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Best petrol lawn mower - we compare 10 top models

Best Petrol Lawn Mower 9 Top Picks & Reviews

We have reviewed lots of petrol lawnmowers over the last 5 years, today we reveal 8 of our favourite models including our best picks which are made up of only

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We have tested and reviewed many chainsaws from top brands so in this review we set out to find the best chainsaw including petrol and cordless chainsaw models.

Top 6 Best Chainsaws With Detailed Reviews

Chainsaws have a variety of uses for both professional tree surgeons and home gardeners. Whether it’s preparing firewood for your log burner, pruning overgrown tree branches, felling trees, or even

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Best Telescopic Ladder Review - Top 5 Models - A frame and telescopic to 5.6 meters

The Best Telescopic Ladder – 6 Top Picks and Reviews

If you need a pair of ladders you can store in the smallest of spaces and still reach new heights, a good set of telescopic ladders is the way to

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Best mole trap review

Top 6 best mole traps for catching and removing moles

The best mole trap – we look at some of the most successful traps from traditional scissor trap to humane live catch trapsWith so many mole traps in local stores

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Best Lawn Mower - Lawn Mower Reviews

Top 10 Best Lawn Mowers – We compare electric, cordless & petrol lawnmowes

WHICH IS THE BEST LAWN MOWER With over 15 years experience in the gardening game, including many years of professional lawn maintenance, as well as maintaining my own two medium sized lawns, you could

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Best Flymo Lawnmower compared

Best Flymo Lawnmower – We compare all the models to find out

We looked at 6 models from the Flymo mower range to see which one is best and whether a hover mower is worth consideringFlymo are renowned for their distinctive bright

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Compare the best push mowers from £40.00 up to £300.00.

The Best Manual Push Mowers, comparison and reviews

The best cylinder push lawnmowers, no cables, no fuss and amazing results from some innovative, yet simple designs Not everybody prefers petrol mowers or electric lawnmowers that are so popular

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we review the best propagators from self-watering to heated thermostatic seed propagators.

Top 6 Best Propagators For Seedlings – Heated, non-heated and self-watering propagators

If you want to grow your own plants from seed then investing in a good propagator is way to go. We look at 6 different models to see how they

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