventure element, the need for essential items cannot be denied. Suitable backpacks are those that enable optimum portability for the trekkers without compromising the necessary space to carry all your essentials. Some of the best portable rucksacks are those that can be converted or folded into a tinier version of themselves when being empty or carrying smaller items.

Ease of maintenance

Polyester backpacks are normally easier to clean due to their stain resistance and anti-abrasive surfaces. They are also lighter and faster to dry if they get wet for any reason. Easy maintenance should be one of those things you have to ensure before choosing a suitable backpack because if handled with care, its life can be prolonged conveniently.

Most of the backpacks can be cleaned easily by using a sponge duster soaked in warm, soapy water and scrubbing the dirt away gently. Also, avoiding contact with direct sunlight at home is important to let the backpack preserve its original colour and texture. Store in a dry, moderate environment to be able to use it again next time.

Multi-purpose functionality

Most of you may use the backpack as an all-purpose bag for going outdoors. This means that all-purpose functionality is also a commendable feature. You may not go hiking next week but you probably have already decided to spend some time on the beach for a family picnic, a day at the gym, and a study date with a friend at a local library. In all cases, multi-purpose functionality provides the product owner with several usage options and increases the customer satisfaction level by offering maximum flexibility.

General Features of a Quality Daypack

There is an abundant supply of products in each e-commerce category today. No matter what object you wish to purchase, you will be first attracted and then distracted by the sheer range of brands, designs, and colours of that particular item available for sale. To make matters worse, the lack of honest reviews and the plenitude of partially biased product descriptions issued by the brand’s official pages make it difficult to know about the product realistically and make the right choice.

Some general features that are most said to be the most common traits present in contemporary rucksacks are mentioned below.

Adjustable straps

The adjustability of the straps and belts help in providing necessary lumbar support and maximum relief. Prolonged carrying of your belongings on your back throughout your trip may cause aches in the body, especially the back region. Similarly, the wrong proportions or symmetry of the straps without the advantage of a re-adjustable lock or buckle system may cause severe consequences as well. Therefore, nearly all good daypacks have an adjustable strap feature.

Pockets or compartments

You as a hiker may have several items to carry along on your trip. These items may range from food to keys, from clothes to shoes, and from your wallet to your laptop, etc. Therefore, multiple pockets of different sizes and in different places on your backpack facilitate this purpose easily, in a well-organised manner.

Rain cover

The added protection of a water-resistant sealing system or cover will help keep your belongings safe and dry. After all, one should always be on guard from rainy weather while travelling, especially in the UK. Several of the brands claim their backpack’s material to be completely waterproof, however, the single fabric layer may not be able to keep away the wetness and will fail at controlling the damage caused by rain while you are out in the open.


Faulty zippers are indeed an exhaustive problem when it comes to travel bags. The quality zippers are those that are either made of heavy-duty yet lightweight, anti-corrosive metal, insulated firm rubber or plastic. The zipper lining should also be defined and smooth. Also, the thicker zippers are sturdier to move along the constructive zipper lining. The zipper stops at the end of the zipping line ensures that the zipper is securely aligned at the end, while you open and reopen your backpack.

Daypacks for hiking - features to look out for


Padded panels and straps in the backpack can make you feel relieved and provides a comfortable feeling. The material used should be highly dense and durable, being able to retain its original shape so that the backpack remains in shape as well. Normally, spongy material such as foam is used in the internal lining to convert the outer panels into cushiony, padded regions. Then there are different types of foam too, which vary according to the density and weight.

Outer loop or handle

Most of the daypacks possess outer handles to carry the bag in an alternative manner or hang it on a pole or post, etc. These are also called hooks or loops. Now, imagine yourself camping and your tent is almost set up. You have a backpack full of your essential belongings, how nice would it be to be able to hang it using that outer handle. Moreover, if your back and shoulders are under strain due to the load you still need to carry it around, and it is always a relief to be able to temporarily carry the bag using alternative methods.

Panel for trekking poles, bottles and other attachments

Trekking is incomplete without the trekking poles. If you are going to choose a good quality backpack bear in mind that your choice must accommodate your trekking gear and equipment along with your other items. Most of the backpacks have side holders like panels to secure your foldable trekking poles with straps or elasticated drawstring sleeve-like pockets. If there are no sleeved/ holder pockets or looped/strappy panels dedicated to the trekking poles, you can always secure them manually by tying them up with a belt or string and tightening the cinch around your poles to keep them in place.

The Top 8 Best Daypacks Reviews for Walkers and Hikers

After discussing in detail the considerable factors and quality indicators of the best day rucksack, let us review our top 8 picks for today keeping in mind the above-mentioned insights.

