Pyracantha Problems

Last updated on November 19th, 2010

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Problems you may have with your Pyracantha

  • Pyracantha suffers from poor flowering: Poor flowering can be caursed by poor polination, this happens when the weather has been cold and windy which means a lack of insects and bees to polinate plants. This is usualy more of a problem when plants are in open postions where there is no protection for for insects and bees to take cover from bad weather. Poor flowering can also be caursed because you have pruned the Pyracantha two hard and trimed off last years growth which is where most of the flowers are produced. To reduce this prune new growth in spring so that there is still time for new growth to grow during the summer and produce flowers in summer which then turn to berries in Autumn and winter.
  • The berries on Pyracantha are falling off: This is usualy caused by drought / being to dry, plants should be watered regualry in dry conditions.
  • Leaves are turning back: This may be Fireblight which is a fungal disease which will spread through the entire plant right down to the roots if not treated quickly. Prune effected branches and clear fallen leaves and flowers from around plants and burn in an incinerator. Plants may be suffering from Pyracantha Scab which effects the leaves and the berries start to get scabs hence the name ‘Pyracantha Scab’

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Overall Pyracantha are are easy to grow and you will not encounter many problems.