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We are looking for passionate garden writers to contribute to our website

Pyracantha.co.uk is always looking for quality, garden writers for our site, anyone can write for us as long as your writing in up to standard, we are not looking for expert professional writers all though we will not decline them, our readers want to hear from real gardeners like themselves who can offer there expertise and gardening knowledge.

How To Become a Garden Writer For Pyracantha.co.uk

  1. You need to submit a gardening related writing sample. This can be an article you have written in the past or a new piece that you have written. Submit your gardening article sample to Pyracantha by emailing support@pyracantha.co.uk.
  2. In your email, include your credentials and experience. This can include how long you have been gardening, degrees or certifications you have in gardening related fields, work experience in the gardening world.

At this time, we are no longer accepting articles that are written for the purpose of embedding a link to another site.

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