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5 Best Artificial Conifer Hedge Screening For Low Maintenance Privacy

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If you’re feeling a bit exposed in your garden but don’t want to put up more fences or walls, consider using artificial conifer screening. While these hedges of greenery won’t fool anyone into thinking that they’re real, they do provide you with your much-needed privacy and add some more greenness to your outside life.

There’s not much difference between artificial conifer screens, so we focus on the ones with the best reviews. We give their pros, cons and features and select our Best Pick. Our Buyer’s Guide lets you know what to expect from these hedge-like screens by discussing their common elements.


True Products S1010D Evergreen Artificial Conifer Hedge
In a review of very similar products, the True Products S1010D Evergreen Artificial Conifer Hedge stands a little ahead of its competitors. This artificial screen is made of two-tones of green polyurethane needle-like leaves woven onto both sides of a wire chain link. The contrast of greens helps give a visual depth to the leaves that goes along with the 10-25mm actual depth of the screen. Despite the wire backing, it’s easy to cut the hedge into whatever size and shape you need as you install it against a support such as a fence or wall. With a range of heights to choose from, the True Products S1010D artificial conifer screen provides privacy or hides anything unsightly anywhere in your garden.

Best Artificial Conifer Screening Hedges Reviews

1. True Products S1010D Evergreen Artificial Conifer Hedge

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Artificial Conifer Hedge Plastic Privacy Screening Garden Fence 1m High x 3m Long (3ft 3' x 9ft 10')

The True Products S1010D Evergreen Artificial Conifer Hedge is a polyurethane hedge with grass-like leaves in two shades of green. This contrast of tones gives some visual depth and more interest to the conifer appearance.

The leaf mat is woven onto a backing of galvanised wire mesh from both sides, allowing you to see the leaves from the front and back. This is useful if you plan to put your conifer hedge above an existing fence or to support it on posts – people on the far side of the hedge will also have the benefit of seeing the greenery. In addition, it’s relatively difficult to stretch the wire mesh when installing the screen and so you won’t leave bare patches on the green surface.

Online reviewers report that it’s easy to install this True Products screen. If it’s too long, you can bend the end over or cut it to size with wire cutters. They also say that it’s simple to butt the joins together to hide them in the leaves. You need to install this screening against a support – wall, fence or posts – with the included ties or other means such as staples.

The True Products S1010D Evergreen Artificial Conifer Hedge comes in a choice of heights, all 3m long: 1m by 3m; 1.5m by 3m; and 2m by 3m.


  • Artificial screening made of UV-resistant and fire-resistant polyurethane comes in a roll.
  • Needs support from a fence, wall or posts.
  • Thickness is from 10mm to 25mm.
  • Constructed on a galvanised wire frame with greenery on each side (double-sided).
  • Can be cut with wire cutters.
  • Two-tone green leaves are on both sides of the screen.
  • Easy to install and blend together on joins.
  • Dimensions: start at 1m (height) by 3m (length) each roll.


  • Common issues for all artificial hedges:
  • Not completely opaque.
  • Colour not consistent across separate hedge purchases.
  • Not very realistic looking.
  • Not enough ties provided to secure it.

2. Extreme Artificial Conifer Hedge Screening

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eXtreme Artificial Conifer Leaf Screening Trellis | 3m x 1m Expandable Privacy Hedge for Gardens, Balcony, and Terraces | Realistic, Weatherproof, and UV-Stabilized Decorative Fencing Panel

We used galvanised netting staples to attach to the fence for extra strength. They also come with cable ties.

The Extreme Artificial Conifer Leaf Hedge Roll is a privacy screening option also made from two-tone green polyurethane. The leaves are fastened to a green plastic mesh backing that doesn’t show through the conifer carpet. The plastic has a coating that protects it from harmful UV rays and from most weathers. Some online reviewers say that they leave their conifer privacy screen out all winter in the UK.

The plastic backing makes it easy to use the included cable ties to attach the screen roll to the necessary supports. Most people use an existing fence or fence posts but you can also use galvanised netting staples to attach it to a brick or stone wall. It east to connect two panels together with cable ties; then fluff up the leaves to hide the join.

This artificial conifer screen has greenery on both sides so your neighbour behind the screen won’t have to look at just a green mesh backing.

This Extreme Artificial Conifer Leaf Hedge Roll comes in a roll of length 3m and a choices: 1m by 3m; 1.5m by 3m; and 2m by 3m.


  • Artificial hedge comes in a 3m length roll but in a choice of heights.
  • Leaves made from UV-protected polyurethane in two shades of green.
  • Structure is a green plastic chain link mesh with leaves on both sides.
  • Easily installed onto railings, walls and fences.
  • Easy to trim to the exact size you need.
  • Comes with cable ties
  • Dimensions: start at 1m (height) by 3m (length) each roll.