1. Osprey Men’s Talon 22 Hiking Pack


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Osprey Men's Talon 22 Hiking Pack

The Osprey Men’s Talon 22 Hiking Pack is a popular daypack among hikers and there are many reasons why; it’s lightweight, a great fit, available in a range of sizes and colours, and strikes a reasonable price point. Many consider it a handy multi-sport option and although it’s not the most feature-rich product on the market, the clever design suits the needs of day hikers, bikers and travellers alike.

Let’s start with carrying comfort, and this pack certainly has the right balance of comfort, weight and fit. The shoulder straps and hip belt is comfortable and well-ventilated because they are made of mesh-covered foam. In addition, the hip belt and shoulder straps are fully adjustable in length, allowing you to get a proper fit on your back. However, the shoulder straps are quite thin and without much cushioning, so you’ll not want to load the pack with heavy gear, although this should only be an issue if you are just hiking for the day.

Weighing around 800g, the Talon 22 falls on the lighter side of the daypack spectrum. The pack is made of 420-denier nylon that is reinforced at the sides and bottom for enhanced durability. The back panel features a mesh fabric for comfort because it doesn’t cause abrasion when it’s rubbing against your back.

There are multiple pockets and compartments on this pack including the main compartment, top zippered pocket, inner zippered pocket, two mesh side pockets, front stash pocket, shoulder strap pocket, two zippered hip belt pockets, and an outer hydration sleeve.

The main pocket provides enough space for storing gear for one-day trips and is easily accessible from the top. The hip belt pockets and shoulder strap pockets are conveniently placed and are ideal for storing your smartphone, GPS device, camera and other stuff you want to keep within arm’s reach. Your wet clothes can go into the front stash pocket and your bottle in the hydration sleeve.

Attachments are available in the form of a LidLock biking helmet attachment point, LED light attachment point, Stow-On-The-Go hiking pole attachment system and an ice tool holder. There’s also a discreet emergency whistle on the chest strap that can be useful in times of trouble.


  • Made from extremely lightweight nylon material with reinforcements at the bottom and sides for durability.
  • Has mesh fabric on the back panel, shoulder straps and hip belt for ventilation.
  • Fits perfectly on different body types thanks to adjustable shoulders straps and a curved back panel.
  • Offers plenty of storage due to the availability of multiple pockets.
  • Includes attachment points for various gear, such as biking helmets and hiking poles.
  • Comes with an emergency whistle that can be handy in case of trouble.
  • Ultra lightweight daypack at around 800g, perfect for hiking.

So all things considered, this Osprey Men’s Talon 22 Hiking Pack is a very nice offering for day hiking trips as well as everyday use. The only thing you need to be aware of is that it’s not really waterproof, so you would need to buy the additional coverage if you plan on going out in very wet weather.

All in all, if you are one to go hiking in better weather and tend to avoid really wet weather, this is an excellent pick. If you don’t like the idea of using a cover in wet weather you would be better considering one that is fully waterproof, however, this comes at a cost and is not really a problem most day hikers will need to worry about.

2. Berghaus Men’s 30L Arrow Outdoor Backpack


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Berghaus Arrow 30 Backpack, Black, One Size

The Berghaus Men’s 30 litre Arrow Outdoor Backpack comes with everything you need for a day trip on the hills or hiking for the day. First, the main compartment is of a decent size and the pack has other large side pockets, plus a top lid pocket so you can carry all your essentials with ease. The side pockets provide space for smaller gear that doesn’t need to go into the main pocket, therefore, you can easily access them without removing the pack. They can additionally double up as ‘buddy pockets’, particularly when hiking with a friend, whereby your companion keeps their items in your side pockets and you keep some of your equipment in theirs.

The daypack takes a traditional design combined with modern light fabrics to meet the demands of contemporary hikers. A good highlight in this regard is its well-constructed hip belt that is designed to keep the load secure and use the Flow Back System. Together with vented foam plus a height-adjustable chest strap, they allow the pack to sit nicely wherever you roam.

Walking pole attachment points, hydration system compatibility and a rain cover offer all the versatility you need for hiking. The pack itself weighs only 745g, meaning it adds very little to your entire gear weight. It also features tough polyester fabric and strong YKK zips that are known for their robustness, guaranteeing durable wear and performance. The main zippers are covered by a storm flap for increased protection against passing showers, though some people complain the flap gets in the way of the zippers. You can just fold it away to access the zippers.


