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Tips from the experts on how to keep your place free of mice

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It’s a nice summer day and you’re sitting outside, drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying the sunlight. Suddenly, you see something move from the corner of your eye but when you turn around to see what it is – it’s gone. You think it’s nothing and you’re seeing things so you finish your coffee and go inside.

The moment you cross into your home, you notice a mouse running into the corner of the room and into a tiny hole in the wall. You’re surprised by the prospect of seeing a mouse inside your home when you know it’s been kept clean but, well, there it is.

This is nothing uncommon and people often experience mice infestations even when they’re sure their house has nothing of interest for these rodents. But they’re wrong. Even one misstep is enough to cause these pests to start appearing in your home and moving between the walls.

This guide was created by compiling a couple of expert tips on how to keep your home free of mice, so pay close attention to what’s happening and you’ll have a mice-free home as well!

Tip #1 – Hygiene

Proper hygiene means nothing stays or becomes dirty. After you’re done eating your meal, clean up everything and gather all the crumbs that might have fallen on the ground. Also, a recommendation is to keep your food packed in airtight containers (you know, those plastic ones).

Mice are mischievous creatures that know their way around your stuff. Also, any water spills or juice spills should be cleaned up. Remember; Even the slightest of remaining food or fluids on your floor is enough to bring mice in.

Tip #2 – Holes

You probably know how a mouse looks like (I mean, who doesn’t, right?) so it’s quite understandable that they’re fully capable of moving through very small spaces and holes to get to safety, shelter, or just to move around.

You might think that the hole in your wall is too small for them but the truth is, any hole is a passageway. On top of that, mice chew on things and can even make the hole bigger if the material is soft enough.

Experts recommend plugging these holes as soon as you can with whatever method you know (just don’t use something that’ll be destroyed by the mice).

Tip #3 – Repellents

Most experts agree that the use of poison should be avoided. Poison might clean entire populations of mice out, but it may also end up on your plate. On top of that, your pets might accidentally eat the poison, and so might your kids.

Compared to poison, DIY repellents and some commercial ones are great options. DIY options include the use of mothballs and peppermint oil, as well as cats. Yep, you heard that right, cats. Although, you might want to stick with moth balls if you have a dog that doesn’t like cat company.



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