  • Provided ties are too flimsy for secure fastening.
  • Common issues for all artificial hedges:
  • Not completely opaque.
  • Colour may not consistent across separate hedge purchases.

3. CHRISTOW Artificial Conifer Leaf Hedge

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CHRISTOW Artificial Conifer Leaf Hedge Screening, Outdoor Garden Privacy Screen With Leaves, Wall Fence Panel, UV Resistant, H1m x W3m (3ft 3' x 9ft 10')

The CHRISTOW Artificial Conifer Leaf Hedge Screening is another two-tone green polyurethane screen that’s UV-resistant and weather-resistant. Don’t worry about the colour fading fast in the sun or the rain with these protections, plus the natural resistance of plastic.

The leaves are woven into the green mesh backing from both sides, giving a view of the artificial greenery for everyone. The green mesh backing hides inside these two layers of leaves. The plastic mesh also lets you cut the screen roll to any size or shape you need to ensure your privacy. Just use a sharp pair of garden shears. And you can easily attach the screen to whatever supports you use, even using staples to fasten it to a hard surface wall.

Unlike the other products in our reviews, the CHRISTOW Artificial Conifer Leaf Hedge Screening comes only in one height – 1m – and in a 3m roll. You need to stack these vertically on top of each other if your fence or support is higher than 1m. You do have the option of buying a four pack of rolls or buying an eight pack, instead of ordering a number of individual one roll packs.

Some online reviewers point out the inconsistency in the thickness of the leaves in the different rolls they received. Some were thick and bushy – indicating that this product can be good – but others were thin and sparse. This is a problem if you’re using all the rolls in the same hedge, though real-life hedges are rarely the same depth and look all the way along.


  • Polyurethane (UV protected and weather resistant) conifer hedge is a 3m long roll and in various heights.
  • Leaf strands are woven into a green plastic chain link mesh.
  • Easily installed on walls, fences or post supports.
  • Double sided so has greenery on both sides of hedge.
  • Clean by spraying down with a hose and wiping off excess water.
  • Easy to cut to smaller sizes or non-standard shapes.
  • Dimensions: 1m (height) by 3m (length) each roll.


  • Common issues for all artificial hedges:
  • Not completely opaque.
    • Colour not consistent across separate hedge purchases.
    • Not very realistic looking.

4. Woodside Artificial Conifer Screening

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Woodside Artificial Conifer Garden Fence/Wall Privacy Screening Hedge

The Woodside Artificial Conifer Garden Fence/Wall Privacy Screening Hedge, like most of the other conifer screens in our review, is made of weather-resistant polyurethane that’s also been protected from fading in UV rays. This model is in the wide-spread two-tones of green. However, some reviewers have complained that the two shades are very different and in high contrast, so the hedge doesn’t look realistic.

The artificial conifer leaves are woven into the green plastic mesh backing from both sides. This stops your neighbour if they are facing the hedge, from complaining about a view of the backing as they see the greenery too. Your purchase includes ties to fasten the conifer roll to the much-needed supports.

Use an existing fence or a wall or even a set of posts spaced quite closely together. For surfaces you can’t directly tie to, consider using staples or even put in hooks to secure the ties. However, some online reports state that they didn’t receive cable ties as advertised but just bits of wire that don’t work well at all. Be sure that you have your own method of securing the screen on hand.

Each roll comes in a length of 3m, but you have a choice of heights: 1m by 3m or 1.5m by 3m.


  • Green polyurethane (UV stabilised) artificial hedge comes in a 3m width and a choice of two heights. 
  • Two-tone green leaves woven into a plastic mesh backing to form the carpet.
  • Double sided so you have a view of the greenery form the front (you) and the back (your neighbours).
  • Includes 100 ties for securing the hedge carpet to supports.
  • Dimensions: start at 1m (height) by 3m (length) each roll.


  • Not very thick.
  • Common issues for all artificial hedges:
    • Not completely opaque.
    • Colour not consistent across separate hedge purchases.
    • Not very realistic looking.

5. Artificial Conifer Screening Roll by Best Artificial Store

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Best Artificial Conifer Screening Roll Privacy Hedging Wall Landscaping Garden Fence **UV Fade Protected** (3m x 1m)

The Best Artificial Conifer Screening Roll, unlike the other screens we review, is made of polyvinylchloride (PVC) and not polyurethane (PU). While both these plastics are weather-resistant, PVC has more layers and is tougher and more durable, while PU is more flexible. Either is a good choice for garden privacy screening.

This time the two colours in the leaves is green and what appears to be a light grey or brown that resembles the dead thatch that you always find in hedges. This does help to make the artificial hedge look a little more realistic. The PVC has been treated with a coating that resists damage from UV rays, including fast colour fading.