  • Superior comfort provided by a Flow Back System with vented foam for breathability.
  • Has multiple pockets for you to organise your belongings.
  • Comes with a rain cover for additional wet weather protection.
  • With a height adjustable and removable chest strap for you to find your perfect fit.
  • Hydration system compatible so you can stay hydrated on your trip
  • Robust zips by YKK (highly regarded for their quality) and won’t jam or break easily.
  • Lightweight pack at around 745g, perfect for day trips.

Overall, this 30-litre walking daypack would be secure on anyone’s back and its side pockets mean you can access your gear without digging everything out of it. A great offering for the price and even comes with a rain cover included. When you consider all the great features and affordability of this daypack, it soon became clear that this should be our Runner-up model.

3. Mountaintop 40L Hiking Backpack

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MOUNTAINTOP Hiking Backpack 40L Water Resistent Trekking Rucksack for Men Women Outdoor Traveling pack Daypack 55 x 35 x 25 cm

This Mountaintop 40-litre Hiking Backpack is made for a moderate hiker or camper who needs plenty of space for their gear and accessories. Because it’s made from water-resistant nylon and supplied with a rain cover, the pack can be used in wet weather for some hours. Furthermore, the 40-litre capacity is nothing to be sneezed at and you’ll be amazed at just how much the pack can carry, allowing you to extend your trip. It’s maybe a little larger than the average daypack but for those looking for something a little bigger but not too big, this is perfect.

With this backpack, you can carry basic essentials such as a sleeping bag, hammock, clothes, footwear, and even a tent. It also has a front pocket with an internal mesh pouch, two mesh bottle pouches, as well as a hip-belt pocket for extra storage. The main compartment can even accommodate a 15.6-inch laptop, something that smaller bags struggle with.

The pack comes in a wide range of colours, from black to blue, dark red, khaki and sky blue, giving plenty of options for men and women to choose from. Its S-shaped shoulder straps are adjustable to allow a nice fit for anyone and the breathable back panel with foam reduces sweating when carrying the backpack.

Each side of the shoulder straps has D-shaped hooks to attach small items too. The pack’s sternum strap also features an emergency whistle buckle, while the frontal straps can also hang a trekking pole. The use of YKK zippers and buckle system ensures a high level of security for your essentials. The buckles release easily when needed and they are very strong.

Last but not least, this pack has a hip belt that can fit 25-53″ circumferences. Looking at the impressive capacity, practical features and amazing price, we think this Mountaintop 40 litre Hiking Backpack is a steal and well worth considering if you’re looking for a daypack with a little more space.


  • Made from water-resistant fabric, this will prevent your items from getting soaked during a downpour, plus it comes with an additional rain cover.
  • Has numerous pockets to accommodate separately your sleeping bag, camera, mobile phones and more.
  • Well-padded shoulder straps that won’t exert pressure on your body whilst you carry the pack.
  • Waterproof YKK zippers prevent water from leaking into the pack during rainy weather as well as being regarded as some of the best zippers available.
  • With D-shaped hooks on shoulder straps to attach smaller items.
  • Substantial 40-litre capacity to hold an impressive load.
  • Available in a variety of colours and designed to be used by both men and women.

4. Meisohua 40L Hiking Backpack

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Meisohua Camping Backpack Large Trekking Rucksacks, Lightweight Hiking Rucksack 40 Litre Outdoor Travel Bags,Backpack with Waterproof Raincover

The Meisohua 40L Hiking Backpack is a mountaineering offering that is both trendy, comfortable and affordable. This hiking backpack is a convenient, waterproof travel bag for outdoor ventures. Including a rain cover for protection and a water-resistant nylon exterior, this rucksack option is a suitable choice for your hiking journey. The quality of zippers is also good enough to stand regular handling. Having a height of more than 19 inches and a length above 12 inches, the size is accommodating enough and several of your essential accessories can fit in quite comfortably.

This daypack has a multi-pocketed design. The inner space of the backpack has an organised structure, including dedicated compartments for different sorts of objects. Whether it be your laptop or your keys or wallet, each compartment has a place for it. There is a large pocket, a couple of side pockets, a top pocket, and two waist pockets.

The added advantage of hanging straps on the exterior side serves the purpose of carrying hiking or camping equipment such as poles, sleeping bags etc, quite easily. Trekking can be fun if everything is well-managed and taken care of. This way your adventure can be smooth and free from trivial worries such as where to put your phone or water bottle while on the move.

The padded lining inside the rucksack material provides a light and cushiony effect, offering maximum support while carrying. The support to the back and shoulders is very important because the strain from a hard and heavy backpack often results in backache. Therefore, the adjustable straps help release the burdensome feeling of carrying around the bag on your back throughout your hike. The meshed lining of the padding of the bag enables a breathable dry experience that makes your day hike all the more relaxing and enjoyable.