The greenery is woven into the chain link mesh from both sides to hide the mesh support and to also provide a nice view for your neighbours if you use this as your only privacy screen. Many people use an existing fence as the support on which to tie or staple the conifer hedge, sometimes extending it higher than the fence for more privacy. Alternatively, you can staple it to an unsightly brick wall to cover it from view. Even though it’s on a metal mesh, this screen is easy to cut and shape with a good pair of wire cutters.

The Best Artificial Conifer Screening Roll comes in rolls of 3m in length. You have a choice of heights of 1m by 3m and 1.8m by 3m.


  • Artificial conifer in a 3m roll with a choice of heights.
  • Made from polyvinylchloride that’s been protected from UV rays and is also weather resistant.
  • Woven on to chain link mesh wire for support.
  • Easy to install and cut to the size and shape that you need.
  • Additional wire comes with each roll to tie the hedge to the supports.
  • Dimensions: start at 1m (height) by 3m (length) each roll.


  • Common issues for all artificial hedges:
    • Not completely opaque.
    • Colour not consistent across separate hedge purchases.
    • Not very realistic looking.

Buyer’s Guide

There’s not much to choose between the artificial conifer screening hedges we review here. Some are backed by wire mesh and others by plastic mesh; the two shades of green may be different, and they may come at different sizes and prices.

Our Buyer’s Guide covers these and some other issues that we found out from reading many online reviews. We offer some ways of overcoming these issues.


While all of the artificial conifer screens in our review comes in lengths of a 3m roll, many offer a choice of height from 1m through to 2m. You may still have to stack two or more of these rolls vertically to meet the height you want to reach.

You may be tempted to use the 3m length as the height and the 1m height as the width. But the strips with the conifer screen are intended to go downwards as in a real hedge – you will have them going across if you do it the second way.

If you connect closely the rolls with green cable ties, you can fluff up the leaves to cover the join.

Appearance (includes colour)

By far, the most common complaint in all online reviews (including the 5* ones) is that the conifer screen doesn’t look real – it looks like an artificial Christmas tree. To be fair, a Christmas Tree is usually a conifer so the advertising of this product is true. But we take the point. The two-tone plastic leaves in non-natural shades of green don’t help with the realism either.

The best way to handle this is to basically accept that your artificial conifer screen won’t look real. Some reviewers accept this and put string lights on it for ambience in the evening. (Check that the screen is fire-resistant first, though). Others accept that the conifer screen is better looking than the ugly fence or view that they’re covering up. And yet others think it’s better than the neighbours peering into their lives.


Even though all the screens we recommend are double-sided – they have leaves on both sides- they may not be thick enough to provide you with complete privacy. You may be able to see shapes through the screen and people on the other side may be able to catch glimpses of you in your garden also. If this is the case, consider using two layers of the screen for a double thickness of greenery. If you offset where you join the rolls up along the length of the fence (etc.), you receive the most concealment.

Plastic vs wire mesh backing

It doesn’t seem to matter whether you choose a plastic or galvanised mesh backing for your privacy screen. Both are easily shaped and easily cut with garden shears or wire cutters. And both connect the same ways into your supporting structure.

One thing though, screens with a plastic mesh backing are more easily stretched when you’re installing them and you may end up with sparse or bare patches of greenery.

Supporting structure needed

Make no mistake, your conifer screen is basically a carpet that comes rolled up. It needs support to become a privacy screen. Most people seem to tie or staple it to an existing fence (or remnant of), a wall or some supporting posts that are close enough together so that it doesn’t sag.

While many of the screens we look at come with some type of tie, they don’t seem to be enough of them or they’re not strong enough. Supply your own (green) cable ties or twist ties or use masonry staples with brick walls.

Final Conclusion

Privacy lets you feel comfortable in your garden – a safe space for you and your family to relax in. Artificial conifer screening is easy to install and very low maintenance to keep your neighbours and passersby from looking into your outdoors life. There’s not much to choose between the products in our review, except for the range of sizes each one comes in and the type of backing. Select whichever one requires the least work from you.

Our Best Pick of Artificial Conifer Screening is the True Products S1010D Evergreen Artificial Conifer Hedge. We like the thickness of this hedge and that it’s available in a selection of heights, all in a 3m roll. We also appreciate that, in addition to being protected from UV rays, the hedge is also fire resistant, just in case you want to put lights on it for the evening hours.

If you’re interested in exploring other types of privacy screening for your garden, our Top Screening Ideas for your Garden is an interesting read.

And if you now decide that natural privacy screening is a better look for your landscape, check out our Best Tall Plants For Screening and 10 Stunning trees to screen out neighbours and provide much-needed colour articles as well as the Top 8 Low maintenance hedges for providing privacy review.

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