This rucksack is a unisex product available in different colours so that it can be appropriate for both men and women. Other than hiking, this backpack can also be an all-purpose choice for general outdoor activities such as hiking, walking, skiing, travelling, mountain climbing, hunting and all while on a more affordable budget. Overall, an excellent backpack is well worth considering with lots of storage space.


  • Adjustable straps so everyone can find a suitable fit on the back.
  • Padded, meshed exterior for both comfort and breathability.
  • Made from water-resistant nylon for better protection against wet weather.
  • Includes rain cover for added protection in heavy or consistent rain.
  • Multipurpose pack that can be used for any outdoor excursion, be it walking, hiking, hunting or skiing.
  • Comes with multiple pockets and compartments for you to organise your belongings properly.

5. MoHo Sports 40L Lightweight Packable Backpack

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MoHo Sports 40L Lightweight Packable Backpack, Durable Water Resistant Travel Hiking Camping Outdoor Foldable Daypack for Women Men (Green)

The MoHo Sports 40L Lightweight Backpack weighs less than 500g, making it a lightweight and portable rucksack, convenient for your hiking venture and one of the lightest backpacks on this list. The high-quality material made of honeycomb nylon has waterproof durability that ensures that the backpack can survive any possible wear and tear caused by weather or excessive usage.

The backpack has heavy-duty, metallic zippers that are able to withstand harsh handling and remain sturdy enough. As a hiking enthusiast, you are always in need of a strong yet lightweight bag that can be comfortably carried while travelling and is spacious enough to fit all your necessary belongings in, including travel gear, food and gadgets etc. The double-layered bottom offers strength and support to carry heavier items as well without feeling burdensome.

The MoHo sports backpack is also very compact and has a portability feature in the form of a foldable pocket design. It has ventilated, meshed straps with adequate sponge padding to make it light and airy. There are multiple pockets to facilitate appropriate space and capacity. According to several opinions and practical experiences of users around the world, it has been proved as a multi-purpose backpack that can cater to your needs during various outdoor trips.

What’s more? The manufacturer has offered a 30-day moneyback guarantee and a 1-year warranty for this particular product and the price offered is less than half the price of some more branded alternatives.


  • Has heavy-duty metallic zippers that guarantee long-lasting durability against day-to-day activities.
  • Water-resistant construction that will be useful in the rainy season.
  • The double-layered bottom piece makes it possible to carry heavy gear.
  • Meshed shoulder straps with enough padding to relieve stress from your shoulders.
  • Foldable design, which means it can fold into its own pocket when not in use for easier storage.
  • Chest clip (with a whistle buckle) to help distribute weight evenly around your shoulders.
  • A lightweight pack that doesn’t add significant weight to your load.
  • Large 40 litre capacity with multiple pockets to carry all your essentials.
  • Versatile pack that can serve many purposes such as hiking, travelling, overnight trip and everyday use.
  • Comes with a 30 day moneyback guarantee.

6. Spaher Ultralight Hiking Backpack

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SPAHER Ultralight Packaway Hiking Backpack Trekking Rucksack For Men and Women Foldaway Daypack Shoulder Bag Waterproof Outdoor Unisex Cycling Holdall Flight Bag School Bag Camping Travelling Bag 25L

As the name suggests, the Spaher Ultralight Hiking Backpack is a super-lightweight pack weighing just 360g. It has a night reflective feature due to the presence of reflective strips outlining the backpack’s zipper markings, which is a great added feature.

The backpack’s nylon material is waterproof and scratch-resistant so that it can provide maximum usability for your long-term hiking sessions. This travel-friendly rucksack is portable enough to be folded into a smaller version of itself until it becomes a small zippered pocket that can be squeezed inside your suitcase, just like a tiny pouch. It can also serve as a multi-functional alternative to many totes or sling bags otherwise commonly used by the unaware masses.

The symmetry of the shoulder straps is on point, facilitating support for the back and shoulders. The length distribution is adjusted conveniently by a lock system that provides flexibility and relief.


  • Designed with a reflective strip around the zipper for better visibility at night.
  • Waterproof enough to withstand light rain and water splashing.
  • Foldable design means it folds into its own pocket when not in use for easier storage.
  • Breathable shoulder straps to help ease the stress on your shoulders.
  • Adjustable straps for tightening or loosening the pack as needed.
  • Lightweight design at just 360g when empty.

The overall design is adjustable and ergonomic, suiting the countryside wanderers’ needs best. Also, the material is waterproof and it is good enough for light rain, however, it’s not the best choice for heavy rain because the zippers are not waterproof so the rain can eventually get through the zippers, it does not come with an additional rain cover which would resolve this small issue.

7. OverBoard Premium Waterproof Backpack

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OverBoard Premium Waterproof Backpack | 20 Liter Floating Pack | 100% Waterproof Dry Bag with 2-Way Roll Top Sealing System (Yellow)

This one is another ideal pick for outdoor trekkers. The OverBoard Premium Waterproof Backpack is a protective bag for carrying your hiking gear and other essential items ensuring that they can travel safely along with you. There is an additional protective layer, thanks to the introduction of a roll-top sealing system that has been incorporated into the rucksack’s constructional design. This layer makes it 100% waterproof and with it on your back, you can freely indulge in water sports as well, such as kayaking and snorkelling etc which makes it a little different from other backpacks. If you do wild swimming this is perfect.

The design of the bag makes it suitable for quick submersions and the light-weightiness and dry exterior helps in letting it float on the surface of the water rather than being soaked and drowned. There is a PVC tarpaulin front panel while the side panels are made up of PVC bonded nylon that offers optimum durability. So, the next time you decide to spend your day seeking out swimming holes in the Lakes or kayaking, feel free to let this bag give you company without hesitation, being 100% waterproof and able to float, should it somehow lend up in the water, everything inside will stay dry.

The comfortability of a backpack is a very important factor for hikers because carrying a load for a long way can turn the recreational activity into a stressful liability. Therefore, the padded layers, like other backpacks on our list, offer maximum lumbar support for travellers. The various pockets such as internal and elasticated mesh-pocket on the outside panel along with the bungee, sternum strap and a carry loop on the top, completes the overall look. There is also a useful belt for waist support.


  • Features a unique roll-top sealing system that adds to its waterproof capability which means it’s 100% waterproof.
  • Has an adjustable waist belt to help secure the pack properly.
  • Available in a range of colours and sizes for you to match your style.
  • Multiple pockets so you can easily organise your stuff.
  • Perfect for those who go walking and hiking in very wet weather.

8. Mardingtop 35/40L Tactical Backpack Military Rucksack

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Mardingtop 35L Tactical Backpack Practical Military Rucksack with Rain Cover Outdoor Trekking Backpack Unisex Patrol MOLLE Backpack for Hiking, Camping,Traveling

The Mardingtop Tactical Backpack is a military design rucksack made up of highly resistant quality and dense fabric material. The maintenance is easy to manage because the rucksack is easily cleanable due to the water-repellent ability of the fabric. Now it’s a little larger than most daypack type rucksacks but if you want something super robust, this is well worth considering

If you love tactical designs and an air of professionalism while carrying your belongings comfortably, this backpack is for you. The unisex, tactical image can portray a serious attitude yet passionately motivate you towards your next hiking endeavour. The multiple pockets ensure that each of your travel items is perfectly fitted and organised inside your backpack.

Just like the padded back panel and the shoulder straps, there is a chest strap offering adjustable support while reducing pressure and stress in the shoulder area. The molle webbing on the outer panel of the rucksack serves as the etched loops for attaching or hanging additional items that you want to carry along.

Extra pockets are also available to accommodate all the odds and ends you cannot bring yourself to abandon while going on the journey. Last but not least, the manufacturer offers a 30-day return and 60-day exchange policy for this product, you can’t get fairer than that.


  • Padded back panel for comfort when carrying the pack.
  • Designed with an adjustable chest strap that helps reduce pressure off the shoulders.
  • Unisexual design that suits the styles of many people.
  • Water repellent outer fabric for improved resistance against weather.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Features molle webbing for attaching items including smaller tactical bags.
  • Has some extra pockets for storing small items on the go.

Final Conclusion

The above details about the best daypacks for hiking are carefully curated for your benefit. Even though every user has varying preferences, we have tried our level best to gather sufficient information catering to all sorts of needs regarding the purchase of a good quality rucksack. Now, as a parting comment, we hope that you can be more aware of the choice you will be making the next time you go shopping. Happy hiking!


Osprey Men's Talon 22 Hiking Pack
This high-quality bag is made from very lightweight nylon that has been reinforced at the sides and bottom for enhanced toughness. With a mesh constructed back panel and padded shoulder straps, you can expect little sweating and stress when walking. There is plenty of storage pockets in this one and multiple attachments points for trekking poles. It even comes with an emergency whistle that you can use to call for help in case of danger. Although a bit expensive than other models in this post, it no doubt offers the most value in the long run.

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